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mother, bye. good morning aunt.-good morning ravi. -are you going to office?- yes. this number does not exist. -sir, clients have come.-tell them to come tomorrow. sir, boss wants youto attend immediately. tell them to come tomorrow. few years earlier... hey wastrel! get up!

go and get milk. you'll come up only when youget up early and study. what if you sleep till catchesup with your bums. raise your lungi little more sothat everything is visible clearly. lf you pay rs.50, milkis delivered at home you can't afford it can't you go andget milk yourself? l've to go early morning. ravi! l'm coming.

let eyes get busted! one minute. one day l'll take you to task man. mother, l'll go and get milk. can you see any girlworking at this hour? from fetching milk tocleaning toilets.. ...we've to do everything. go. why the queue is so long today? we'll go home withmilk at 10 am only.

what are you saying?l didn't get you. hey, what man? sister! will get milkfor my card also? don't you've legs?are you lame? stand in line and get it. early morning seeinga dumbo's face! get lost! always ready to laugh!you don't make any try. give it to me. hello! get my milk also.

go and stand in the queue rascal. can you get it for me or not? l won't. what will you do? what can l do to you? your daughter shyamala is doing2nd year, in kotee women's college.. who goes in bus no.127everyday at 8.45 a.m. fair...wearing spectacles...always sporting two plats... l'll do something to her. son, he'll supply only to two cards,please give this to someone else.

-hey specsy! take it.-get lost you wastrel. l don't have daughters like him.go to hell. lf you don't have daughters,no problem, you've a wife who works in ldbl even at 40 she's very attractive that's our seetha! the lady who travels onkinetic honda in sleeveless jackets you go and sit there,l'll get it for you. we have come to age...

touched the youth... we wasted these 20 years... hereafter our dreamsare full of girls... dreams will become ourdaily staple diet... you're calling us darlingand you make us pregnant, you talk fiction andyour life is a mirage... women are not pickle toadd taste to your life... mornings we have cigarettesinstead of coffee... remote control cries when wesearch for dirty channels...

like rain in the desert the girlin the bus stop is smiling at me... lt's paining when we don't havemoney to visit discotheque... february 14 is reminding andtorturing my lonliness... life is sour without a girl friendto say good night everyday... you are a bull that will grazeeven the dry grass... you are a master in takingadvantage of the situation... we like to have a bashon the terrace, our eyes graze on the college girls, even after applying face packs,girls don't fall in our trap,

even the word 'sorry''soundslike ''sari'' to us, she is the beautiful girlamong a million, her sister is most beautifulamong the million, -what?-ls it red? lt is important, study these objective questionscan surely be expected -get up and study-go man l've passed...- buddy, l've also passed. give me a treat...

has he got the results? today is 17th. his results must have come. -has your results come or not?-failed in 5 papers. dad.. -dear!- leave me... l must die... only then, he understand the burdenof running a family. l cannot sleep at heart pains.

l'm worried every second. lf something happens to me,this family will come to streets. lt's okay if you had studiedwell & failed. l never saw this idiot with a book. get upwhy are you so adamant? l'll kill you if you stop me. will you hit your own dad?hit me... look, he has raised his handto hit me. hit me...

l curse you,you'll know only by experience. l had carried you on my shoulders& walked all over the streets. lt's been 22 yrs. l'm still carrying youon my shoulders. lt pains. lf you eat in your father's earningsafter a particular age.. eat in your left hand & not right. we are not asking you toearn for the family. what else should you doinstead of studying? does it pain you?

lf you can't set right your future,you're no more than a corpse. take it from me,l mean it -enough...-dear...-l can't bear anymore. better leave this house. give him all the money, jewelsthat we have. let him go somewhere & live tell him not to come here again. hell with the moneyhe frustrates me boys who study on the platform aregetting gold medals & state 1st rank.

you've a separate room, cycle,& pocket money. disgusting! aren't youashamed of yourself? you smoke, drink & evengo to the police station. you'll really come up in life. you used to smoke in the tea shop... what you smoke is not a cigarette,it's your father's blood. dear, don't go what's all this?where to? he says l'm also consider as such

