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so in this video i interview shiralazar about her youtube advice about how to overcome obstacles in life and aboutthe latest trends that you need to be paying attention to as an influencercoming up hey whats up guys sean here with videoinfluencers helping build your influence income and impact with online videotoday i'm sitting here with shira lazar hi and we're the what’s trending studioyes this is one of our little spaces and we're pumped it's awesome. i appreciate it, in westhollywood thanks so much for being on thanks for having me and for stopping bydriving from vegas got a long drive just for me just for you

and so if you've never heard of shirabefore or haven't heard of everything she's done because you are multifacetedyou really have that what they call it these days yeah you ever heard of the girl boss bookyeah i need to read it i feel like you're a girl boss oh that's awesome co-founder of what's trending tvpersonality actress your work it’s been feature on cnbc a whole bunch ofoutlets all over the place you've been on the oscars red carpet hosting oscarsgrammys livestream red carpet yeah

when they first saw this is like oldschool when they first started there live streams i was one of the first hosts so you'vedone all that kind of stuff you got a vlog channel i do you’ve got the what's trending channel andyou started the partners project years ago which was really doing whatvideo influencers and interviewing youtubers learning their tips and bestpractices so it's pop super pumped to have you on yeah you're a good energy your pump typeof guy i was like yeah let's do this

let's take it back so how did you getinto all this like now you're here you doing what'strending all these other projects where did it all start yeah and i mean i always lovednon-scripted tv talk shows interviewing people and i went to school forcommunication so studying production ‘cause i wanted to i guess i was stubborn onecontrol over what i was doing like i hate you know even though i had acted inthe past when i was younger i hated the audition process or feeling like i wasbeing judged so i think non-scripted and these typesof things that we're all doing

was a way for me to be myself butstill feel like i'm performing in a way and i'm still in front of the camera buthe was even more so like i loved being around people and meeting new people andso i couldn't think of a better way to meet new people and experience newthings and you know live curiously then through interviewing people and that'show it all got started i just like loved interviewing people and so i was in la at the time this is you before youtubeit was either you get on you know i'm a show or network whichrarely happens let's be honest yeah or you do the local news station route andi wasn't like i was like i'm not going

to do the local news station route ican't see myself living in a small town and i was auditioning but notnecessarily getting those jobs and so for me the online space allowed me towork on my craft and do it i love and there was there are no rules andeveryone was very welcoming it was very collaborative and that's really how itall began and then i just started hosting and interviewing for all thesewebsites at the time and became the go-to person for that and that's why istarted building this niche and for a lot of people who was a launchpad maybeto go to tv and maybe that's still the case but i i just created as myfoundation and i've been really

empowered by that ever since that's awesome and when i think aboutyou i think of a serial media entrepreneur because you've launchedlike different projects and you kind of launch it from scratch if you just useit as you said there's no way the bruises and i have the scars yeah it's funny because as i i feel likei have a love-hate relationship with entrepreneurship and starting companieslike i am so inspired by the fact that you can have an idea and just go afterit and i actually do believe people are more excited than ever before when youwant to launch something from scratch but

there is something to be said about whenyou have like a big company that's backing you are supporting you peoplestill love that idea yeah it still makes it more legit so ithink you know i go back and forth between being like okay i could see theimportance and value of doing something and that everyone else is doing or beingpart of your company and just getting raised in that way but then i stillalways fall back on watching these two things yeah and andwe were able to this day and age and so why not and and then it's cool to be able tocome into the space that you're like wow

i started this from scratch and i canstill make decisions and we could have ideas and just do them we don't needto have approval necessarily that's amazing now if somebody was likei kinda want to follow in your footsteps what are the first couple of things tolike literally turn your dreams into reality reality like you have yeah i i think and i'm of trying tofigure that out even constantly like i always feel like i'm starting fromscratch in a way i i always look ahead no i don't like to just continue to liveoff what i've done in the past which a lot of people be like look at myaccolades and like this is who i am this

is my identity i'm always like okay thathappened who am i now and who am i going tobecome it's easy to keep yourself there and just like state in that thing thatyou thought gave you an orange from the past anyway so i would say find that thingyeah you're really passionate about what's that thing that even if you weregetting paid or not paid that excites you that gives you that adrenaline rushlike falling in love and you can be anything it could be sewing it could bevideo games it could be interviewing people

