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can you wash your hair? i can wash my hair! can you wash your feet? i can wash my feet! can you wash your face? i can wash my face! can you wash your knees? i can wash my knees! this is the way we take a bath!

can you wash your shoulders? i can wash my shoulders! can you wash your toes? i can wash my toes! can you wash your hands? i can wash my hands! can you wash your nose? i can wash my nose! rock! scissors! paper!

one, two, three! play with me! right hand paper, left hand paper! it's a butterfly! right hand rock, left hand scissors! it's a snail! rock! scissosors! paper! right hand scissors, left hand scissors! it's a crab!

oh no! it's a lion! a circle, a circle. can you make a circle? a circle, a circle. can you find a circle? can you find a circle? ready... go! i know... let's make a diamond! can you make a diamond? here we go!

a diamond, a diamond. can you make a diamond? a diamond, a diamond. can you find a diamond? can you find a diamond? hmm... what' next? how about a square? a square, a square. can you make a square?

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i want no mistakes. no mistakes. over, and out. why are you standing here? i don't need security,this place does. understood? over and out. good morning sir. - i hope everything is under control roy. sir, right now we are standingat india's safest place. i quit! give me one more chance, please.

he is a genius.- absolute genius. he is amazing. he is playing a tape. you are fooling us. thrash him!- thrash him! what? take it. my son. my dear, dear child. old man.

troubles his own child. and calls thatcar, my son, my son. boman! come here!- yes. did you bring my son's brake oil? i forgot papa.- you forgot my son's feed. dad..- not papa, call me dad. yes papa..- call me dad. yes dear dad.- don't over do it! why are you quiet,don't you have a tongue?

i have dear dad.- you are arguing with me. sorry dear dad. first you commit amistake and then say sorry. next time i willsay sorry before. that means later youwill make a mistake! useless! you bring thebrake oil today, understood! go quickly! boman! never enter in this house again! - papa. say dad, you scoundrel. dad!

"fun, fun, fun." "who is your daddy, baby?" "who is your daddy, tell me now." "rock, rock.." "give it to me." "stop it." "ms. india is crazy about me." "she wants to marry me." "she troubles me alot, what can i do?"

"ms. world is the one i like." "but i don't have the time." "as i left ms. india." "as i broke her heart." "only then did you meet." "only then did i meet." "ms. universe is the one i like." "who is your daddy, baby, baby?" "who is your daddy,baby, baby? fun."

"fun, fun, fun, fun." "hit me." "everybody come and hit me." "now who is yourdaddy baby, tell me." "tomorrow i have to meet the ministerfor the deal of the taj mahal." "it is true." "agree to it." "i have already bought it." "the deal of heavenis done. it is true."

"agree to it. "let it be." "i have kept thejaipur palace on rent." "the five star hotel issmaller than my house." "don't delay anymore ihave to buy the moon." you scoundrels! wake up! i am fed up of them. don't do any work, and alsocome home late in the night. neither do they sleep,nor do they let me sleep.

first they were three, and now thereare four hooligans in this house. now who is it? your pizza ma'am. take this.- thank you. for the past 2 months i havebeen asking for the rent.. ..but they havenot paid anything. today i will make them pay up! wow, what a luck! pizzas! open the door!

i say open the door. aunt, the door is open. one two! one two!one two! one two! stop this nonsense tellme where is my pizza! aunt, what is a pizza? what pizza? who pizza? idon't know any pizza? do you? one tight slap and youwill understand everything! aunt, mouse! where is the mouse?

hey parsi boy, tellme where is my pizza? oh god, cockroach. cockroach, whereis the cockroach? thank god, it ran away. roy, where is my pizza. we don't know aunt. i swear on you. don't falsely swear on me! you are laughing, even afterbeing slapped you are laughing!

shameless, useless! you will not reform! you will never reform! what are you hiding behind?- nothing aunt. bring your hands forward.- of course. your pizza. papa! oh really, papa! first of all, you don't pay therent, and then you steal too.

aren't you ashamed? now tell me, who willpay me the 2 months rent.. ..and the one whowill pay, come forward. manav, you will pay me the money. money, how can i pay the money? then why did you come forward? forward, i didn't come forward! adi.- manav. who will pay me my money?

