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hey rahul, will you be my friend? looks just like her father. doesn't she? tina is very critical, rahul. she's counting her days. we tried very hard. but, her internal bleedingwas so much that, we were left stranded. she had known it.

i had told her that there'll becomplications in her delivery. but, she also knew aboutyour love for this child. she also loved her childmore than her life. i want my daughter to knowwho & what her mother was? let her find the answerson her own. mother, i'm leaving these8 letters with you. a letter for each of her birthday. they contain everything which i wouldlike to share with my daughter. these will remain as hersweet memories.

you're very good. you're very bad. rahul, hey rahul! will you be my friend? promise me that you'llnever cry again. never. infact, you don't lookgood while crying. will you make one more promise? please.

will you name my daughter anjali? promise me... i'm sorry rahul...i'm really sorry. will you name my daughteras 'anjali'? promise me. mumbal. - 8 years later. hi! i'm anjali & you'rewatching channel anjali. i'll become a v.j.when i grow up. you know, just like neelam. hey, cut... cut... cut.

oops, i'll be back after the break. my hobbies are... to eat chocolates. to slap boys. to cause trouble to my grandmother. and to read my mom's letters. hey, i'm late. i must get ready. i've an appointmentwith my father.

but, i'll be back next week,same time, same place. watch me. no... no. i don't wantto hear anything. please i swear i won't.- no, i don't want to hear anything. please. - no. hi! anjali, listen to me.stop... please stop for a while. look, i'm just... 2 hrs. late. right! - okay, i'm sorry. but, i was busy.

i'm also busy, papa. do you know, i didn't evenwatch the t.v. today. because, i was supposedto meet you here. and also buy clothesfor you. - yeah. this is too much, papa. i can't do each & everything.i'm your daughter not your wife. why? when i can be both,your mom & dad. then... okay.

what's it?- did you feel bad? a bit. sorry. - okay. that's why, i say god is one,but in different forms. no matter in which formhe may be, our prayers are definitelyreaching him. so, it's very important to maintainthis bondage with god. she speaks so well, don't she? that's all for today.

mrs. sharma, you didn't notice mynecklace at all? - in the end... do you know, i got this as a gifton the valentine's day! roopa? yes. roopa will chant"gayathri hymn" for us. - me? tell me, roopa. i forgot "gayathri hymn".- what? what're you saying, roopa? did you listen towhat she said?

has roopa forgot "gayathri hymn"? dear, if you don't concentrateon prayers, what'll you teach your children? what we say & think reflectson our children, isn't it? then, what'll she teachher children? - granny... we were talking about children... she's my grand daughter,anjali. - greetings. hi sexy! she has taught hergrand daughter very well.

who taught you this? papa. go & get ready forthe school function. grandmother, give me the letter. when is your birthday?- tomorrow. then... go... make it fast... make it fast. here are our seats. - sit down.

mr. khanna, come... come.take your seat. greetings. - greetings. hi makhaiya! hello... - hello... enough. good evening, ladies & gentleman. and welcome to thejust one minute competition. it's a strange competition. our children have toblabber on the stage. and the topics are givenon the spot. - yes.

on the spot... on the spot... stop it balwir. control yourself. never mind. let him go ahead.- sorry. but remember, every student willbe given just one minute. just one minute. just one minute...just one minute. even i feel the's really a big problem. but still, our jassowins every year. she's very talented, you know?

best of luck, jaswinder.- same to you. our jaswinder is the best. actually anjali is also takingpart in the competition. she'll come 2nd. you don't worry.- thank you very much. welcome... welcome. our 1st contestant isjaswinder singh. oh my dear! come on, speak up.jasso... - jasso. come on, do it.

my topic is prayer. we pray to god every morning. father says that god will bepleased by our prayers. and he'll protect us. - wow! but, mother says that grandmotherwill be pleased. and will leave hugeproperty for us. prayer pooja bhatt is my favourite actress. and my friend's nameis also pooja.

okay, thank you. wow! my dear - so nice. next participant is anjali khanna. pick your topic. she'll come 2nd. - okay. and your time starts now... say... mother! i'm sorry...

mother is the one who loves usso much that, sometimes we don't understandher love. mother is the one who makes usfeel that we are very good, and there's no one better than us. mother is the one whose happinesslies in our smile. and is sorrowful whenwe're sad. mother is the one, withoutwhom we can't survive. mother... mother is everything.

but, she is not with us. but, you've a papa. and he is very good. then, give me a hug. you're no. 1... do you know, rahul? there is one mr. sharma, isn't it? he called me on phone. which sharma?

our delhi neighbour. he has sent a marriage proposal. for whom? for me. then, marry. shut up. he was saying, "the girl isbeautiful & well mannered. " i rejected the proposal immediately. i did the right thing, didn't i?- yes.

did i do the right thing?- yes. did i do the right thing? yes mother. yes, may be i did theright thing then. by the way, i never doanything wrong. i always do the right thing. whether the girl is beautiful orwell mannered, it doesn't matter. every girl, these days is beautiful& well mannered. who's ready here to marry?

sharma is also a strange man. he always phones & troubles me. sending marriage proposals. why doesn't he get married?why is he always bothering me? what happened, mother? don't know, rahul. i feel there is a partialvacuum in our family. you're here, i'm here &anjali is here. i don't feel like that.

do you know, when i go outwith my friends? they always complain abouttheir daughters-in-law. -is it? but i can't even do that. this is really a verybig problem! so, you want a daughter-in-law. that you can alsocomplain against her. no son. i want only happiness for you. i'm happy.

very happy. you'll not marry again. mother, we take birth onceand die once. ...and we marry also once in life. ...and we'll fall inlove also only once. it'll not happen often. son, you can manage yourself. but, anjali...? what happened to her?

don't you feel sheneeds a mother? she's fine, mother. ...she's fine. she has with her, whicheven i don't have. her mother's letters. happy birthday anjali. my lovely anjali. happy birthday. today, you're 8 years old.

and i'm sure, you'll definitelybe like your father. ...eyes like him. face like him. isn't it, anjali? no, i'm like you. tell me anjali, does your father stillsleeps with his shoes on? when will he quit this habit? you're a big girl today, anjali. the things which i'm goingto tell you today, you'll understand it clearly.

today, i'm going to tellyou a story. this story has me & your father. ...and anjali. anjali! late again? i can't get up earlyin the morning. can't get up or were you scared? rahul khanna never getsscared of anyone. but, he always loses toanjali sharma in basket ball.

don't you want to play? what's the use? you lose everyday. today, i'll not lose. you say this everyday. we'll see. shit. we'll see... anjali, that's... you can't. ...can't turn away. wait... wait...