-l will never step intothis house again. -no, don't go he beats me even at this age. l would've hit him...but he is old man. am l the only guy who hasfailed in the exams? all this is just for a few days. lf l get graduated,l'll leave the house. won't l get a jobwith rs.10,000 as salary? l'll buy a car, flat& will settle down in life. l won't see himtill my death.

ravi, we can understandyour feelings. -life is strange.-yes. lt's been very long sincewe had brought the drinks. lf we drink late,it will spoil our health. we can understand your feelings. thanks buddy... make it fast. open it fast. l feel pity for ravi.his father troubles him a lot.

yes. very bad. ravi, still 5 more have to drink. -where is it?-pickle...? how about snacks...? leaving all these dishes,he's licking the wall. lt's correct that you're silly guy. you might even drink the full bottleby licking the wall. we must drink this in the royal way. like a foreigner,in a decent way...

and enjoy the drink. see, what l say is...cheers. what do you say?l'll kill you. what are you saying? anitha...-yes mom. take the keys & open the door.-yes mom. hey... keep quiet. oh.... early morning... okay. she is very one can control her.

who is she? who knows? could be a new tenant? let's go. she is studying.let's not disturb her. why should we go if she is studying? okay, don't go.stay here. your things will get startto burn in the hot sun. get uptake you bed sheets fast. will you wear your clothes?

stop acting smart.there is no reaction from her. who is it? greetings madam. we live on the flat above yours. you've newly shifted here &not yet set righted any thing. so, l've come to giveyou coffee. thanks. mention not. ask me any helpyou want. call me after you set yourthings right.

l'll show the milk booth,grocery shop. l'll leave. anitha...- yes mummy, -pour the coffee down &clean the vessel. -yes mom. why is he very active today? call him. hey rajesh... what's the matter? ravi... lakshmi...l love that girl very sincerely. which girl?

the girl who has movedto our colony recently. we had seen early morning... so soon...? l like her very much. she must like you, idiot! what's her name? ani.- ani...? her full name is anitha. she is doing final year computerscience in chaitanya bharathi college.

lt seems, they were very rich. her father's business came under a loss& so they've shifted to our colony. my mother spoke to themin the morning. highly disciplined family. just by looking at her.. ..we'll know that she is a flirt. highly disciplined family...! how do you find out whetherthe girl is a flirt or not? that is...

-greetings uncle-greetings! you're lying.she doesn't look like that. l'm coming to this moviefor your sake. believe me, this is avery good film. move... move to your right, idiot. fights will be excellent in this film why are you all sitting silently? lakshmi...blow the whisle...

why no responsefrom our front row? okay. let's see who'll win today.lakshmi... hey, switch of the phone. -trying to show off.-talk in telugu. excuse me.can't you behave decently? hey, look at this hero! sit down, idiot.sit down. you'll beaten to death. -kishore. . . - listen to her& sit down. -no, don't hey, songs have started.

hail to pawan star... look at them. they were behaving like roguesfrom the beginning of the movie. hey, what man?are you showing off? how dare you call me a rogue? look...- how dare you call me a rogue! stop it... stop it or elsel'll call the police. you...get out of the theatre.

hello, what? he was the trouble maker,why are you asking me to go out? get out. kishore, lets go. please, lets go. lf you fight with these dogsonly you'll be hurt. lets go. no anitha, lets go the police...- lets go. what happened to you?why're you fighting like them?

this is just a have the power and life. there's an expert inside one can suppress it. try to show off with a car!high class scoundrel! sorry...very sorry.please forgive me. hey sit down. that was good -prakash, l'll drop you-ok buddy. thanks. - bye... he wouldn't have slept last night hereafter, don't sleep on the terrace.

those who study in the morningare finding it uncomfortable. what's making them uncomfortable? you will be in a sound sleepearly morning, without adjusting your clothes... lf it is boys, its okay.but it is girls who are studying. they will feel uncomfortable, won't they? ask them to look attheir books & study. why are they concerned aboutour clothes.. ..or whether we've put ourvests or not?

hey, you keep quiet.who made this complaint? the new girl to the 7g flat. she asked me to tell thisin the association meeting... ...and l've told is in your hands. take me in your team. who are you?l haven't seen you here before. very recently shifted to 7g. -7g...?-yes. -bring some elders with you.l'll join you.- what for?