i will give the money!i will pay you the money! roy, give aunt the money!- which money? the money that i had saved formy sister's cancer operation. but adi, we are alreadyshort of 10,000 rupees.. ..if we give that money toaunt, then your sister will die. let her die! let herdie! that's her fate. lord, my sister is comingand this woman is sending her. enough, stop crying.- okay. and manav, come with me.

go manav, go..- go you scoundrel. don't cry son, your sisterswill be done she will be fine. i am not crying for that aunt. then why are you crying? adi never told me thatwe have a sister too.. ..and that she hascancer. - what? - yes. your liars! you cheats! now you can enter this houseonly when you have the rent money. shameless, go and look for work!

we will have to look for work. i found it.- what? i found a job.- this dead man will give us jobs. but he can give us money!- how is that? manav, bring that painting wherethe horse is eating the grass. stealthily! go. and i have a mind blowingidea, listen to me. sorry aunt. where is the food?

ask them. was mr. trivedi your relative?- no, no. no. was he your friend?- no, no. was he your neighbour?- no, no, no. then why are you crying?- my foot, my foot! oh my god. tell me, i am mr. trivedi's son. i have come to handover yourfather's memorabilia to you. father's memorabilia?

some days ago your fatherhad come in our art gallery, and he liked thispainting worth 20,000. he has already given1,000 rupees advance.. ..and he had asked tocollect the remaining money.. ..on delivery of the painting.- yes. painting. strange, father didn'thave any liking for paintings. did he want to die?- no. but still he did die. look, sometimespeople do some things..

..which they are neverinterested in. how shocking! shocking!- very shocking! let it be brother,please pay the money.. will give solace to uncle's wandering soul. - correct. i don't know whereit is wandering. for papa's..- painting. our money. this is twenty, here nineteen. give one thousand for good luck.- okay, thank you. - greetings.

we have brought the paintingwith such effort open it and see. stop! look, don't ask for discount now! what is this?- it is a painting, what else? what is this painting of? horse eating grass.- really! then where is the grass? the horse ate up the grass. then where is the horse? why will the horse waitafter eating the grass?

he left, isn't it brothers?- yes, you are right. the horse, left we are leavingtoo. bye. - bye. - thank you. don't take tension at all,once the grass grows back.. ..the horse will come back. the grass will.. "get on the dance floor baby." "move your body." "look, look my heart is beating." "look, look it is saying to you."

"come on baby, let's have fun." "fun!" "look, make yourheart beat fast." "look, come on say to me." "come on baby, lets have fun." "fun." "you stealthily piercedmy heart with your eyes." "come in my arms, says my heart." "come on come on,let's have fun."

"fun! fun!" "this is the ambience.these are the days." "this the age. live it up." "there is intoxication.there is merriment." "this is the wave. savour it." "your desires are like the bird.""if you have the wings, then fly." "who cares about the world,let them say what they want." "this is the ambience.- these are the days." "this the age.- live it up."

"there is intoxication.- there is merriment." "this is the wave.- savour it." "let us have fun." "fun! "look, look, look.. "come on, come on,let's have fun." "yeah, it is all about money.." boys, get up! come on! it is morning, come on!- let us sleep a little more..

i told, you don't sleephere, means don't sleep here! hey lollypop, come on get up! come on, go home. come, let's go home. what are you saying? we willhave to pay the rent to aunt. come on, take out the money. we spent it all,what will we do now. i have an idea. -newspaper. - obituary. the next theft, i will do it.

not you! we will go and bring it! mr. sameer? yes, i am mr. sameer agarwal. i am inspectorkulkarni, crime branch. the four people thatmurdered your father.. ..the police suspect that theyare the members of pasha gang. mr. agarwal was murdered at9 o'clock in the evening.. ..but he had lefthome at 6 o'clock.

can you tell mewhy he had gone out? excuse me, we wantto meet mr. agarwal. what work do you have? he was saying on thephone, try to understand.. ..i can give only 50,000 now. so, he had giventhat 50,000 to you. advance, do you doubt it? i remembered, papa wassaying something on the phone. he was saying that if thehorse befriends the hay..

