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well come to the nursing assistanttraining program certified nursing assistant training video you are about to embark on a veryexciting career cna training video hi i'm cathy catherine enema nursinginstructor in community health.... cna training this training program will teach you howto perform many responsibilities of cna training being a nursing assistant their first video tape that you arewatching ... certified nursing assistant training videos focuses on your specific role andfunctions as a nursing assistant within the health care system this health care system if a challengingever changing environment

where character individual immediatedelivered actors are affecting the health-careenvironment today we have an ever increasingly olderpopulation that requires more and more attention there is an explosion in medicaladvances in technology available there are new government regulations such as how to care for blood and body fluid that must be are takeninto consideration

and risk i rocketing parked of healthcare as no surprise to any of us we've also heard about the need for health care reform for delivery of care in this new millennium carried a patient food delivered in avariety of setting some are in hospital some are in long term care facility such as a nursing home

some carriers provided to patients andclinic and some carrots provided in the home through the f_-fifteen of home health agency in all of these different situationhealth care providers are expected to deliver high quality compassionate care in the most cost effective mannerpossible

each health care provider month duiteverything possible to avoid way and keep the cost down the health care team if the group of people that are involvedin caring for someone to help me this person who has the health needs is the most important member of thehealth care team and has input in planning andimplementation of the care that they've received

that person requiring health a need called the patient in some setting called the client another's and still in other settings it's called a resident some common setting and the specific names are displayed onthe screen during the course of the trainingprogram you will hear speakers referred cna training to the person needing health care by each of these different term

it can be somewhat confusing cna training bite your specific worked fight will letyou know which term is most commonly used in that facility define the patient the team includes many other people examples include opposition certified nursing assistant training a registered nurse video training a licensed practical nurse

idea yet secretary the nursing assistant training a respiratory therapist training i'd chaplan and many many more at the nursing assistant you are part ofthat health care team and everyone including you on the team must understand theimportant of teamwork

each of us in the health care team must know exactly what our jobdescriptions are and the expectation to carry them out everyone on the house carotene needs tobe able to do their job to the best today ability in a spirit of cooperation nurse training you will be working immediately underthe supervision of a registered nurse and you will be working cooperativelywith other on the health care team

there are many different organizationalstructures and lines of authority in variousfacility on the screen you'll see an example of acommonly used one that you may find in your facility noda there that you have a nursing assistant along with a unit secretary and patient care technician will be answering

to staff nurse many names nursing assistant nearest aid nursing attendant a home health aids and orderly are used when referring to a health careworker who will be carrying out the basic thatpride

functions remember the nurse recognized as the nursingassistant as an extremely valuable worker look at this immediate supervisor atsomeone that can help you learn and understand your job to the best ofyour ability the job will very uh... for you the nursing assistant different facilities

have nursing assistants working a littlebit differently the key to fix factor in your new role is to always diff got your assignment your duties and any questions that you might have the nurse with whom you're working before starting patient care each day

and frequently throughout the shaft clear in frequent communication with anurse with whom you're working and he found so sometimes ice staff conference is also helpful with other care providers in nineteen eighty-seven of federal lawwas passed which regulated the education andcertification of nursing assistant

this luon is called me on the bus budgetreconciliation act or more commonly referred to as overall under this law nursing assistants are working in healthcare facilities are required to complete an approved innursing assistant training program this program that you are currently ittaking if certified by the wisconsin departmentof health and family therapist admitting

the old buat requirement certified as a nursing assistant you all so much complete on minimum oftwelve hours of continuing education per year your worksite will help unique that requirement by providingeducational programs on going like for you the over-regulation

are important because it gives nursing assistant recognition through certification it also helps yes klein this cult of nursing assistantpractice it issuers the uniformity of care thatnursing assistant we have and it also promote and educational standard they do anythin functions of a nursingassistant