one of your family members mustgive an assurance. lf you run away with the bator the stumps... go. -shall l bring my father?-golly! lf not your father...your brother... - l've no brother. lf not your can be your sister. standing like a buffalo.can't you catch that? ls it him? -you can keep quiet insteadof playing with him. -why? you don't know about him...

l don't know about that.join me in the team. -arvind...- come. hey please...score at least 2 runs. you neither know to batnor can you keep quiet. get lost.l know everything. what do you know? look at the way you hold your bat.a useless fellow in my team. what happened?-murli, go to gully. suresh, go to mid-on.listen to me. go to mid-on.

oh god ganapathy, go to long-on. won't you listen to me?go to long-on. why is he setting the field? oh shit! you bowl. -stop.-now, what? -lakshmi, come here. -why?-come here, it's urgent. oh my god! l think he will finishof the match by doing such things. what is it? lt's very clear's hot...very hot.

sweating...time is up. bad light stupid. lts going to be bad light.enough, stop acting smart. sorry, l'll quit. -what do you want?-take him in your team. l can't...- what?l can't... go. you complained that we shouldn'tsleep on the terrace, didn't you? why did you come here now?get lost. look, give respect...or else...

what? what can you do?you talk big! l would've hit you in thetheatre itself. how dare you scold me in hindi! ldiot! stupid! only because of themthe colony is spoiled run... naresh, you go to your left.pooja, come here. come on more. what a change!ls it providence?

her eyes spilled lightin my heart, the magic of a woman unfoldsthe secrets in you, what can a umbrella doif rains cats and dogs? that's cricket, what we play is shit! l'm going to join their team, l must be lucky toplay under this captain, when she hugs you,she is like the fire, ls she a flower in dewon the side walk?

look at her! you've been playing for so long, have you ever hit a shot like that? mother... anu... go and open the door mother...- what's it? come in... why are you standing there?- lt's alright aunty.

come inside. anu, put that chair for her. come & sit. lt's alright, aunty.-don't be shy. sit down. has your mothersent it through you? wait. have some coffee. -no thanks.-sit down she stays in the flat below ours. -greetings uncle.-welcome.

-newly shifted... right?-yes. -what's your father?-business. what are you doing? computer science, 3rd yr. so you must be very goodat mathematics. will you teach me? l've no time.or else l could've taught her. l can't ask my son to teach her,because he is very poor in studies. has not scored more than 5 marksin any subject. final year.12 papers arrears.

okay uncle.l'll move. okay dear.all the best. can you keep quiet for sometime? do you really have to tell herthat l'm poor in studies? why do you rage?l told only the truth. solve it like this this was the only placewhich was ours. now she has encroached that too. take these & drinkin your respective houses.

forget it.he is half lunatic. my lndia is better thanthis entire universe... l've not yet taken my bath...that's why... shut up. a titanic shipmight enter your mouth haven't you watched enough?come, lets go to a movie. cinemas are nothingwhen compared to this. oh my god! l don't know whom to seewhom not to see. oh my god!the devil has come.

she'll slap us if she sees us.come, lets go to the cinema. cinema? for what? you called me, didn't you? me? but when? lnstead of just watching it.. why don't you alsoparticipate in the show? you sing well. yes ravi. let's prove ourselvesatleast in one contest.

girls are winning in all thecompetitions. come on, sing...please. go...please sing... keep quiet.why do you pull my leg? go...- come... hey, you sing very well... come.. listen to me sing, you sing very well, don't you?

sing... my brother sings very well. you too join me... which song? no boys, it's getting late. there is still many more to sing. l'm the king of this area. join me!

l am the friend of the poor l am a terror to oneswho don't toil hard l'm the king of kings. oh girl of supermarket!you've a perfect shape don't laugh.he'll rage if he sees you whose sound of foot step is it?whose shadow is it? someone knocked the door of my heart,who came here now? who turned me green with his magic? happiness in me is overwhelming...

