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what comes to your mindwhen you hear the words road trip? hangover zindagi na milegi dobara dil chahta hai basically friends... having fun rocking it baba, what are you doing?

bastard but would you everconsider doing a road trip with your siblings? road trip with brother and sister? it could be fun, you know. baba, mind your language! ah! you're choking me! let go my hair, you ass. baba, i was worried about you.

baba, you're an animal! you have betrayed me! hey, that's your car! what the f**k! what stupidity is this? did chanchal take the car? i doubted her ever since my childhood. hey! you're the one who looks like a thief.

i was watching your pansy fight if everyone is herethen who took the car? rv isn't there too! oh, shit! oh, f**k! baba, i'm so sorry. shut it down and raise thevolume of this match! chitvan... bro, you're an artist

extremely talented and ireally love your music but these guys clearly don't what are you saying, bro?the crowd is loving it! try to understand thesituation atleast once. everyone will dance oncethe match gets over. now lower the volumeand play the pen-drive take a break. baba? hey, chitvan. you're here

baba, this is such a surprise... watch it, man. you'repeeing on my shoe. sorry, sorry, sorry.i got excited. what are you doing here? taking a piss. i mean, here, in the club. i came to meet you. bombay? what are youdoing in india? i sent you an e-mail.

was waiting at the airport since 5.finally, decided to come by myself. baba... i check emails after 11:45 a.m.on mondays but now that you're here, tell me. i got divorced. divorce? when did you get married? what drugs are you on? weren't you living with thatforeigner boss of yours?

yes. whom did you marry? same woman. but wasn't she quite elder to you? so? when did you marry? 6 months back. you didn't even invite me! are you a fool?

we talked on the congratulated me. we had a skype chat. oh, really? what the f**k is wrong with you? are you done?because i got done. i'm just givingyou some company. baba, it's so nice to see you! what are you doing?wash your hands. he's told me this much, dad.

i'll call you once iknow the details. yeah, alright okay. bye. don't spill any of this to the parents. sure. compatibility is... a bitch. mother f*****g! love and stuff is still simple

but tuning. that's important. because if you want twodifferent things in life, it f*****g never works. baba, i've heard that these foreigners... particularly cougar types, they tend to dominate yeah, man. take it to their ego

they enjoy playing these power,position, and status games i'm scared of this handcuffs leather using hunters and all ike the entire womanhood is taking revengefor 50 shades of grey. what are you saying? you were telling about domination and sexually powerful position

i suggest that from the very beginning, show her who's boss in bed.shut her up right there. i'm not talking about my sex's general compatibility. you're so dumb! oh! your sex life was sorted? my sex life? i'm your elder brother, you fool.she's your in-law. was.

was my in-law. i've accepted it. you should, too. baba, drink. be right back. compatibility... is a bitch. love and all gets managed. that's vital.

then if you want twodifferent things in life it never works. compatibility it all comes down to that. what should i do with him? what do you mean? where should i take himin this condition? he's your brother,not some stray dog, bro. he came to youdirectly from america.

what are you talking about? obviously, you haveto take him with you. yeah, that was insensitive of me, no? but i'm not habitualof having him around yeah, but family stands by you in times of crisis. where are we? about to reach navsari. gujarat border, baba.

if you need any booze then let'spick it up. you won't find it ahead. gujarat border.yup. why? road trip. don't blabber shit, chitvan. where are we going? jodhpur. to chanchal's. chanchal's?

yup. baba that's why i came to you. but my life is fucked. i can't take care of will i manage you? it's best that you stay with chanchal. but i don't want to goto her place right now. i thought i'll stay withyou for some time before going to manali tomeet mom and dad.

why would i stay at mysister's in-laws' place? non-sense, man! why didn't you takeme to your place? i did. things went south there. you were drunk i, somehow, put youin the car and put you to sleep. there was some disturbance

and i saw some people there for extortion loan sharks. to collect last six months' emis will they take my car justbecause some 5-6 checks bounced? you should disappear. will have to leave bombay. it's best to cross the border. pakistan! maharashtra border, fool.

so i decided to take you to chanchal. so you're on the run? what, baba? you make it sound like i'm onthe run with someone else's car. don't you haveany money at all? a little. i'll pay the rest. you got a lot of money? yeah, a lot.