require that you will be workingdirectly with patients certified nursing assistan training physical care and emotional support on the screen ua pretest that arecommonly assigned to nursing assistants one of them if if if tents with patientassessment and care planning another i fifteen the patients in eatingnutritional needs another i've fifteen patients with theirmobility a fourth of fifteen patients withpersonal hygiene and grooming cna education

and another f_-fifteen in promotingpatient safety and environmental safety there are many other test that you will be asked to do this isjust a short list of what that might look like remember though that not all health carefacilities assignment faint path to nursing the nurse that you will be reporting towell they've got those specific responsibilities withheal not everyone makes of good

it required a special person someone who enjoyed helping others and taking pride in themselves and are willing to learn that new skill see the patient the most that means you will have a chance tohear and featuring that others don't by reporting these observation students

you will be providing valuableinformation a couple of examples that come to mindmight be you might notice that uh... area of oneof your patient is red and today or you might notice that a patient isnot talking today when they have had no difficulty talking in previous times that you'vebeen caring for them this information is valuable and believed and play

might indicate that it changed into the patient's condition isoccurring and prompt attention if needed competent caring nursing assistant are valuable contribution and providecomfort and support and safety what kind of a person make for good nursing assistant segment rate attitudes inhabit have been observed inpeople

that have been very successful in therole of a nursing assistant the first is that individual have goodcommunication skill fully informing the nurse about your interactions and care provided to a a patient is very important along with communicating effectively with other members on health care team

cooperating with other is another item that is necessary to be asuccessful nursing assistant during your bad to help the health care team fixed by helping each other dedication and dependability extremely important trait the health care team reliant on yourability to report to duty on time

complete your assignment completelycarefully and thoroughly confidentiality as another month to besuccessful at the nursing assistant you may never a good guy any information about a patient with anyone that is not directly involved in thatpatient care this includes others that you may be working with uh... your facility as well and familyand

friends in acquaintances outside of that facility and trustworthy enough are also defensethough for being fixed fasulo at the you're are being prompted to provideimportant information regarding the care of many patients honesty is required for reporting vital fine which look might be the temperature pol respiration

of a patient to do is uh... accurately too provided uh... information regarding the actualcare about you provided to individuals and other information that they've foundso far quality care confederation and patients are also characteristics battery fanstill to be successful at the nursing

assistant each person that you care for aidsunique most of them are not feeling very well found they had more time and encouragement than others do nursing assistants can show empathy by being either to serve those people and providing that care utilizing i'dgentle patch

yaar attitude on-the-job is perhaps the most important single characteristic that you bring to the job a positive attitude reflex courtesy understanding an emotional control

if you can feather how much more weenjoyed people who are enthusiastic friendly and cheerful you can see how much more attractive you will be with a positive attitude good personal grooming if also a fence l for being a nursing assistant because the nursing a fifty work in close contact with patients

and patience believed that the health-careenvironment if the cleanest environment in the world here are some things for you to rememberabout cleanliness and your parents you need to address properly and neatly on the job followed be dress code that it will havebeen laid out by the worksite where you will be

how will you draft make this statement about how you feel about yourself and others use good personal hygiene that means your hair needs to be clean off your shoulder an away from your faith bathing are showering needs to be doneon a daily basis

tried to be completely free of anyorders that means no perfume are centered sprays should be used peacock patients when they're l may find orders offensive mail should be short and should be clean only clear nail polish

is allowed and that nail polish may not have anychecked and it because that is a opportunity for infection and germs to powder ear well-balanced diet everyday get plenty of fully generally seventy-nine hours asleep isrequired to be alert at work clean clothes need to be warned each day

daily washing of those closed isrequired to prevent bedspread observed never wear jewelry that if a large dangling earrings braithwaite are pendant because they can be f_h_p_ hazard when working with patients always wear your name ken so that youcan be clearly identified as a nursing a wristwatch is required

with a second hand because you will needto have that in affecting the patients and restoration also carry up adn and pat for note-taking and you can keep it in new york remember how you look the pride that you have in yourself and the work that you do