come on. come on... come... come.coward, get it. come on... come on... you... that's... that's cool. come... come... yes... yes... yes... oh no! if you can't play, don'tcheat atleast. hey, don't call me a cheat. that's what, you're, a cheat... a cheat.

anjali, don't call me a cheat. rahul is a cheat.- no, i'm not a cheat. silly girl. don't shout like a girl. hey, don't call me a girl. actually, you're right,you're not a girl at all. atleast, i'm not like those stupidgirls whom you go mad after. i don't go after girls.girls go after me. rahul's here.

rahul's so cute.he's so sweet. how handsome he's, isn't he? a shade less than you.your moustache is little big. was it a joke? - it was. i don't like jokes.- i don't like you. rahul & anjali hada fight again. rahul & anjali had a fight. what type of a boy is he? what type of a girl is she?

what am i to do with him? what am i to tell her? he fights with me. - yes. she's a big snob. - yes. he argues. - she gets angry. he's a madman.- she's a mad girl. but, he's your best friend. but, she's your best friend. oh god! this boy.

ask him why does he behavelike silly boys? sometimes he fights andsometimes argues. don't ever come close to him. this boy is mad.- mad... mad... mad... oh god! this girl. ask her why does she behavelike silly girls? sometimes she fights &sometimes behaves like a snob. don't anyone ever comecloser to her. this girl is mad.- mad... mad... mad...

only she knows about herself. no one else knows about her. how is she? what is she?no one knows. buddies... run from here. ...she might be upto some mischief. he always teases me.he brushes aside all my warnings. beware, he's mad.stay away from him. though he is little mad,i've accepted him as my friend. ...coming up is therock stewart classic.

the first cut is the deepest. oh god! this room is incomplete mess. these girls will make mego mad. silly girls. hey, what're those littlemounts on your head? these are rollers, rifat bee. boys won't fall for these rollers,take my advice. then, what for they'llfall, rifat bee. oh god, what a revealingcostume you're wearing? feel shy, girl. - tell me.

i don't know, what for boyswill fall for girls? please, tell me. - no. tell us. boys will fall forgirl's grace & style. they'll go mad over theshake of their hips. and... and...? and... i don't know anything else. you talk too much. why've you spread all your clotheslike they do in a cloth shop? clear it.

oh god! what am i to dowith this girl? anjali, what's happening here? what have you worn? it's cool rifat bee. - cool. my child, behave likea girl sometimes. not like those mad girlsbut little bit. what's this, rifat bee?why do you harp on the same thing? do you know? i've won againstrahul again today. rahul! stay away from that bad boy.- why?

he's my best friend.he's my friend. you never know when this friendwill turn into a lover. rahul? please... never... yuck. yeah, i know everything. come on, have thispudding stealthily. oh! thank you.- oh, leave me... mad girl. hi, st. xaviers' wishes youhappy friendship day. oh my god! no short skirts in mycollege, please.

oh, what a beautifulmorning, today. good morning ms. breganza. good morning boys. nice colour for you. i'll complain to your mother, that you're trying to trap boysby wearing short skirts. excuse me. i said, no short skirtsin the college, please. ms. breganza.

you were saying somethingmr. malhotra. i was just saying... wearing short skirts in the collegeisn't permitted. - what? but this is the latestfashion, mr. malhotra. this is nothing. some girls aren't wearingeven skirts. don't tell me that ms. breganza. yes, mr. malhotra. mr. malhotra, don't i lookbeautiful today?

you're very quite. quite? cute. you're very c.u.t.e., aren't you? if you expose like thisinside the college. these young boys & girls... what do you mean byyoung boys & girls? am i not young? you're very young.

but mr. malhotra you wearvery boring clothes. i know. but you know... till mrs. malhotra was alive. - yeah. i used to wear fancy dressessometimes, for her. - really? they're no more of any use now. what do you mean,"any use now?" mr. malhotra... ms. brenganza...mrs. malhotra... together. happy friendship day

aren't you ashamed? whenever you meet me why doyou always scare me? what're you doing? this is friendship band, sir. now, i'm not just your studenti'm your friend too. very good. what's the matter, sir?you look very happy. what do you mean? no... just like that...generally...

generally. generally, my daughter iscoming back, isn't it? so. your daughter?- yes, tina. she's coming back from london.- from london? yes, she was studying inoxford university there. oxford university? wow! earlier, we used tolive there only. but, when i lost my wifei couldn't stay there anymore.

so, i thought of comingback to india. didn't tina come with you? no, tina wanted tocomplete her studies. but, i yearned to see her. so, i told her to finish herlast year in my college. is our college any inferiorto oxford university? - yes sir. my child, you'll take care ofmy daughter tina, won't you? off course, sir. happy "friendship day. "- thank you, sir.

good. rahul? unbelievable. you know, i'm the first girl to geta friendship band from rahul. wow! isn't it exciting? of course. you know sonia. - yes. you're the only one to whom i'mgiving this friendship band. really rahul?- really sonia.

you're different from're the most beautiful girl here. really rahul? really sonia. oh rahul! are you tellingme the truth? really tania. my name is sonia. yes, did you see? i was so lost in your thoughtsthat i forgot your name also.

i just can't believe it, rahul.- trust me. oh rahul... - oh sonia. stop it, rahul. oh sonia. oh rahul. it fell down. not mine. - cheat, - no... no... you liar. - hey, come on. oh! no... no... tania,what's your name?

sonia. go away. you spoiled my halfan hour's effort. don't you get tired of runningafter these stupid girls? hey, i don't run after girls- i know it... i know it... can't you find one girlfor yourself? one who's beautiful andlittle intelligent too. good! one who's beautiful andlittle intelligent too. where can i find such a girl?

by the way, i just pass timewith these girls. because, i'm yet tofind my girl? your girl? my girl. because, i've not yetfound a girl. who can make something happenon seeing her. what will happen? something happens in the heart. something happens.

you'll never understand. when she walks, the world willstand still to watch her. and when she stopstime will also stop. and when she laughs. she... she... what would you do whenyou find her? what would i do, if i find her? bowing before her. spreading out my hands.

i would say. ...whoever you might bei love you. i love you. sorry. don't be! i love you. excuse me.- no... no... squeeze me. hi, i'm anjali. - hi... and you're?- hi! i'm rahul. - hi... hi... tina, right? - yeah. how do you know her? - this morningprincipal had... - right.

don't utter that eccentricold man's name early morning. so, today's your first dayin the college. just now she has comefrom london. - yeah. how do you know that? because rahul, this morningprincipal had... didn't i tell you not to utterthat old bald man's name? okay? bald. - so, tina. where were you studying in london?- in oxford university. oh oxford! - how do you know? - because,this morning principal had told me.