music any of that and then find similarpeople i would say like people that you could talk to that could be mentors likereal life many mentors or people that just inspire you that you might neverhave access to and use those as models for like okay i see people that havegotten there and also like reverse engineer at like how did they get hereit's easy to look ahead and say how do i get from a to z but there's so manylittle things that you need to do to get there yeah so create i guess timelines andgoals and then also just have fun with it and just start start doing it

start meeting people going to eventsstart doing stuff online be consistent about it do you like at least one thing dailythat progresses you in that thing so good i love this tips now during thatjourney what was one of the biggest obstacles that she faced and how did youget through that well i was part of a big media companyand employee of mine tweet sent to tweet that wasn't true andbecause i was part of that company i got thrown under the bus for it andthat was a pretty harsh things that happened

and at the time it was it sucks and itwas and because it was very public and a lot of people are talking about it yeah so i guess that you could say howis a big obstacle because i got fired and that was public it was in the pressand everything well and then those moments and yoursobviously a spiritual person you have to go to church and all that and yeah buti'm your religious i'm kind of spiritual i just believe there's something therehopefully i you need to believe in something whether it be we'll hopefully yourself for somethingmore but it was that moment and i'm like

is this was my destiny like someone youknow this is my destiny why i work so hard if i was going to get here and justbe fired and like thrown into the bus like everyone hates me i was like wow that this was part ofthis is obviously part of my journey and when you're going through it you're like f word why why is this happening to me and so obviously after having gonethrough that now that when bad things happen i think i'm able to try to have theperspective of like okay breathe step

back like this happening for a reasonand i'm always trying to find the reason why i like not looking at as like okayit's a road block just to be a roadblock or like my life is over but saying there's a reason like whatare the hints like these are hints for me as to either and we're in the rightdirection or the wrong direction and not the wrong direction like the wrongdirection will lead to something bad but the wrong direction will actually leadto the thing that's better but i just don't see it yet wow and then you got to push through i pushed through and then there’s still there’s obstacles

there’s still there’s obstacles like you knowwhere we're on a company that it's in a landscape that's very competitive nowthat people have a lot of money and we're still startup and so we're havingto compete in that way still though and even though were much smaller smaller wewe need to have the perception like we can break through and we can do bigthings even if we may not have the people orthe money - absolutely i'm so yeah let's talk to youtube now in 2010 you startedthe partners project and you interviewed uncountable numbers of youtubers plusyou have also you continue to it with your other projects you i’ve seen you around it's very important

so you've absorbed a ton oftips a ton of information but also that was 2010 and you've been doing it sincethen but things have changed the landscape has changed what are some of the maybe evergreenprinciples that you've learned for what it takes to specifically crush it onyoutube yeah but then what are some of the maybe new things that or things thatare harder now that have changed to break through i see two trends or things and thiscould go back to like old media even it's nothing necessarily new you see thepeople that are just like so talented

whether they be performers agree singerswriters communions personalities where you literally watching me like they'renot even at their highest place yet but there's some raw talent there that it'shard to not admit it to yourself as a viewer you're like that is that's talentyeah so there's that raw talent and then there's just people that create amazingstuff that you can't help but share or just be an off of so i see that is one thing i see thatfrom youtubers so there's the the talent or the stuff like shay carl you know hewas obviously a first being first helps first to market

yeah i she turns the family vlog but youcould see his like personality was just so infectious it's like he was made to be connectingwith people and and and that goes a long way and then you have people likefreddie wong and quarter digital these are old-school youtubers that are allthat special effects and they just create amazing things and i obviouslywere able to do it with little resources so i think people would watch theirvideos and just be like wow how did these guys do it and i think the samecontinues with when vine stars uh the there's a magic guy i'm blankingon him

now on vine and you watch his videos andyours like wow how does he do it the quality still goes along are not thequality but a the factor yeah that's good and then there's yeahpersonalities like logan paul where he you watch him you watching on vine and now he's doinghis videos on facebook and you're just like this kid is funny he had he has that magic touch he’s hilarious yeahit’s also you can look at him and i could see you becoming like a nextmatthew mcconaughey's type person like you look like a little star