if you are well groomed and have a goodpersonal habits patients are going to feel an increasedsense of security and confident in your ability to carefor them ya work at the nursing assistant in physically and emotionally demanding because you get so much of yourself tothose in care you are working with people consistentlywho are not feeling very well this can be extremely stressful burned out if the term

that mean total mental an emotional exhaustion burned out is a fairly common problemwith people who work in health care you can reduce the strap that leads to this burnout by balancing your work with ref and really lactation something gestion

they have worked for other health careworkers to prevent burnout r you should talk with your immediate careprovider are request a-team contracts with othersthat you work with to discuss problems that you might behaving with them on-the-job amplified physically at least threetimes a week thirty minute thermalright each time activity of that increase the heartbreakare bad

the lack of research is notdemonstrating the value of exercise for not only physicalwell-being but mental well-being as well devote time to your favorite hobbies listening to music that building andrelaxing talk with the understanding family andfriends many times they can provide you with alistening ear don't forget about the importance ofhumor watching and listening to comical movie can help us quick all of our problemsand better perspective

reading meditation and prayer can also help resolve problems carvings strap and can lead to the inner peace avoid people and fits uation that muchas possible they can increase the stress that you're experiencing some people drink alcohol to access

others used street drug or have other serious addictions if u or loved ones uh... around you arehaving problems talk to your instructor or just someone out that you because there are numerous community resources available for individual better desiring help

and the support to make these changes now you are ready to start to learnabout all of the response abilities of you will be ta about many different kinds of tasks before any of these tab are started each time after they have been completed there are certain actions that must befollowed please watch

and be the actions are discussed and good luck to you all in your new careers the first section contains types ofprocedures that you found during any interaction with the resident re care plan carefully and select tasksthat need to be done at this time for the residence gather needed equipment and supplies ifthis were improved efficiency of your work and ensures you do not have toleave the room

not on the resident's door and positiveseconds before impact alright nothing before entering you areshowing respect for the residents right to privacy introduce yourself to the resident mycannot theater entity any money i think that the resident will know whois giving care always wear your main concern that ifthe resident forgets you name he can readily read your name change when working with the aged remember tospeak clearly often in short simple

sentences and look directly at theresident when speaking as residents often have here in march identify the residents by checking theidentification bracelet or name on bed this is a way to ensure that you arecheering for the right resident it is very easy to get residents mixedup especially if it is a double room underneath it non-residents by name in a long term care facility manyresidents prefer to be called by their first name

talked to family members and listen towhat they have to stay prior to caring for the resident you candirect them to a place to aids explain to the resident what you'regoing to do and how the resident can attest by doing this you inform the resident ofwhat is going to be done and what is expected this gives the resident an opportunityto get information about the procedure the tasks and and they can do forresidents vary greatly and the resonable if it's more if sheknows what you plan on doing

provide privately by closing the doorprivacy screen and window coverings all three should be closed even if theresident is alone in the room wash your hands a mistake majorities of long-term care facilitieshave thinks in the room that make it user-friendly for washing hands apply clubs if contact with body fluidsis likely preetha bed to a comfortable workingheight if this will prevent extreme injury caused by bending at the waves jerry

check to make sure the resident is ingood alignment egon and two reasons why this being our body systems function better whenthe body is correctly aligned the resident its offer more comfortablewhen the body is in good alignments place the residents call like and neededpersonal items within easy reach we turn the bed to the lowest horizontalheights tell them that you are leavingespecially the vision impaired resident open the privacy curtain three andwindow coverings cna skills report any unusual observations as thenurse may need to assess the resident

condition if any abnormalities are noted the nursing assistant is one of the fewindividuals that spend any length of time with the resident and is often thefirst one to pick up something abnormal in other words garbled speech answeringquestions inappropriately already area nursing skills unpack stick document on the floor chart tasks thatyou have completed remember if it is not charted othersthink it was not done nursing education this will provide you giggle record ofwhat has been done for other members of the interdisciplinary team certified nursing assistant training video