yeah... yeah... yeah...please, let that bald man wait. he's our useless principal. and she's his stooge. useless? useless! you're, rightbut, forget him. tell me. how do you find your first dayin this college? - great. good morning. all of you goto your classes. good morning archana.

feroze! cut your hair.- jealous? no, of course not, oh my god! he's that useless principal,good morning sir. good morning. hi sir. - good morning sir.- good morning darling. don't you know, wearing short skirtsis banned in this college? you know, i've come fromlondon yesterday only. and i haven't unpacked my baggage. excuse me! but,

sir may i... - no. thank you. but. - look, today's tina'sfirst day in college. she has come london yesterday only.she didn't get time to unpack her baggage. she wore whatever she couldlay her hands on. sir, i know tina since childhood.- from childhood? - right sir. really? - really father. really father. father? - father.

father.! - father... father... mr. malhotra, i need your help. not here sir, she's waiting foryou in the staff room. in the staff room! yeah! we've an important meetingabout your future. you take care, sir.- bye... bye... bye... shit. yeah. he's old, eccentric and bald.

and... - very smart. sweet! he's sweet too. ...and he's useless. but, he isn't that bad. squeeze me. happy friendship day. we met just now.friendship is long way off. oh shit! hey, did something happen to you?- no.

she's not my type of girl.- why? she's not an indian, is she? she studied and grew up in london andlondoners are quite different. a girl should make you feel liketaking her to your mother. know. no... she's not my type. no, she's not my type. you'll never get a girl if youbehave like this. got it? why not? you're there. - me?

yuck? - please friend. if i don't find any other girli'll marry you. absolutely no. - anjali, anyway no onewill come forward to marry you. just, shut up. hey wait... wait. let me go to the class. babe. here. take this.

what's this? this is our college's sweat shirt... look me. thanks. yeah. - can i ask you something? yeah sure. why is everyone staring at me? why boys stare at you... you know that. and girls want to knowwhy boys are staring at you? so, they're also staring at you.yeah?

look, if you've any problemcome straight to me. or else go to rahulyou know him, don't you? rahul is the one whom i met yesterday.he's my best friend. we've good influence in this know that type. hi guys. this is rahul. see. hi... hi... there's a rule in our college. we make every fresher to sing a know? do-re-mi.

right? - right. rahul, she's principal's daughter. so what? we can't break our rulesfor anyone, can we? right. but rahul. - shut up,principal's side kick. london... oxford universityyou know. you sing a song in hindifor us & the entire college. hindi? i'm really sorry.

what? have you forgot hindiafter going to london? sorry! one minute... one minute. rahul, how can she singa song in hindi? is it because she'sprincipal's daughter? if he can't teach her,how can he teach us? and you... shut up. so, tina, what was i saying? you'll sing a song in hindi andthat too immediately. normally, we don't have thatmuch free time, do we?

right? okay. go on. hail lord jagadish. perils of devotees, perils of your servitors, will be dispelled by you in seconds. by growing up in london orstudying there, i haven't forgotten our traditions. and you also don't forget them.

yeah... yeah... okay, catch it.okay... yeah... sure. oh god! hey, you've occupied my place. oh! i'm sorry. - it's okay. hey, adi... move. morning class. good morning. good morning madan.- settle down everyone. any way...

today, we're going tostart a new lesson. an eternal love story. the eternal love story. before i start, i've toask all of you something. what do you know about love? what do you know of love? what's love? any one... any one... any one? you tell me, what's love? - me?

i don't know. anjali, what're you doing? you tell me, what's love? love... forget it. anyone else... love? love is friendship. if she can't become my friend,i can never fall in love with her.

because, there's no lovewithout friendship. simple! love is friendship. okay, ms. breganza. okay, rahul. what an absolutelydelightful thought. did you hear that class?thank you rahul. thanks for sharing this absolutelydelightful idea with us. love is a friendship. so...

would you like to become my friend? something happens... happens... my head... my legs. i was sleeping upside down. hello. sorry mr. malhotra, breganza here. yes, ms. breganza. i didn't disturb you, did i?

i'm sure, even if i had disturbedyou won't mind. go ahead ms. breganza. anyway, i called to tell you, that we've finished allour rehearsals. our college will be the bestin tomorrow's competition. students from other collegeswould be spellbound. you know, what i mean. you're responsible for allthat, ms. breganza. and i've done it for you,mr. malhotra.

really, ms. breganza? really malhotra. i fell down. and our college is...our college... st. xaviers. what? oh my god! can't he come here? ms. breganza, his neighbourhoodis under curfew. it's very difficult tocome out from there. good god! what's goingto happen now?

we want xaviers. listen mr. malhotra. let me think...please... - okay. idea! - idea? no. you must do it. otherwise,i'll mark you all as failed. but sir, how can we sing anddance on the stage? we don't know anything. and you know about our students. they'll not spare as alive.- correct.

it's a bad idea. - right. rahul, it's not a bad idea,of course, it's a good idea. you'll not face any wrath. the students who should'veperformed here. they had recorded their programmeon a tape. - for rehearsal. i'll play the tape recorder. a beautiful song will beheard from it. you must learn the lyrics andonly give lip movement for them. just like in movies.lip sync. okay.

it won't work. why will it not work?off course it'll work. my name is chinchuchoo... a moonlit night, you & me alone. ms. breganza control yourself.- control. what do you mean by no? anjali, you too? aren't you concerned aboutyour college's honour? i know. - that's very tragic!very tragic.

come on, rahul. this is a matter of ourcollege's honour. okay. - okay.come in mr. malhotra. okay! come on tina,you too join us, come on. no... no. i'm not joining you. what're you saying? why're you asking her?let's go. one & only rahul. we'll get to the top.

play. what do i play?may be this song only. you're a foreigner. how can you be my companion? mr. malhotra, what's this? ms. breganza, i made a mistake.i played the wrong tape. hey, what the hell is happening? okay... okay... switch off the music.

i've found someone. what happened to me? why i've lost myself? was i mad earlier ornow i've gone mad? your eyes are startled,your hairs are tousled. what've you done to yourself? i've lost my heart. what am i to tell you friends? i'm shaken.

really, i've found someone. don't know what has happened to me? people are calling me, mad. tell me, what's this madness? what has happened to you? till yesterday, i was consciousof everything. there was excitement ofhappiness in my heart. why're you restless and perplexed? have you lost everything?

have you lost it likea vanishing cloud? who's that who hasbesieged your heart? i would like to reveal the nameof the one i like. yet, i'm not able totell her name. don't call out her namebut do tell something. ...a slight hint atleast. she's in my eyes.she's in my breath. what else can i tell you? anjali, what happened?

don't know why i'm yearningto see mother today. how can you say that when i'm here? mad girl, crying will notsolve anything... anything. yes, good timing guys. rahul, juice. hey, look at her. anjali, since when do youknow rahul? from day one at college. do you know, what i did?