..then what will he eat. i think someone wasblackmailing mr. agarwal. i think that the horse andhay were their code words. tell me sir.- yes. seems like you have quite a goodacquaintance with mr. agarwal. our work is such, we haveto keep acquaintance.. ..with influentialpeople, understood. go. excuse me mr. sameer. hurry up, we don't have time.

are we insane, hurry up! what is the hurry, you can go. let me see that painting too. why, who are you? inspector kulkarni, crime branch. he was asking!- he was asking! come on show me thepainting, quickly. hurry up! here.- it is upside down.

sorry. the horse was lying down. horse and grass! arrest them!- what are you doing? now i will never attendanyone's condolence meeting. there won't be anyneed, because people.. ..will attend ourcondolence meeting. peter did you recognise, thisis kulkarni sir's favourite road. yes, last time he encounteredtiku tarzan right here.

i had seen it. pistol in the hand, and thebutton of the shirt was open. as soon as the van stopped andhe made tiku tarzan get down.. ..he understood that heis going to die for sure. sir does the right thing, abductshim and that's it.. encounter. do you know, what iskulkarni sirs score now? what is the score? 4 less in half century. four?

47, 48, 49, 50. no! i don't want to die! quiet. i don't want to die papa. yes sir. yes sir. you have found outagarwal's murderer. yes sir. but sir,the four of them.. yes sir, right away sir. the van.. here.

today he will completehalf a century. govinda.. deshmukh, open them. it's okay.- stop! come on, hurry up, hurry up. come on get down!- no! no! no! come on get down! no sir, we didn't do anything sir.- i know that. sir, please spare us.

don't talk about sparingus, sir please jail us sir.. ..please give uslife sentence sir. get them all out! no! no! i don't want to get down. please sir. - complete your half century some other time. quick! quick! quick! you all are free.- okay. - no! sir, you will shoot usfrom behind, won't you?

can't i shoot you from front! please sir, sirplease forgive us. sir please sir, sirplease forgive us sir. we are your children sir! he is gone. we are safe! - we aresafe! - we are safe! come on.. oh god. there is no one in the car.

now if the car driveswithout the driver.. ..then it will surelymeet with an accident. there he is. come, come, come. my god! o my god! oh god, he is badly hurt. we should take himto the hospital. i.. i.. i.. i knowthat my time has come. no sir, nothingwill happen to you.

we will bring the ambulance, you..- there is no use. listen carefully whati am saying right now. have you seen goa? no sir we haven't,are you a travel agent? shut up manav! goand bring water. look, i don't have much time. in goa, in st. sebastiangarden, below a big w.. ..below a big w, thereare ten crore rupees. 100 million!- 100 million!

yes, it is my life earnings. but why.. are youtelling all this to us? because.. you looklike good people. otherwise, in today's world noone comes forward to help someone. anyway, all that moneyis useless for me. take the money, divideit amongst yourself.. ..then the entire worldwill be at your feet. the entire worldwill respect you. fulfil your dreamswith that money.

and live life like kings. like kings.. life.. god.- he is dead. yes, and while dying heplayed a very big joke with us. joke! a dying man never lies! no! no!- a dying man.. never.. dead. water. he is dead.

what was that unclesaying about goa? uncle was saying that there isa st. sebastian garden in goa.. ..and he has hidden a100 million below a w. we have to go andtake that money out. why should we take it out, arewe his servants to work for him. 100 million! 100 million!we are millionaires! 100 million!- 100 million! i don't believe it!- i don't believe it too! are we going to play kbc?

another police. listen, don't tellthe police anything.. ..about st. sebastian garden.- okay. and about the 100 million? side, side. you escaped my clutches again. who saw the dead body first? who saw the dead body first?- no one. what do you mean by no one?

i mean when we reached here hewas not dead, he was still alive. what do you meanhe was still alive? he was just about to die? what do you meanhe was about to die? he had a few breaths left. but he died right then. come on, come in a line, come on! now tell me, washe alive or dead? he was alive, a bit.

just like you arebefore people die. did he say anything before dying? did he give any information? he was saying something,but i didn't understand. i understood. constable, take themto the police station. but sir, we..- shut up! come on! quickly. sir, the boss is dead, now whatwill you tell the commissioner sir?

i was thinking the same thing. search the dead body. come on, into the jeep, come on. sit in the jeep. not behind me, sit in the jeep. inspector sir! why are you running? if we wouldn't havefled the inspector.. ..would have foundout everything.

he has a jeep, he cancatch us in two minutes. he cannot catch us,because detective roy.. ..has brought hisjeeps keys along. superb! then which key have i brought? sir, they took thekeys to my house too. not just the keys,they have fled .. ..with the secret tothe chit fund fraud.. ..which i am afterfor the past 10 years.