yeah you can see even if you're likeokay you know people question the sustainability of these talents there's something there that is je ne sais quoistar quality yes i think that still goes a long wayand then listen there's lightning in a bottle that happens with a lot of peoplewere there just like right place right time on a platform early adopter andthey happen to use the platform really well we just interviewed baby ariel frommusically which has an app that has so much engagement and she was one of hershe's 15 years old she was 14 when she started

i don't know if she's gonna have acareer like i think she's a super sweet home girl but you know right now she'sworking off the success of that platform and it's actually moving to otherplatforms or she's has hundreds of thousands of followers so right now that works for her butthat's someone like that was lightning in a bottle yeah uh and and there's others that youknow made it off of one platform and then we're all kind of looking to seelike will it transfer over to others and usually it does transfer over sometimescontinue when that person is consistent

if they take a break or they're justkinda like i'm over it or this or that a lot of times itit does impact whether that builds into something bigger i like that now one of the things that iwant to hear from you specifically is you have the chance to interview a lotof a list like youtubers what do you think about the long tailand and self-awareness because i think there's their space for in like say justyoutube there is there's there's the millionsbut then there are millions of subscribers

there's some people that are able tolike build up an audience and do some things and there's maybe you know i hate toclassify but there may be like b level of course there's even a c leven as everything the same as hollywood right yeah a is acting yeah it’s nothing new yes sure so what are what are you whatare your thoughts though on the long tail of of still breaking into onlinevideo yeah i say to people it is hard i meanlisten even with what's trending you we're successful but where were whatwe're looking at multi-platform so we're you know our numbers and growth on as adot-com as facebook twitter youtube

even though youtube has always been ourmain distribution platform and it's also where i'm just very personallypassionate about that community and the creator's around it and it is hard ifyou know to say you want to get into a business knowing that you might not makeit like okay so i'm getting into this and i might not be in a list yeah whatdoes that mean to me and i ok with that ego i yeah yeah i not saying that you'renot great at what you do but like it is hard to punch through and so what's thepoint well i think one there is a point like you can't go into business anywherelike you there's always going to be companies that are huge and like no newcompanies and or innovation with started

if those people didn't believe inthemselves right true like new companies right? yeah so i think there's always room for morepeople and and i constantly see new stars popping up and new channelspopping up but once again those are channels that yeah they havelike an itch or crazy idea and they just went for it they see a gap yeah in terms of something if you don'tsee that gap you're like but i just want to be a blogger just to that do it likebe consistent do it keep on raising yourself like i thinkyou have to challenge yourself cause no one is

going to challenge you like if you know have no audience you can't be like so what should i do next and it's like crickets so you need to one up yourself all thetime and i also say that because its industry is growing there's still somuch room for that expertise like i rather hire someone that it's at leasthe's trying and playing then saying like i want to work for what’s trending andi'm gonna have like help with community management or maybe a writerproducer and then i go on it is going ok send me once like whathave you done yourself and if i see nothing

i'm like well you haven't used theseplatforms yourself you're not a user or a fan so how do i expect you do it properlyfor me even if you don't have any subscribers and followers like i stillout i do admire someone that at least hastried and is a superuser like i'd rather that total then not understanding how touse it as a fan of our users well that's a huge tip for i think influencerswatching that maybe they’re engaging and if it's not breaking through it's nothappening you can still traverse that and alsothere but there's so many companies

because this industry is growing thatneed people like you who are like passionate about it and tried to do ityourself and you can still continue it but you might actually make some moremoney i like helping a company interesting onthe business side and you're developing your skills that hole yeah that you'rebuilding yeah so i me i always say like theindustry needs more people and so why not also i think we're so obsessedbecause of just the celebrity dumb like how accessible it has become a celebrityor talent yeah so we all put ourselves into that bucketand you know and then work hard and try

hard and if it doesn't hit were like whywhy why then i'm like you know you can continue doing that but like look atthis whole other business here people are going to actually pay moneyfor a team and staff that are like you right when i put out a job descriptionit's like people are passionate about social media have use these toolsthemselves like that could be a ton of people out there right right absolutely they don't putthemselves in that bucket as a professional sure like try to you knowlook at it as a hobby and your talent but see how you can be a professionalwith it as well