i won over him in fist strength. from then, we're best friends. best friends. rahul is your best friend, isn't he? no, i'm rahul's best friend. rahul, juice... juice... don't you love him? hi. shall i go? - where?

today it's tuesday, isn't it? yes, rahul goes to meet hisrelatives every tuesday. but if you say, i'll not go. no, rahul you go ahead.- no, i've some more time. go rahul, you'll get late. go... go... come on, go- i... i can stay. come on... go... - okay... okay... bye. oh god! it would be better,if i don't fail this time also.

i'm little weak in chemistry.take care of it. hi... hey, look infront of you. rahul... rahul... hi... hi... hi... how are you? so, your relatives live here. yes here... not here... here...... not here... here... so, rahul khanna visits templeevery tuesday. - oh! shit man.

yeah! how sweet! why did you lie in college? generally boys don't visittemple... that's why. but, you do come. - yes... do you come every week?- yeah. look, don't call me sweet. actually, my dad used to say, "don't tellthis to anyone in the college. " this...? - not this one.

a man's head bows before3 women only. one before mummy...that's his mother. one before goddess durga. ...and... and? and... come on, wear it. what do you say?cool... you'll look cool. i was just trying it out.don't know how others wear all this.

you won't lose anything if youbehave like normal girl. take this, letter from your mother. you were yearning to see her,weren't you? listen. and take this also.- what's this? present. rahul, you here?at this hour? actually, i couldn't sleep, so i thoughtyou'll also be sleepless. and if you're not sleeping then,you'll be thinking about me only.

so, i've come to you.- what? by the way, which do you likemost flowers or chocolates? i didn't bring anythingi was just asking. just kidding. by the way, i do have chocolates. don't you feel it's too hot here.though, i'm okay. i'm cool. come in. if you insist.

may i? - yeah, off course. nice bed. why're you standing?please come & sit. come... come... - thanks. oh! this's the story in which the servantwould've killed wife & husband. thanks.'re reading such a fat book. you... could've asked me. yes, this's that book only.i've already read it. rahul, you haven't finished your story.- very interesting.

no, there's nothing special. husband & wife go on atwo months vacation. so, they engage a servant at home. later, they come to know thatthe servant is a psychopath. not this story.- if not this, then... temple story. temple? what temple?i don't know any temple. yeah? - yeah. right. - right.

the same story. a man's head bowsbefore only 3 women. before his mother, before goddess durga.- is it? and... - and? father. - useless. rahul, father is coming here.- congratulations. shut up rahul! go away from here.- okay, bye... bye... not from that side.rahul, go from this side. my ladder is there.- there's no way from here.

and i haven't finished my story.- you go out first. a man's head bows before 3 women only.- i don't want to hear anything. before mother, before goddess durga. and... and... and... i'll climb over the ladder.... and he'll get caught. what? - torch. throw up. okay... - good. who beat me now?

i'll become a ghost. if any ghost comes here,it'll get scared of me. where has the ladder vanished? ladder. why're you entering yourown home like a thief? why're you giggling? what have done this, rahul? i was coming to meet you only.- why? that's... i want.

anjali look, a falling star.- where? not below, up there. do you know? they say if you make a wishseeing a falling star. your wish will be fulfilled. do you believe it?- let's try it. okay, make a wish. you came near me. and smiled at me.

you don't know how many dreamsyou had inspired in me. now, my heart neitherwakes up nor sleeps. what am i to do?something is happening. don't know what's thisnew experience. what's this never ending thirst? oh dear! what's this magicaleffect of love on me. is overwhelming me. no body knows why any oneloses his comfort. what a great effectmy prayers had created.

don't know, how i fell in love. don't know, why i'm feelingcomfort in discomfort. in my loneliness, your memoriesare my companion. good morning, - good morning. servant committed the murder. oh god! look there. what is she wearing? hi guys. - hi. how do i look?

am i not just like tina? see. my foot. oh god! she seems like cracked up.stop it rahul... - i can't. come on, tell me. she's looking funny. shut up, rahul. - no... no... gone? i'm mad, ain't i? i want to be beautiful like you. but, i don't know anything.

anjali, you're beautiful.very beautiful. you're lying. didn't you see how they werelaughing at me? oh! they're...- they're idiots like me. actually, you're very beautiful. because, you're differentfrom all other girls. at least you're not like other stupidgirls if you wish, you can get any boy. any?

any. just, he must have poor eyesight. okay, tell me where did youfind this lip stick? isn't there a babli in my class,she gave it to me. stupid, idiot. i'll beat her. love is madness...intoxicating too. it'll be different fromany happiness or sorrow. father.

what father? you can't hide anything from me. but, rahul? didn't you find any other? come on, father. actually, if it had been anyoneelse in rahul's place. even then, may be i would feeljust the same. your love gets divided, isn't it?that's why. i love you, father.

that's the problem.i love you too. did you tell him aboutyour feelings? don't know, why i feel like this. ...anjali also loves rahul. i know rahul loves only you. and anjali is just his good friend.that's all. no, father. behind the facade of thisdeep friendship. love is hiding somewherein a corner.

and i don't want to... the friendship whichcould turn into love. i don't want to come betweentheir friendship. entire college knows.rahul & anjali are best friends. and nothing else. go... go & tell him thatyou love him deeply. but, i don't know whetherhe loves me or not. never keep your heart'sfeelings to yourself. go... and tell him.

i... i never imagined i'll ever saythese words to someone. but i... i really love you. i... i hope. i could say all this to her. you know, how many times i haddecided to say this to her. but, every time, i go to her. when i start to say this...... that's all... i. ...i think, i'll tell her.

sometimes with her.- with whom? with tina, who else? we'll do it again. i'm rahul & you're tina... okay. hey, look up... up. i love you too. she'll say this, won't she? love. - yeah. come here.

shall i tell her? right now? god, never make anyone writhein the pain of love. heart's feelings get buried in the heartand never come up on the lips. rifat bee, my first loveremains unsaid. you don't remember me, what's usein telling it to anyone? my heart cried and eyesfilled with tears. what's use of tellingit to anyone? mother.

i gave all my happiness to you. i gave my smile to you. dark clouds of her hair waved.bringing a message of love. you kept your love perfectly. what's the use of tellingit to anyone now? excuse me... sorry. sorry madam. rahul, you check in the front.- yes. i'll check that side- yes... check...

one minute. where're you going? back to home. - what? mother has written a letter.father isn't keeping good health. and i have so much workat home. you've gone mad. you're going away onreceiving a letter. you're not going anywhere.come. rahul, i must go.