hey, what are you doing? oh dear! -oh dear! how are you?-and what about you, dear? hey, get out. will you be with me? yes, we will will you court someone else? no, we won'tno, we won't l will garland youwith my beauty

oh handsome!come at dusk come to kiss me l have kept the bed ready -what film is this?-'narasimha naidu' didn't you get an old film.. no, we didn't.this is the only film we got. -go home.-why should l? lf not savithri,l'll ogle at simran. so, you're admiring heroinesfor generations.

hey anitha, here... -already started?- no... -what movie? narasimha naidu -will you watch the film fully?-no. l don't watch movies much. how much did l miss? don't push. lsn't the hero cute? don't push me. why are you wriggling?

don't you want to eat? -where are you going?-to buy milk. hereafter, don't look at her. leave her. who?- your lover girl. why? l love her . and she...? she too.

do you mean 'her'? just see now when she passes by. you scoundrel! why do you hit him?l will kill you that is why, l told younot to move with him. he's bleeding hold ravi.ravi, stop all are looking. come... listen to me.

leave me. aren't you both ashamedto fight for a girl? didn't l tell him that l love her? then, why is he ogling at her? l'll beat youif you say that you love her. everything was fine till he came. he came from some sludge& ruined our colony's image. listen to me.leave him. you're talking too much.

now you know she is looking at forget her. looking at him...? she looks at him as if heis a street dog. do you call that love? why didn't she look at you instead? you dogs always form a team. ravi, leave it... why are you fighting for a girl? move.

lf he looks at her again,l'll kill her. he beat you.that's not a big thing. but how did the girl look at you? buddy ravi! what are you doing here?she's mine. superb. she's very beautiful. enjoy. ls this a battlefield?

or a pool of fire? but her love cannot be understood, love even changes our fatebut cannot be understood, are you the mixture offire & water? you're an angel from one side& a devil on the other, you ate my time,my thoughts, and myself,isn't this a sin? hey damsel,don't you have food at home? when our eyes meet & talk,

it brings rain withlightning & thunders, with your sweet talk arousinga sensation in navel, you scoundrel!did you bring me here for this? l feel this is not right, stop, ladies must get into the bus, l walk away from my friends, hoping that l'll see you tomorrow,l wait all night, my life has changed,what else are you going to do to me?

o the black magic woman!will you kill me soon? which rope will tie your memoriesto my heart? even if l'm burnt alive, my ashes will also chant your name, ls it you who spread in my heartlike a climber? ls it you who wither from my heart? will you bring tremorsin my heart? will you shatter me into pieces? ravi, what you're doing is wrong.stop it.

what? these girls are very different. they won't fall in lovewith guys like us. what do you mean by saying''guys like us...''? are we 'untouchables'? l didn't mean that. now the girls are very clear. they want boys to be highly educated,wealthy & to go abroad. only then, they will fall in love.

so, you mean l'm fit for nothing. didn't you see how she lookedat me? they will look at you. but after a few days,they'll simply walk away. you'll have to keep looking at herstanding on the street. what's wrong with me? no buddy. you can only look at herfor you status. things may go wrongif you seriously love her.

they are not trustworthy. my status...? now l understand the point. you all are doing well in studies,& you've money. but l'm a useless fellow. just because l stand first for everythingyou're having friendship with me. doesn't she love me? wagging your tongues. we go after so many girls.but no one looks at us.

but she looks at me. do you know, l've beenvery happy for the past 1 month? whenever she looks at me,l feel like l'm flying. l can sacrifice anything for that. l made my decision. l won't mind sacrificing my lifefor her. l don't want to listen toany dog's advice. you're feeling jealousbecause she looks at me. that's why...

lakshmi, he won't listen to us. come... now he called us dogs. l wonder what else he'll call us. come, lets go. one day, l'll express my love to herinfront of everyone. then l will see your faces... express it to her& then you'll know her reaction. why is he not listening to us?

she is in his mind.very hard to make him understand. what's it? come on, tell me. my brother asked me togive this to you. why didn't you come tothe terrace yesterday night? didn't you like me sendingword through my sister? l wanted to express my love in words,but l forgot. you never replied to my letter. you ogle at me stealthily.

we like each other. why don't you express your love? okay. you won't accept usunless we beg you. let me express it first. simply expressing my lovewill not look good. so, l bought this gift for you. how long can l be patient? even your mother has these.