yeah look at the business eyes look atyourself as a business person too and if you're a business person may have theseskills well where can i apply those skills brilliant lightning round lightninground so so whoa three two one coffee or tea coffee talking or texting i text a lot but i talk a lot too - i'mlike in the middle would you rather live 10 100 year livesor 1 one thousand year lives 10 100 i think there are other people with athousand years old my god i'm really bad

at these games i get very philosophical about itwhat would you do i think 1 one thousand your life i guess ifeveryone has to be living a live of thousand and then everyone is dying offi was only one pipe then you can do the same rhythm and then thats that's actuallyreally what is of course and you most trust with a secret right now my dad and my boyfriend bart sorry mom last thing you grabbed out ofthe fridge an apple and hard-boiled eggs must binge watch netflix show we just got done with love favoriteplace in the whole world had been to a

lot of places i've been to a lot ofplaces but i still have been to a lot of other places as a right now in myfavorite places is a kowai in hawaii favorite nickname for yourself everyone has said shishi superstarlazar do people ever try to get to yourbrother through you duff o no, my stepfatherno he-man ok i thought you meant my real brother i’m sogullible funny get it yeah i get it shira i get it

i am shira let's move cat get it i totally get itget it took me a bit of time biggest pet peevewhen someone says they'll do something they just don't do it why why do you say just don't say you'regoing to do it all through follow through people i don't fall through ohmy god is to get it it's me cat or dog dog last song youhad a repeat drake hotline bling a hot line bling im so bad at the words i don't like still about the words ofguys oh won bin and noble bad was with someone

one going up the back with someone you don't need no help you don't neednobody no he just moves a lot like hotline blinglike i don't even think of the words i just think of he’s weird movements as we'redoing the way he does it if you can only have onething then item in a zombie apocalypse what would it be knife i'm gonna just sore ninja what'sit called the ninja sword a katana yeah favorite youtube channel right now ilove with james corden is doing

here on youtube i think about well obviouslya carpool karaoke stuff which by the way the youtuber flula was the one who reallystarted that flula a hilarious german youtuber and he would do thesecollaborations in his car just saying i'm not saying that james stole that idea but just saying book you think every influencer should read i'm reading rightnow the artist way it's like we're discovering your creativity and it andit makes you journal lot a lot and do exercises and while there's a lot ofpersonal discovery that happens the personal discovery leads to overallcreative discovery which leads to better

professional discovery go to comfortfood i guess like yogurtland if you're in lathose yogurt places where you like whatever i'm just like i need somethingalways go to this place where you do the yoga in the toppings yeah and cookie dough yeah i'm all aboutthe cookie dough and then pickles i suppose binge eat pickles i can eat awhole jar might be around lightning round so you were like uploading video andlive streaming video in 2006 on the first nokia phone that could do that

yeah yeah yeah did i should have beenuploading to youtube why but that's that's it that's crazythat's ten years ago i know and you were massively ahead of the curve on that andand catching those trends and obviously you're doing what's trending so what do you think are the biggestkind of trends influencers need to be paying attention to right now they can also be leveraging for growthfor the abbey aware of definitely i i well i love musically asa app i think that's really cool and i'm seeing a lot of people grow a lot forthat

and the audience is so engaged thatthey're transferring over to other platforms so i would say you know i wantyou know there's always new platforms popping up and find the ones that areseeing a lot of super growth and engagement like try to get creative onthose platforms when they pop up so because it's hardthese days are so much out there and live is very big live’s making a comeback everyone's like oh life is new thing i'mlike know what training is going to live back in 2011 but that was a very high quality livewith that and i was uploading phones

almost live for my phone you can say back in the day when it wasquick this like video platform yeah so we could go live from thosephones in a different way just not on youtube necessarily or facebook wasbarely even around just for colleges at that time about the aging myself so facebook is doing a huge play withvideo right now native video i tell a lot of people there's no point of evenstop putting your youtube link on facebook because it just won't get anylove algorithmic run right and then i'll putyour page ranking down