205 accounting everyone. only one person cango to goa in this. i will do on thing, i willgo to goa and bring the money. wait..- what happened? has the doctor restrictedme from going to goa? listen, either all ofus will go together.. ..or none of uswill go. thank you. do what you want to, iwant to go to the bathroom. quiet!- keep quiet!

first of all that inspector isafter us. if he nabs us, then? we have to reach goaas soon as possible. look, if all of us wantto go to goa together.. ..then there is onlyone way for that. no, no, no.- yes, yes, yes. no, no, no.- quiet! dad will kill meif i touch his car! there is no chance. by the time your fatherfinds out in the morning.. then we willbe in goa, isn't it? yes, there will bemoney in your pocket.. will be the father of your father, isn't it adi? - yes. but.. then.. but..- so.. okay, come on. you both go near the car, we will bring the key. - okay. where are you going, come on!

key. the car key. no! manav, hold this screw driver. the car is there. manav, the screw driver!- i am holding the screw driver. take a look whereyou are holding it! i am sorry.- let it be. whatever you say.

i can't even abuse you.- why? who is it? who is it? who is it? you are voicingthe telephones ring. fool, the telephone is deadsince the past two days.. i will not spare you.- no dad, no dad. com out, you come out! you think i am a fool! youhad come to steal the car! what did you do? - he is only unconscious, take the keys.

i am there too, brother. kamble, until theyare not found.. will not move from theairport, is that understood. appoint 25 more men atthe railway station.. ..i want all four ofthem under any condition! until the four ofthem are not caught.. ..there should betight barricade. where can they go? you have maintained the carreally well, really nice.

it is not his, it is his fathers. come on. boman, catch him. you don't know how to drive. why did you stop thecar? -look, our fathers. police! my detective mind says,that police inspector.. ..has setup thisbarricade for us. hundred percent.

so what should we do now? there is no problem,i know a way.. goes through the jungleand meets the highway up ahead. don't worry, turn the car. turn the car, come on. oh god. oh shit!- okay. roy, you banged the car,dad will not spare me! i was trying to save the bear,that's why i banged the car.

you broke both the headlights,it will cost 18,000. why are you crying,all three of us.. ..will give you6,000 rupees each. just a minute, which three.- we three. and manav? we are not different, weare one since childhood. we are brothers since childhood. what do you meanbrothers since childhood! my father will kill me!- i am telling the truth.

just a minute. we three will pay 6,000rupees each for your light. let it be! what let it be, now we will have tospend the entire night in this car. we won't, i have an idea. here i take the matchesout, and i light the fire.. ..and there islight. light. manav. when i tried, all were burning. close the door! close it!

thank god. lock! lock! lock! i have another idea, letus sleep here tonight. adi you are so clever, so clever.- thank you. mama would be so proud of you.- thank you. shut up! what do you mean the boss died? when did all this happen?- yesterday evening, sir. it happened yesterday evening,and you are telling me today! but sir..- shut up!

what were you doingfrom yesterday evening? sir i was trying your mobile,but i couldn't reach you. shut up! how did all this happen? sir, maybe there is a bitof a problem in your network. there is no problemin my network.. ..there is problem in your work! it was so important forus to catch the boss alive. we have lost it, we have lostthe information worth million.. ..because of whichi was to be promoted

you have ruined everything! i am at loss too sir. for the past 10 yearsbecause of this case.. stopped my promotion too.- shut up! you care about thepromotion! the promotion! i was after the bossfor the past 10 years. not you sir, me. who appointed you?- you did. you will have to go, now youwill have to go to yavatmal.

why sir, where is yavatmal sir? you will receive it sir,you will get it by tomorrow. what is this sir? you will get your transferorder by tomorrow. get out! but sir..- get out! this is what i get for doingmy duty honestly for 10 years. who are you? nari (woman), i am nari.- nari, but you look like a man. contractor, my nameis nari contractor.

my stupid son, ranaway with my sweetheart. i have come to lodgea complain for that. but this is a car. for you, for me itis my sweetheart. and this is mystupid son, boman.. ..who has stolen my car alongwith is three scoundrel friends. boman. this is your son.- yes. and he has stolen your car.- he has stolen my sweetheart.

kabir you are back in business. "the moving thing is called a car."- what are you singing? why we have stopped? god, what will we do now? simple, we will haveto make the car jump. you will make the car jump.- i am serious. - shut up! have you gone mad! come on,let us go back to the highway, come on everyone, come on now. if we go back thenthat inspector..