got it in divorce settlement. she was culpable for theaffair so i got the money. oh, man. you should have told me earlier. i paid for your alcohol last night. we're not discussing my problems here. we're trying to clearthe mess in your life. let's go to bombayand solve your problem. i'll handle my issuesonce i've dealt with you.

don't worry about me, boss. i can handle my issues. alright. we'll reach baroda in 3 hours.take a flight from there. cool. let's go. yeah. pass me the keys.why? you're having herbs insteadof tea this early in the morning. don't knowwhere will you take us.

what are you doing in life? what? what's the plan? ran away from parents' place to becomea dj and no one listens to your songs. running away from your placelike a thief because of money baba, don't ruin my high by lecturing me. right. always stay high. live life from one moment to the next.

there's no focus, you don'thave any plans for your life baba, you had a plan, right? going well? no, you're right. my plans failed. my f*****g marriage has failed i'm jobless, homeless. thanks. there's a plan

breakfast. there's a mind blowing placeto eat a little ahead. excuse me. could you please tell me how far bharuchis by checking it on the internet? yeah, sure. the connection is a little weak here. where are you going anyway? baroda. that'll do too.

doesn't it get hot in this suit? yeah, it gets hot but i'm habitual now. do you have anyother bad habits? you should ask someoneinside about bharuch that'd be better. at the reception... what was that?

she was hitting on you. exactly but why? why so modest? you're beautiful, baba. and women can smell broken marriagesand money quicker than a dog. let's go? got your flight booked? no, due to all this... dad was asking.

you told dad? yeah, had to discuss plans for jodhpur. you told them about jodhpur too? i couldn't take such a big decision alone. texted chanchal too. come on, man. you should have told me once. now she'll feel bad if we don't go. no one's gonna feel bad.

everyone is busy in their lives. call chanchal up. greetings, sir. yes, sir. sure, sir. she can't come to the phone. because she's busy with thecelebrations for tomorrow chanchal's gonna be a mother. chanchal's pregnant? means i'm gonna become a chacha(uncle)

chacha? it's yoursister's child. you'll become a maama(uncle). f**k man! chacha sounds so much better. you took this from me too! a semi-foreigner white kid wouldhave called me chachu chachu. chachu...chachu... f**k you. i think we should go to jodhpur.

i've been sayingthat for so long. i always wanted to be like my dad. but life has today made me a maama. dad... used to plan everything. sleeping on time, waking up on time, eating on time.

he used to decide sunday's food on friday. i also did the same. but the one thing my dad wouldn't plan were his road trips. every year, we used to go onroad trips for family holidays. always unplanned. no hotel bookings, no maps... just took the luggage and left. kashmir some time,

some time sikkim or kerala or rajasthan. is like dad on road trips. whom i could never understand. even you don't know! that's a surprise. yeah, i'll call you oncei know the entire thing. okay, bye.

dad also doesn't know. might not have told everyonebecause of it being too soon. there's a party for pregnancy, not that big a secret, surely. let's go. chanchal turned to be really smart. her life is set. i don't understand theneed to do all this. is it necessary to celebrateevery other thing?

bhabhi, these are delicate's difficult to say anything. you never know... chandan! chanchal. chitvan. elephant. you look shocked. but didn'the send you a message? when? earlier today

on which number? 9872534... chitvan, that's not my number. sent it to chanchal chabra again.f**k. you didn't tell that you were pregnant? how do you know? why are you here? baba was taking a breakafter his divorce.

came to my clubwhile i was peeing... you never told me thatyou had a divorce. i didn't know aboutthe marriage too. what? told you while we were peeing... bhabhi, you go ahead. i'll be there in a couple of minutes. namaste. you didn't even tell mom and dad?no no no... and you also don't tell them, please?

oh. camel! he's already informed them. about my divorce, your pregnancy he can't keep anything in his stomach. baba, communication is really important. don't you see howdysfunctional have we become? no no no no...f**k! there's a problem!

what happened? i'm not actually pregnant. what the f**k? what is all this? these flowers?all this decoration? i just said it make these people was a small lie. pranav went and told everybody. now, what?