why don't you do this to her? so many of you are watching this. can't you question him? l've been watching himfor a long time. this rascal was troubling her. they get into the busonly for this. they don't let girlsgo to college peacefully. beat him... oh no!ravi...

leave himyou might kill him get up none of you would ask on your own would get courage onlywhen some one does do you want me to allowhim to go scot-free? no, take the bus to the police station lakshmi, talk to her.go fast forgive him this one time.he didn't do it wantonly. he came to gift this chain& express his love to you.

the driver put the brakesall of a sudden... we were watching everything... stop spinning stories to me. l've cried for daysbecause of him. there is a limit for everything. such punishmentswill teach him a lesson. okay anitha.we accept that he was wrong. a last chance... anitha, his future might get spoiled.

l beg you anitha. anitha, we live in the same colony. we've to move with each other. think about his poor father.he's already deeply hurt. lf he comes to know this,he'll hang himself to death. anitha, please...consider our request... she slippered him& also bailed him out. l wonder what's runningin her mind. he will harrasssomeother girl tomorrow.

hey, did they beat you? thanks anitha. thank you very much. he won't come after you hereafter.take my word. don't tell anyone about thisin the colony. hey, come... why are they standing with a plate? they'll offer prayers to the moon, and will look at their husbandor fiance through that winnow.

that idiot is anitha's fiance. without knowing this,ravi was... lt's all his ill fate. lt's written in his fate thathe'll reform after being slippered. lakshmi, where is ravi? l didn't see him for quiet few days. has he left the city? he won't reform so easily. he'll remain silent for a few days,but will wag his tail again.

lf he finds a girl beautiful,he'll fall in love. shut up, you cheat! lf l hit you...- shut up. now that anitha's fiancehas been fixed, find someother girl. lt is my wish. still, l won'tstay inside like a coward. no... come on, talk nowif you really have the guts why are you remaining silent now?talk.

give respect,or else l'll break your teeth. where are you going? you feel guiltyas if you've killed someone. let them laugh at you,never mind. lf we bring their secrets to light,they stink. considers herself as a chaste woman! you're talking too much.- lt is you who is talking too much. kishore, come. forget it...

they are talking unnecessarily. who are they to talk bad about us? -what was your fault?-ls fall in love a sin? -no.. -l was talking about thatwhat 'no'? -come.. don't go. shut up all of you.ravi himself is here. ravi, you sing. lt's all because of you, do we need these insults?

look at them,they are laughing at us, get lost, isn't this enough?why are you getting humiliated? the words spoken by her eyesare hard to understand, patience will not make a womanto accept my love, heart is not a mirrorto show many faces, an ocean can't be coveredwith our hands, though the leaves are blown awayby the winds, the marks are still lefton the branches, though my heart has beenwounded many times,

my heart still remembers you, when a girl looks at a boy once, she is not aware of the painit causes, ln dreams & in real life, she is unaware abouthis melting heart, there is no one to care aboutthe moon in the wild, we don't fall in lovewith the permission of our eyes, the distant light does notbelong to the path, fire flies don't know toarrest the light of a lightning,

eyes belong to youbut the pain belongs to me, when the waves leave, the foam belongs to the shore, take shelter! girls are many in this world,, but our heart falls in lovewith only one, lt wants to live with heratleast once, lt makes the soul quiver, when a dew drop dashedagainst the thorn,

the thorn broke into pieces, lies on earth have taken the formof beautifully dressed girls, when the cyclone hits,mountains remain, but the trees & flowerswill be destroyed, we smile & cry together,when we fall in love, did he harrass you in the bus? leave me anitha...leave me l say. rascal... l spared him on that day...

he doesn't know who l'm. how dare he is to harrass you? he'll be dead by dawn. hey raj, it's me. you have to kill one guy. kishore, stop it,- let me talk anitha, why are you getting so angry? sit down. hasn't your parents come yet?

they are talking on the terracewith the rathore family. where did he touch you? on the other day, you got very angrywhen l tried to kiss you. now, a rogue is able to layhis hands on you. he has been following youfor the past 6 months. why didn't you tell me before? you didn't even lodge a compalintto the police. why a soft corner towards him? be very careful anitha.don't spoil everything.