..and your fatherwill be waiting for us. and if we cross this, then we will be rich.- but.. don't worry dude, my calculationis absolutely perfect. how?- this broken portion will be approximately 9 feet. right.- right. if we drive thecar at 81 km/hour.. ..if we make it jumpat 45 degree angle.. ..the car will crossto the other side. you are right, i willdemonstrate it right now.

piece of cake. this is the car.this is the speed. and this is the angle. now the distance is 20 feet, sothe speed will be 120 kilometres perfect. you both have gone mad!you are talking nonsense! the car cannot go on thatside, i am telling you! trust us! then..- okay!

chill boy. come on adi!- yeah roy. let's go!- yeah! adi, you are so smart.- thank you, thank you. oh wow, what a jump. your calculation was absolutely right.- thanks man. the car is banged up. boman my brother.. listen..

but listen to us.. why are you getting so angry? scoundrels because of bothof you my car is banged up! this is my father'scar and not yours! my papa will kill me! stop it. we were giving you 6,000 each. add another 5,000 in it. only the mudguard is bangedup, you are reacting as if..

as if your car blew up. boman, no one can stopwhen the time has come. your car was half dead, and now.. ..its last rite hasbeen performed too. don't worry, your dad willdie too seeing the car. promise.- i swear. the car had passed throughhere last night at 1 o'clock. no sir, i have not movedfrom here since last night. this car didn'tpass through here.

they passed through thetoll, but didn't reach here.. ..then where did they go? sir, sir there is a path thatmeets the highway up ahead. that's it.. that's it. yes.. adi, where have you brought us? believe me, i know allthe shortcuts of goa. which shortcut is this? once we cross 50-60 thousandtrees and pinky-4 rivers.. ..bang, you are on highway boss.

you are counting thetrees, aren't you? you are counting the trees.. boman, keep quiet. i didn't do it. what are you doing? tying my shoe lace sothat i can run fast. do you think you canrun faster than the lion? have you gone mad, who wantsto run faster than the lion. i want to run fasterthen the three of you.

don't come behind me. this is a broken bridge.- yes. my son! my son! my son! those scoundrels killed my son! i swear.. i swearon your engine oil.. ..i will seek thosescoundrels out from anywhere! and i will make pieces of themand feed them to the crows. boman!

when will we come to the road? the road won't come, we haveto walk towards the road. oh god, it has come. what, has the road come?- no dead end. don't try to run, the bullet ofmy revolver is faster then you. why did you think thatwe were trying to run? i was guessing. what do you think youcan fool me and flee? sir, you aremisunderstanding us..

..our friend fell ill, that'swhy we ran away from there. but i had asked you togo to the police station. yes so, are we your servantsto agree your orders! he was saying that not me.- shut up. tell me, which one ofyou wants to die first. are you in a hurry to die?- no. when did i come in the front? i don't know, in suchdangerous situations.. i always come forward.

you will have all the time tothink about it after you are death. please save me. look, please don't shoot. we will go whereveryou want us too. we will go to our house,we will go to hell.. ..we will go tothe police station.. ..please forgive me!please forgive me! please forgive us, weare not even married.. ..why are you doing this brother?

here i am. even i have seen sholay alot of times, understood. well tried adi, well tried.- thank you. it is not your faultthat he has seen sholay. enough, get ready to die. i am still not readysir, start from there.. ..until then i will be ready. roy well done. shoot him! inspector, everyfather has a father.

and we call him grandfather. you were threatening us of death. we play with death everyday. inspector, let us playthe game of death today. there is a bullet in it.- i know. roy, there is reallya bullet in it. i know there is abullet in it, i know. you ready inspector, toplay the game of death..'re scared, its okay.

you are safe. he is safe. now it is my turn.- correct. no! no.. roy there is a bullet in it! stop right there. this game of death isbetween the inspector.. ..and detective roy, right.- right. you will die! adi he is not so smart.- yes.

roy! enough, what didbose say before dying. subhash chandra bosesaid, 'you give me blood.. ..and i will give you freedom'. jai hind! i will tell you! i will tell you! have you gone mad?- quiet! i value my life. sir, i will tell you. before dying bose said thathe has hidden 100 million.. chiplun, 40 feetaway from the main square.. ..4 feet under the chickoo tree. chiplun! chiplun! you cheaters, deceivers!you bloody baskets! you lied to me, you told methat man said before dying.. ..that he has hidden 100million in st. sebastian.. under some w in goa! you are not worthy ofbeing called friends. cheater cocks!

enough manav.- what enough! thank you very much.- you are welcome. excuse me, look i have proposal. look, we can distributethat money amongst ourselves. if you will give the entiremoney to the government.. ..what will you get?- correct. what did i get after doing mydoing honestly for 10 years.. ..transfer to yavatmal. that's why those 100 millionwill go in my pocket..