so there's not getting any love to youputting any links to outside sources unfortunate or so you need to play nice and upload natively find the best timesto do that for your audience i get right into the content closedcaptions yeah a lot of people are watching video without sound these daysso i think you're super found fans and watch but if a video is going to bespread virally it's like good to know like oh i'm closed captions right yeah you're dropping dropping itlike it's hot fire yeah to face the video is definitelysomething we're focusing on a lot right

now and i see a lot of influences arefocusing on that obviously instagram is big so fine what is your thing for instagram but youknow that's even hard right now it's not like new anymore right and a lot of people do well like a lotof females do well that are showing fashion or tips or diy visuals orphotographers or so we have to find i guess like that platform that bestspeaks to you yeah and if you're a photographer you'renot necessarily going to be big on facebook and instagram is your thingright

but yea live is big life through mobileevents how do you go live from something that'strending you could say and be part of that conversation as it's happening onthese platforms great snapchat snapchat didn't have any snapchat whichis almost like a live platform you can say is it's very much about real timebeing accessible and that way to your audience but it's it's kind of like in its own it tunnel like we're fun i don't know likehe's all like discoverability can happen on snapchat right

unless you're with someone that raisesyou which a storm like to say i raised you like he's giving you love ya so lets you collaborate or get love fromsomeone else and like you don't necessarily have a following alreadyit's hard to get famous through snapchat unless something goes viral like thedamned biggest damn daniel did it happen through snapchat maybe yeah yeah yeah so like somethinglike that but how many of those will there be and was he already big on snapchat youalready had a bit of a following from

his teen audience yeah yeah his audience so it's interesting but i'mdefinitely looking at like snapchat - how are we relevant on snapchat if we'renot necessarily like teen girls i'm not eating they're all surprisesurprise although i sometimes feel like one but just be aware of all thosethings right now really really good really good now whatare your latest projects and one of the best ways to connect with you engageonline as always we will list it all out in the description but yeah / what's trending that's what training we only watchedrunning across the board snapchat ooh i and i also keep my personal platforms upto date every single day so shira lazar everywhere alsoinstagram facebook youtube i do personal vlogs all my adventures check it all out check it all out lastlyfinal word of like encouragement for influencers watching yeah keep crushing in building theirinfluence yeah i think right so hey

wherever you are in the world you'reamazing i believe in you you need to believe in yourself keep on working hard and i always say ifyou kind of come to a place for like i'm not doing well you're saying like don'tget distracted a lot by what's around you like there's something shiny objectsand people doing everything you need to focus on what you're doing and the andalso just remember like if you're constantly focused on yourself sometimesyou forget about being interested in other people and it's your curiositiesthat will make you better at what you do so keep on being interested in otherthings not just yourself and you'll get

over your own ego bubble that you'reconstantly trying to kind of thrive for were all chuck or strive for we're all trying to accomplish somethinga lot of times we get distracted by that in our own ego getting fulfilled by thatthing but remember there's so many amazingthings out that that will continue to push you to do what you love doingremember to be interested be curious keep on striving for more thank you somuch thanks so much for being on time i appreciate it thank you for having anyyeah yeah yeah and one acknowledge you just for your influence and impact and so manydifferent people for the projects you've

built you are a huge inspiration aaww you’re so sweet you see like i need i think that we all need words of encouragementanything at every place your level of your career we all think like oh that person knowthey have it it all their living such an awesome life we're all dealing with ourown issues and so i think when you realize that we're all human and youkind of get out of your own head that allows you to push yourself to continuedoing things and stay positive likes my literally the moment you're feelingcrafty just like uh huh her laugh and

then you realize like it's me it's notso bad life is good through have gratitude grateful give thanks yes there you go i was likeyou're gonna go like this bye-bye there’s somuch to read here shira no not it’s not so much i i really the entirewikipedia articles people i kind of like if i was really scarylike as i have long fingers i probably looked like i was like an alien comingat me now that movie where she stays alive she'd ever eat whatever that andshe can't fall in love because everyone dies around her

yes that's what that's what it was likethe only problem we don't want to do that oh that was a lightning round reallythat was like more like what how would you just got with thatlightning that's like far away that you like it was like a distant lightninground