how can you leave aterm mid-way? come. rahul, please try to understood.- finish your final exams & then go. but, rahul it's... - go afterfinishing your final exams. rahul please.- go after final exams. may be i'll not come backeven for the final term. i'm not coming back, rahul. oh! then, you're leaving college. you're leaving me. and didn't even inform me.

i don't want to know. rahul, i'm going away. -go away. rahul, i'm going. - go... rahul, i'm not coming back.- i don't care, okay. anjali, please don't go. with whom will i playbasket ball? you used to lose every time. then, why're you going? mother needs me, rahul.

don't i need you? now trouble tina,i've had enough of it. i'll fail. then, fail. atleast, now stop chasingthose stupid girls. but i'll miss you, friend. i'll miss you too. that day, i felt may be i hadcome between rahul & anjali. may be i had come betweentwo friends.

anjali's silence told meeverything loudly. and i'm confident that she lovedyour father very much. so much love, that even i couldn'tlove your father. neither there was a phone callnor a letter from anjali. she went away from our lives. ...forever. your father used to say,love is friendship. yes, i could becomehis friend. but, i could never becomehis best friend.

dear, i know yourfather very well. he's lonely. but, he'll never say anything. his life lacks a friend.... lacks a love. and that friend is anjali, dear.and that love is anjali. dear, bring back anjaliinto your father's life. return anjali's first love to her. anjali & rahul are madefor each other. this is truth.and this is my dream.

will you make your mother'sdream come true? bring back anjali into rahul's life. bring back anjali intoyour father's life. make my dream come true, dear. happy birthday dear.sorry. yes, i'm malhotra speaking.using std on my personal phone. you're coming tomorrow,aren't you? yes... yes... definitely. as soon as, we reach delhiwe'll take a train to faridabad.

oh! that 4 'o' clock train! yes, that one only. me? i was dying hair... nothing. no... no... wasn't for you. these servants of bombay are... okay then, i'll come tomorrowto receive you. you'll come with out fail, won't you?last time you forgot to come. no... no... last time.this time, i'll definitely make it.

and those essential itemsfor death anniversary. i'll bring all items for theanniversary. you don't worry. okay then, i'll cut the line now. i'll also. this's neelam & you're watching yourfavourite show. the neelam show. today, we're going to do somethingnew in this programme. we're going to play a game. would you like toplay this game? they say if you play this gameyour hearts' feelings will come out.

i'll tell you a word. the first word you rememberas soon as i say it. you tell it.but... but... but... you'll not be given timeto think. okay. okay, we'll start with sorry! time is up. cloud. - rain. - okay. beautiful. - neelam.- hey, thanks. heart. - love. - okay.

love. - seema. what? you love me? hey guys, this gamereally works. did you see how the heart's feelingscome out? now, you try this game. we'll be back after a break.take a break. stupid game.stupid neelam. papa, don't call my neelama stupid, okay. okay, i'll not call yourneelam a stupid. come on tell me quickly,what's your game?

okay papa, ready?start... go... sexy. grandma. shut up. rogue.- father, play it seriously. okay, i'll play seriously- go ahead. cloud. papa, you shouldn't take so much time.- i'm drinking water, ain't i? okay, i'll not waste time,we'll start the game finally. tell me. cloud - wind. mad - you.

thirst - me. love - friendship. anjali. - sharma. sharma? who's this anjali sharma? who's she? - nobody. come on papa, it's my birthday.- okay, its your birthday. anjali sharma was mycollegmate. in college?

she was my friend. friend. my best friend.- but her name is very good, father. how did she look like? anjali. she was unlike other girls. she was like... we boys. all girls used to apply make up. and anjali... and anjali used toplay basket ball.

and clothes. she used to wearlike my clothes. yes, truly. my anjali was very naughty. applying make up, getting dressedfor occasion. appear beautiful. she never knew all this. enough or do you wantto ask any thing else. papa, where is she? don't know. oh! i still can't believe, itsyour engagement, anjali.

listen, babaji has come to fixyour date of marriage. give me that. how much more time will youtake to dress up? aman is getting restless. tell him to be wait. this bride will take herown time to come. your groom has comehere long back. don't delay it any further.come out quickly. i've come to your house totake you away with me.

to give my heart as a presentin return for your heart. listen, what my everyheart beat is saying. your suitor has come home & the bride isblushing. your suitor has come home. oh heart! silly reasons willnot work out any more. the girl must go toher suitor's home. listen, what my dot on myforehead is saying? i've fallen into a trapof a madman. how could i?tell me, my friends. tell me. oh dear! even your friends areswooned over my style.

what would they say?ask them. ask them. go away you liar.why're you self-praising? listen, what your lover is saying. he's stupid and's my benevolence. to have accepted him,tell him. tell him. she's teasing me wantonly inreturn for her benevolence. i've given my heart to her,tell her. tell her. you're ignorant, heart's dobreak sometimes, mad man. listen,what your mad man is saying.

applying henna.jewellary shining. crying and making everyonealso to cry. you'll go away tomorrow morning. you'll make me rememberyou so much. this is old address.where can i get her new address? grandpa, can't you do atleastthis for me? really, i can't do it for you.- really, it's very bad. though, you're a principal,can't you do this much? why're you bringing my beingprincipal between our talk?

where'll anjali sharma be?she'll definitely know it. forgive me, principal. but i had promised anjali. that, i'll never revealher address to any one. we had come herewith great hope. i can understand, butmy promise to anjali. rifat bee, i'm also anjali. won't you tell me also? principal, her engagementis going on today.

and she'll get marriedthis week only. anjali's mother has faithin a babaji. he's also going there today tofix a date for the marriage. you've come little late. i was planning to go by tomorrowafternoon's train. this marriage will not take palcemy mother told to... this won't take place babaji, you've to fix a datefor the marriage. - yes, child. this is aman's horoscope.- okay.

babaji, aman wants to goback to london. if you fix a date inthis month itself. this month? yes, babaji. principal, if you had come littleearly may be i could? yes, but we didn't know. don't know why anjali is infor a period of bad time. till that bad period oftime elapses. you can't get her married.

then, next month, babaji? next month also it is not possible. anjali's marriage can't befixed before december. hello! i had heard aboutgod's miracles. today, i've seen one... the child's prayers havebeen answered. anjali's marriage can't beperformed before december. can i ask you something?

are you happy? what's this question?off course, i'm happy. my engagement is over.aman is very good boy. he loves me very much. and he's...- but, do you love him? mother, i've already had it.i've already had it. may be i can't fallin love again. take it as a compromise.- compromise? i never expected my daughter willcompromise & not love him.

i'm also a mother. don't i wish you to be happy? and start a home of your own. and the home which is on thefoundations of compromise. rather than on love. that home will not be a'll be just a house. rest is your wish. oh no, i can't bear thesedevotional songs. i can.