..and not in the government treasury.- what? one more thing? you play the game ofdeath everyday, don't you? let's have a game with me too. hey, where are you going?- hey, don't move. manav, why are you laughing? that inspector is so stupid. he tied our necks,he tied our hands.. ..but he didn't tie ourlegs, come on lets go to goa.

have you gone mad,stand straight.. ..or the four of us will die.- all four. of course all four of us,the noose around your neck.. ..that is been crossed aroundthe tree and in boman's neck. and the noose that'saround my neck.. ..that is been crossed aroundthe tree and in roy's neck. if anyone of us moves,then we all will die. adi, you are so creative.- thank you, thank you. adi, keep quiet, don't talkand especially to this manav..

..all this hashappened because of him. what did i do? you told thatinspector everything.. ..and he hung us here and left. what did you do when youhad the gun in your hand? i will play the game ofdeath, the game of death. now we are all stuck. i was just.. if you will keep arguinglike this, then i am leaving.

don't move! don't move! don't move! don'tmove from there! i will think of something. yes you think, thinksomething for me too. cheetah.- cheetah! cheetah!- cheetah. cheetah! look, he is slowly growing up. he is not growing up slowlyyou fool, he is coming closer. lord! o lord! o lord!

why am i sweating so much? you are not sweating he has wethis pants seeing the cheetah! move! move! i will thrash you! now you are just drenched,if you move too much.. ..then you become dirty too. if we survive fromhere, i will murder you. stop your nonsense, thecheetah is coming closer.. ..scare him away, scare him away.- how? imitate the voice of a lion, a lion.- yes.

are you scaringhim or inviting him? he ran away. baban, he ran away.- thank you. thank you. boman you are so smart also. manav don't move, orall of us will die. something has gone in my pants. it is tickling me. don't move, orall of us will die. we are safe!

adi! adi hey, save us.. that scoundrel inspector musthave gone quite far by now. no, he wont have gone very far. how do you know? because when i hadfallen unconscious, then.. according to my calculation.. ..that inspector mightnot have gone far. it will take atleast 15-20minutes to change the pipe..

..until then havesome tea at the inn. hurry up.- right now sir. "you are not a herobut a villain.." i had told you, that inspectormust not have gone far. i have a very good idea.. ..let us flee withthe inspectors car. if we have the car then what is the need to flee. - correct. if this time theinspector catches us.. ..then he will hangus in a different way.

and before he can hang us again.. ..we should take care of him. yes.- senior inspector adi. inspector roy.- yes. where is pasha?- pasha? yes, the man thatcame in that car. in this jeep. yes, he is a verydangerous criminal.. ..and he poses as a inspector.

he first tried to kill us, andthen fled with out the jeep. what are you saying? tried to kill us, and then fled with out jeep. - what? tried to kill us, and thenfled with out jeep. - what? i have already saidit twice, are you deaf? there is also a reward on him. how much?- 15 hundred thousand! 15 hundred thousand! i am right. and whoeverhelps us in catching him..

..he will get a reward of 15hundred thousand from the government. i will get 15 hundred thousand! i will catch him! i will catch him! so you survived. we survived pasha, but youcannot escape the law pasha. pasha, who is pasha?- you are pasha. i am pasha? he said, i am pasha.- pasha. your game is over pasha. what pasha, i am inspector kabir.

brother pasha, brother pasha,when did you return from dubai? i am not pasha!- okay. i am not pasha! brother pasha, brotherpasha, inspector adi.. searching all over for you. god inspector adi. o godinspector roy too. run. i will catch you and takeyou to the police station.. ..i will get 15 hundredthousand! catch him! catch him don't let him escape.

inspector.. your mobile. stop right there, or else..- or else what? or else you will be in trouble. or else we will pushthe send button.. ..and all the informationabout the 100 million.. ..will reachcommissioner chaturvedi. we have typed the complete message.- yes. we just need to press it.- the button, the button. but in that way, youwon't get anything too.