from the time your fatherhad a loss in his business, we've been supporting your family. don't forget that. people will take advantageif we give them little liberty do we have to sit quietlytill your parents come? what else do you want me to do? why are you behaving like this?- let me kiss you. l've been waiting for thisfor many days. mother...- please... don't be afraid.

kishore, why did you close the door? -lf my father comes. . .-he won't mistake us. come on, lets go inside.come... rascal, l'll teach you a lesson tomorrow. lt must be that dog.come... shit!l'll... l didn't ring the did you open the door? your parents haven't come yet. l've prepared sweets for you.come, l'll give you.

l had prepared them long back. today's function was nice, right? tell your parents that weenquired about them.- sure. -the same excusewon't do the next time.- okay. go with him. go. they are made for each other. you must kiss me tomorrow.okay. bye. be careful.

l'll pick you up in the evening. -okay.-okay. anitha, why did you come here? you sit in the car. he'll reform only if he is beatenblack & blue. look, he had enough of that. he never disturbed me again. why are you supporting him? or do you also love him?

lf you want to beat him,you do it. why do you hire men to beat him? boy, it seems you're ogling atour kishore's fiancee.. and also harassed her in the bus. do you want to live or not? why aren't you answering me? yes, l followed her.but l've stopped it now. henceforth, don't disturb her -no, l won't-that's a good boy.

he says he has stopped following her. -shall we leave him or beat him?-he'll talk like that only. she doesn't have to love me. but tell her not to lovesuch scoundrels. have you made upyour mind to die? lf you hit mewon't l retaliate? why are you hitting me? come out, you coward! hiring men to beat him!scoundrel!

anitha, come with me.only rogues are around you. give me the bat.l'll kill him. how dare you call us rogues!break his legs. you feel ashamed to standnext to me, right? l am only like this. l'm angry with something. l don't know how to show my anger. the girl l like most,l dream about her day & night. l know the value of her.

when l think about you that you'regoing to spend a worst life with me... ...l'm so worried. and l'm worried thatwhether l can't reform. how do people like you arechoosing worst people like us? l felt so proud that highclass girl was loving me... and god has shown the path... but l understand that you'relooking me as a beggar.. ...when you slippered me on that day. lt's not wrong. l need it.

look at me, how l am roamingwithout any aim in my life. l'm a rogue! what to do? my father always beats me &never shows affection on me. when l was six years old, he beatme for not getting the blade fast. ever since that day... he always says l'm uselessand l've become one. he was beating me like a buffalo. so, l rebelled againsthim for everything.

l don't judge whetherit's right or wrong. l'll do, what l feel is right. but now when you hesitateto stand next to me... l can realise my status. like a dung on the streets... l may be like that for you... but you... even now when you'restanding next to me.. l feel happy. when you give a glance to me...

l'm getting a new strength... the only good thing l had donein my life is to love you. l swear l may be cheap, but lnever thought wrongly about you. rubbing you... staring at you....and tearing the skin with a blade... only these are called my love tactics. as you like, l can't present you agreeting card and say 'l love you'. lt's okay. l never disturbedthose who doesn't like me! what l'll lose if you don't love me... there will be some village girlor my aunty's daughter for me!

lf we don't get what we desire,desire what you get! everyone likes aiswarya rai. don't men marry orsleep with their wives? when we switch off the light,everybody is same. but you don't compromisewith your life like this. that kishore is a cheap fellow. l've seen him many timesin the theatre with girls. first you know your worth. do you know where you are in my heart!

l've given you a top most seat! since your parents are tellingyou, don't take a wrong decision. they can only perform their marriage. can they see whether you'rehappy or not with him? this is your life.don't sacrifice it for others. l had told you what l want to.. till now l never talkedhigh about me to others. l know that you'll not like my talk. hereafter l'll not disturb you.

lets us become strangers. you needn't see me! l don't like asking pardon. but you're a good girl.. there's no wrong in asking it to you. l've tortured you a lot.sorry for everything. ravi, do you knowto talk like this also? hey black fat guy...