do you know with devotional songsbabaji will read out hymns also. wow!'re amazing. this baba... he had postponedmy marriage. i can't handle this any more. look, even god will get irritatedwith so many devotionals. don't you want to make a wish to god?- what am i to ask? i've got you. now, i think if we havefew children...

and i'm afraid god can'thelp in this. whatever it is, i've to do it myself.- behave yourself. hey aman... aman. good morning...good morning. i saw you in the courtyard inthe morning... topless. your muscles, what else...- what is she saying? hey fatty... youth in old age.- hey, shut up. you might be old. hey move, don't tease him.

what a handsome boy!don't you have a brother. what is she saying? my gurdip is also very pretty- what are you saying? forget your gurdip. my jasbir ismiss chandigarh. miss chandigarh ormiss centre. listen, babaji is going to start therecital of holy hymns. come quickly. greeting- bye... bye...- come on. anjali, a phone call for you.

bye excuse me. thank you so much,mother-in-law. welcome, son-in-law. i've a small problem.- what? don't go away leaving me alone. aman, don't know who'son the line? anyway you're going to shimla fora month on a summer camp. you're also going to bombay. for 24 hours only andyou're going for a month.

aman you know, i go to attend asummer camp every year. to teach childrensinging & dancing. now, those children have becomea part of my life. okay. they've also becomea part of your life. only i'm remaining. why do i feel thatyou don't love me? because, i don't love you. and you don't want tomarry me? right, i don't want to.

if you create any problem this time. i'll catch your hand & take youto the marriage canopy. will you force me? may be, i've to. do you've the guts? test me once. i'll live with your aunties. you go to shimla forthe summer camp. what? summer camp?in shimla.

you're not going toany summer camp? baby, snow fall is very heavyover there. papa, it's a summer camp. whatever it may be,you'renot going there. is this okay? - yes. papa singing & dancing aretaught in shimla. and you also know how muchi like to sing & dance. when did you start likingsinging & dancing? i said 'no'. 'no' means 'no'.that's all...

papa, it's not fair. let her go, son.- mom, i'll handle this okay. but rahul try to understand, why can'tshe go? even, i'll go with her. papa, i want to go...- no, anjali no. she'll enjoy- shut up. no one will go when once, i say 'no'.no need to argue. none of you will goto the summer camp. did you feel bad? but this does not mean that you'regoing to the summer camp. okay.

no one will talk about thesummer camp hereafter. i'm going to the conference, we'lltalk after i come back. papa. - what's it? wear your pant. i don't want to wear it. wear it if you want to. what's it? driver, take the pant...take the car. anjali,we'll go to the summer camp.

but, your papa won'tcome there. come on, granny. do you remember what happened when iwas 4 yrs old? papa went to london. and i was down withcough & cold. yes, my dear. granny, papa came back leavingeverything behind. look, according to me this export policyis not going to hold much water. sorry. - don't worry -it's okay.

it's okay. look every expert is goingto ask himself. indian exporter's conference.good evening. hello, may i speak toaman mehra please. whom shall i say is calling? -anjali. anjali right. connect me to papa. -papa. is your papa, a film star?tell his name. yes, i'm sorry.

hello, may i speak torahul khanna please? certainly, anjali. tell him that we're goingto the summer camp. and keep the phone down quickly. attn. mr. rahul khanna, mr. aman for you please. hi! rahul khanna... board 2, yeah! - sure. sorry. - it's alright. take care.

hi sweet heart. hello... - hello... hello... - speak... - hello... i can't hear anything. i can hear you.tell me. i'm thinking about you only. listen, i'm going to the summer camptomorrow morning. - where? summer camp.again summer camp? i once told you not to, you're not going.

okay, listen...i'm feeling very... give me a kiss. i'm your mother speaking. i don't like such jokes. it has been 10 years,since my mother died. oh my god! why is hekilling me alive? no summer you understand that. aman, why're you shouting? i'm shouting, because i told you notto go to the summer camp once.

listen, if you ever talkabout summer camp, i'll come home & slap you. aman, you've gone mad. your papa has gone mad. yeah anjali. confusion... confusion. -hi. hi! i'm rahul khanna.- aman mehra, how're you doing? i think she got confused as thenames were the same. but i'm sure my anjali is verybeautiful than yours.

no. my anjali is very beautiful.- may be. but, she can't be beautifulthan my anjali. my anjali is my 8 yearold daughter. oh shit. then, your anjali will bebeautiful than mine. anyway best of luckwith your anjali. best of luck to you too. bye take care.- bye take care. dear father, we've startedwithout informing you.

but, you know that i likesinging & dancing very much. but, i'm really sorry, father. don't miss me much, okay. love you, anjali. i can't do that. good morning kids, welcometo camp sunshine. i, colonel almeida,manager of this camp. will note down yourheight & weight. okay. 24 very nice, eat fruits... eat food.

that's good.30 very nice... very nice. 80, very... who is this child? who're you?- me? i'm a granny. whose granny?- anjali's granny & who're you? i'm the manager of this camp.- hello. hello listen, no mummy, daddy,granny allowed into this camp. oh really! so, do you want me to allow anjalito stay here all alone? - what?

have you seen ms. anjali? britishers flag in my india. i'll see to this right now. almeida. -go... go... go... you've hoisted a britishers' flag. i love england, my father was atailor during british rule. he had only stitched this know... britishers are gone,but left almeida. - that's good. you shameless!

you must teach childrenthat 'india' is great. yeah. who's bharat? here you go? -thank you. hey, what's your name? oops! sorry. what's your name? -anjali. that's my name. hi. why is your name,anjali? may be my parentsliked this name.

that's why. why is your name anjali? may be my parents liked you,that's why... where is almeida? greetings. i need your blessings mother. stop following me. tell me,where is the kitchen? i want to see, how you cook? -what?

and where is the prayer room? pooja has not come for duty today. i mean prayer which meansoffering prayers to god. oh madam, such facilities are notavailable here. - what? don't you offer prayersto god early morning? aarthi, who is aarthi? are you counting the stars? doesn't open his mouth at all. good night, mr. almeida.

good night darling. london bridge is falling down... falling down. dear god, how're you? please keep my daddy happy. and see to that he doesn'tmiss me much. you know that he can't do anythingwithout me. please... okay? caught you. oh miss anjali. hi. all prayers for your papa.

aren't there any leftfor your mom? why should i wish godfor my mom? why? - she is with him. she can wish by herself. hey. go to bed soon,okay. sweet dreams. miss you papa. stand back to you.

roll camera. crane up. hi guys, welcome tothe neelam show. tonight we're cominglive from the docks. oh god! there's so muchnoise here today. you must check itout yourself. hi guys! this is neelam and you're watching your favouriteshow "the neelam show". as usual, we'll do somethingnew & different.

today's theme of the show is'love messages'. okay messages...messages. i've a message...i've a message. we've some one.- i've a message okay. for whom is your message?- suparna. who is suparna?- my girl friend. what's the message? suparna, don't call me.i've got another girl friend. for suparna. anymore messages.messages.

anyone... any more messages... messages. one more message. hi neelam. -okay. and your message is. i too want to pass a message. is this live? camera is behind you.- is this being covered live right now? i would like to... i want to give a messagesimilar to him.

and his message is...anjali. hi! i love you anjali. i love you very much. anjali,where have you gone? you know how lonelyi feel without you. come back or else... just come back. i really love you.and i miss you very much. please, come back.

who's this anjali? anjali is my 8 year old daughter. she has gone to some stupidsummer camp in shimla. neelam, you tell her.she'll definitely listen to you. tell her to come back. - yes. anjali, your papa really loves you,come back soon. he misses you come back home. mr. rahul khanna your meeting fortomorrow is confirmed for 11 a. m. i forget to tell you, your faxhas just arrived from london, good night.

there is a party at my housetoday don't forget to come. papa... oh lord raja ramyou're the resurrector of sinners ishwar & allah are your names give good sense to everyone oh my darling i waited for you for years my helpless heart what to do, oh!

hai... hai... you're in good health,aren't you? yes... why? because, you're looking so pretty... this saree. i had no clue about tina.i'm sorry. how could you havesimply disappeared. residence was changed. will relationship ever change?have you changed your relationship also? because when i needed my friendyou weren't available?

didn't you marry again? i couldn't find you otherwisei would've married you. anjali, we're bornonce and we die once. marriage is also conducted once.and love... is a one time affair. you also didn't get married. you weren't available,that's why. ah... that... is a shooting star. you still believe in that.- no... and you?

hey... - good night- good night. anjali, what did you wish for? good night rahul. good night... good night. what's the news?- very bad news, grandma. they both behaved as ifstrangers had met for the first time. good night rahul.good night anjali. what to do now.

do you have any idea. -idea? prayer will have the answer child. oh come on grandma! what to do?you've to tell me. yes... i'll not leave you...i'll kill you. what're you doing?have you gone mad? stop it. that's what,i had taught you?

stop it rohan. boys don't fight.she's a girl. why're you fighting?- he hit me first. i said girls can playbasket ball & he said... girls can't play basket ball. he told you the truth &you started fighting with him. didn't anjali defeat youin basket ball. keep quiet... shut up. not every day... only sometimesshe used to defeat me okay, yeah. rahul, you used to getdefeated everyday.

have you memory jogging use to lose everyday. rahul you used tolose everyday. no anjali. - yes rahul. don't lie infront of children.they'll be adversely influenced, come here. what! am i lying?- am i lying, you liar? the fact is that you usedto cheat & win. - hey. don't call me a cheat,okay? that's what you're a cheat... cheat... cheat... anjali, don't call me cheat.

rahul is a cheat, he's a cheatcheat... - don't listen to her. how we kill her. okay... okay...i'm alright son, okay... i challenge you right nowplay with me. don't be silly.anjali, yeah. why're you scared...rahul. rahul khanna is neverscared of anyone. we'll see. - we'll see. i tell you, rahul i'll win.- we'll see...

you'll lose again rahul. i'm practicing for last8 years. i'll not lose. listen, take care of your saree. don't hit me. - shut up. oh you can't... yeah. what was it?... it was something like... hey, try... hey...give it to me. idiot. hey, if you don't know how to play,atleast don't cheat.

ay, don't call me a cheat. hey! you're a cheat...cheat... cheat. girls can't play basket ball... hey, give it to me.hey, look at the loser. girl is an absolute stranger. she's the dream, the truthand the fable. look at this mad girl,she hasn't changed at all. she's the same insane girl. boy is an absolute stranger.

he's a dream, the truthand a fable. yes, this mad fellowhasn't he's the same insane fellow. being so near yet so far. can't guesswhat was the obstacle. it was a very fascinating period. when you were close to me. why're you lost in wilderness,i'm here, just look. even in the crowd.i'm so lonely.

i was immersed in yourremembrance all the time. somebody restrain me,before i get emotional. my steps are faultering,give me the supporting hand. she's the dream,the truth & the fable. yes this mad fellowhasn't changed at all. he's the same insane fellow... you showed me some greenpastures sweetheart. i'm neither able to keep awakenor sleep. something is happening.

okay nikhil, this's your letter.and mamta, this's yours. okay kids, listen. all the mothers arecomplaining that no one is replying. and i've complained to your mother,that you're not saying anything. okay, stop that drawing, stop drawingstop drawing, okay. all of you will write lettersto your mummies, okay. come on start. pass it down.pass it down. anjali, you also writeto your mummy... if you were here today... i could've proudly said thatanjali is your daughter.

because, she's very cute. and why not!her name is anjali. and do you know what'stops about her? she's absolutely your replica. same eyes, same face,she's just like you. now, i don't find this familyincomplete... incomplete. hi kids, good morning.are you ready? say cheese. oh no, you're taking aphotograph, without me. okay, i'll also join.

i'm looking nice, am i not?this saree! very pretty. - shall i sit here?please come, sit. no... no... not there, little higher.- higher? not there, little higher.- where're you sending me? he is planning to send meright up. a little higher... -okay. shall i sit here?okay. how am i looking? you're fantastic, beautiful.- thank you.

okay ready, i'm ready.- that's good. okay, 1, 2, cheese.fantastic... - yeah. that's good.hold it please. what happened mr. almeda. oh no. i don't know. somethingmissing. something wrong. is it okay now? it's perfect, take it. please excuse just the two of you. thank you very a little closer.

enough mr. almeda. so many photos have been taken. anjali, let him take it.- please come on. colonel, colonel...,no please. hey, come on anjali. look at this mother-in-law,vow. how could anybody else beso impressive. too good... too good. anjali is looking smashingin this photo, isn't it she? really! i didn't see her.- save it. i know everything.

she isn't here. you're pleasingyourself by seeing her photos. what to do mother-in-law. aman, marriage is scheduledin december, isn't it? why don't you go tolondon & come? no. i'll not go anywhere.- why? because i don't trust yourdaughter at all. she has agreed for the marriageafter a lot of sweat. till the circle,what do call them? 'pherey! '

yes. till the 'pherey'ceremony is over, i shan't leave this place. mad fellow! you love her immensely,don't you? no... yes. but, i feel... she doesn'tlove me, isn't it? hey, mother-in-law,she doesn't, isn't it? aman, you've gone mad! she didn't reply.

today we are going to play anew game called 'dumb-show'. there're 2 teamsin this game. team a. thank you... and this is team b. in this game, one team will tell oneor 2 players of the other team, name of a film, quietly. then, the players of that team, will have to explain to his teamwithout talking & only by gestures. the name of the film.

remember, you can't uttera word, okay? let's start with the team a. how can i act? come on miss anjali.- okay... okay... now see, it's like you know.- you can't talk cheating... cheating. this is cheating,you're a cheat. okay, okay, okay... hey come on my friend.can't you do this much. go on. everybody clap. she's's working out.

dance vigorously. close your eyes, vow. let's have fun together rangeela rangeela! yeah... yeah... everybody.- yeah, that's good. alright... it was... it was very sexy... oh. - thanks. no... no... no... i can't do it.i can't do it. come on grandma,come on grandma. children... no... no...

even i don't seehindi pictures, you know. i love. - keep quiet. come on, grandma...come on mummy. okay son. she has agreed. you go there, go there.- where. - there. but why? because, i'm telling you, go there- grandma, has gone mad man. yes, now bend down.- ben... bend down.

like this? - yes. sister, your brother-in-lawis mad. mummy madhuri"hum apke hein kaun". okay, its my turn. there's no such film like that- yes papa its there. no... no... no such filmhas run here. its there papa.- i haven't seen such a film. arey... one minute. it is there, there's a filmby that name, i've seen myself.

what's the name of the film? alright, okay... yeah... okay... three... three words. yes, i know three wordsare there, next... i can't do it. rahul, what're you doing?- your son has gone mad. rahul, i can't understand anything.what're you doing? come on rahul,now... no... now. yeah, what's it... what?

i love you... how to mono act? do it again? no... no... no... no...he's doing it wrong. you couldn't do that much. couldn't. - if you could,we would have won. come on, get into the barn. run... nikhil... come oncome on... faster. give me that for a minute- okay, like it. have you gone mad? stupid.

anjali. - yes. i'm feeling very cold. come with me, i'll take youto a place. - but... no music. i love you... i love you. i really love you. hey, i love you too. almeda can't you plug theleakage properly, go up... mummy,did anjali, come here? she is sitting here.- not this one, the other one.

you help him up there. rahul, i... anjali...i wanted to talk to you. actually, i wanted to talk toyou there, but you suddenly... this stable is your summer camp. hi guy, hey i know you. from where...yes telephone man. what's up dude? but what're you doingin this stable?

hey, is she your anjali? hey, she is my anjali. she is my anjali. wow... amazing man, too good. just like michael johnmy friend you're too good. i'm not that good.i've lost. - lost? i don't believe this friendits not possible. okay, tell me, who won? your anjali?

your anjali. - my anjali?in basket ball. tell me onething. you were withher in the college. how's is that girl?who were her friends? i want to know... she was a vip of the college. everybody took theirproblems to her. nothing has changed. look, i've also confrontedher with my problem. what is your problem?

my problem is that i love hervery much, you know? i know. - you know... what type of a friend you are? you didn't attend the betrothalof your friend. betrothal is over? yes. there were lot of problems in it.marriage is in december, i think. listen, tell your friend that if themarriage doesn't go through in december, then... i'll marry thisbasket ball... marry the basket ball?

see you. dude okay dude- basketball? - bye. we take birth once,we die once... we marry once,we love also once. men are very fragile, child. they're very fragile. they carve out principles. but they forget, that love hasno principles. and we. make these obstinate fragilemen realize,

that love is born out of the vibrationsof hearts & not through principles. but love can bear fruit,only if you express it. you express your feelings anjali. sometimes expressing of feelingsmay lead to heart break. if you don't express thenwill it lead to fulfillment? will it lead to fulfillment? congratulations and celebrations. we wish you to lead ahappy married life. congratulations.- congratulations & celebrations.

what's this anjali?you didn't tell me. aman told me that you're getting... hey, congratulations. you're happy, aren't you?you're happy, aren't you? are you happy to know it? i'm very happy. then how can i be happy?- i didn't get you. something is happening won't understand. something is happening anjali,you didn't understand.

uncle! - yes. shall i ask you something? -why not? why're you marrying miss anjali. what? why? anything wrong? yes, it's wrong. see, it's very simple. -explain. you're so handsome. what happened? -so good looking. oh! thank you so much.

but miss. anjali doesn'tlook so good, very bad. you know you're right.she's dark, plumply, short. yes. you can get any girl. i can get any girl? - yes. will you marry me?me! no, no, no... why am i that bad. then, you'll have to search anice girl for me. i've searched. -who - that one. this mtv girl.

hai this is neelam show, yo. - yo. than what'll happen to this anjali? you'll have to search someonefor her too. i've searched. have you? shall i tell. - no, no.- i'll tell you... - no... no. no, no, i'll tell you.- no, no... please no... aman i want to go back to-night. good bye mr. almeda. you are going?

please don't go. you had given this to tina. who was to start a new life. you're also starting anew life today. you & rahul will bevery happy together. aman, aman... aman. you shouldn't remember me. 'how to tell this to someone. ' 'heart cried, tearsswelled in the eyes. '

please make arrangementsfor the marriage. i don't wish to wait any further. but, anjali. 'babaji' said that there's no auspiciousdate before december. - mother! date doesn't generate happiness,fate does. no body can change that. see aman has come.- that too on a pony. priest has come, someoneattend to him and... you're rahul, aren't you?

yes, madam. i & anjali... - i know. anjali is getting married? yes. anjali took such ahurried decision to marry... that i did get time to makefull preparations for it. i'm coming. please sit down. i'll join you soon. it is said. that after seeing the shooting star,if you wish for something. you'll get it.

'as the restless sweet heart'. 'i waited for years'. 'but you never said even this'. 'what you said now'. 'my helpless heart cries mutely'. 'what to do, alas! '. 'something is happening'. time is running out,call the bride. auspicious time for the marriage ispassing away, call the bride.

anjali come. i'll hold your hand & take you to thecanopy, didn't i tell you? you know it. i always wanted to see your eyesbrimming with the love, which is existing in my eyes. i've seen that love today. but that is not for me. you're mad anjali. you've loved only him.

ever since you understoodand known what love is. rahul is your first love. and what's first love? you ask me about it. and you, you were sacrificingall that for me. mad girl. how can i interfere with that love, which was never meant for me. and i'm told by somebody.

that i'm so handsome thati can get any girl. that is right. go. groom is having thegarland of flowers bride's hands aresmeared with 'henna' what's the dot on theforehead saying... groom has come home... why the bride is feeling shy,groom has come home girl is an absolute stranger

she is the dream,the truth, the fable look at this mad girl,she hasn't changed at all she's the same insane girl boy is an absolute stranger he's a dream,the truth and a fable yes, this mad fellowhasn't changed at all he's the same insane fellow unforgettable bollywood movies