no problem, we don't careof we don't get 100 million.. ..but we won't letyou get that money too. my fingers movefaster then your legs. stop right there inspector. there is no network in this. got it, got it,i got the network. you want to compromise. yes. look, i have a solution for it.

eighty percent ours,and twenty percent yours. twenty percent mine.- yes. do you agree or shouldi send the message. give me the phone, iwill send the message. if i wanted only twenty percent.. ..then what was the need forme to compromise with you. i would have told thegovernment about the 100 million, and then i would have20 percent officially. and then medals, and theninterview in the papers..

..and televisions. should i send the message? no, no.. i have another solution, 60-40. 60 percent ours and40 percent yours. please, please don'tcreate trouble for us. please leave something for us. done. thank you. 60 percent mine and 40 percent yours.- thank you.

sir, according to thathow much money do i get? 1.5 million.- how is that? what do you mean how? how much is 60% of 100million? 60 million right. and how much is 1/4 of 6million, 1.5 million, simple where has this 4thshare come from? one, two, three and four.. you both are the same unit. that.. that..

what that.. last night you saidthat you both are the same unit. according to that we willdivide 2 million in 3 shares. that doesn't happen. is it? your justice is only whiletaking money, not when giving. when you had to give6,000 for the headlight.. that time you were one unit. and now that you have to take 6million, then you are two units. there will be only three shares,his, mine and the both of you. then how much money will i get?- quiet

1 million, that's all. how 1 million, 1.5 million! we will not take anythingless than 3 million. are you being stubborn?- yes i am. what do you mean by that? give me the phone, i will sendthe message to the commissioner. just a minute, how did thecommissioner come in between? listen to me, it is best thatyou divide the money equally. and hurry up.

how much money will i get? 1 million 5 hundred thousandeach, and you all agree to it. okay, then i want 9 hundredthousand 47 thousand of my dad's car. but..- no buts, i don't want that money.. ..apart from the 1million 5 hundred thousand. okay keep it.- what do you mean? boman, when your fatherkicked you out of the house.. ..then i paid yourrent, leave that too. adds upto 1-1.5laks, count that too.

if you are adding that,then add the 80-90 thousand.. ..the money that ispent on your merriment. you are so cheap. you haveshown your true colors. you are not talkingof majestic yourself. you are the son of a cheapskate. you called me theson of a cheapskate! you pushed me! you friends are fightingamongst yourself. to hell with friendship!

yes, to hell with friendship! hit him manav, hit him! not me, hit him! you foolish boxer, can't you see! what are you all doing? sit down and decide calmly!-it has been decided! one who reaches goafirst, the money is his. how can you reachgoa, will you fly. i made your fathers carfly, did you forget that.

keep quiet! what is it? roy is fleeing! he is fleeing with my jeep. the inspector has fled too. where are you running to! manav catch him! manav catch him! you fool, why are youcatching me catch him. catch him, come on.- he ran away. manav, sit.

fool, sit here, sit here. quickly. their is no handle,how will i drive? the scoundrels want 100 million.. ..have they everseen a tenner even. i have spent 10 yearssearching for bose.. one can touch this money! i will see how they get theirhands on the 100 million. i will take the 100million at any cost.

adi, at what cost?- keep quiet! do you think it isyour fathers money.. ..i will not giveyou a single penny. fake snake! how childish! wants to scare mewith a fake snake. horn ok tata, tata. you want 100 million, don't you? let me hey, why are you lookingat me? look in the front.

why, do i have to paytax to look at you? look, i am warning youlook ahead or else.. or else! or else what? i will keep looking at you. i will see you; i willkeep looking at you. do what you can? what happened? oh god! stop! stop!

shit! shit! stop! lift! lift! dad! say dear dad, you scoundrel. i searched for you alot, now i have found you! just like that, my son musthave screamed like that.. ..when you made pieces of him! his bumper, his tyre, his doorsmust have begged for mercy.. merciless.- please forgive me dear dad.

forgive you! forgivethe murderer of my son. no, i will blow your brains out! dear dad, don't shootme i have 100 million. what? - 100million. - cash? yes.- where is it uncle, excuse me. uncle with the hat.- what is it? can you please giveus a lift to goa? yes, yes i am takingsome mental patients.. the goa mental asylum.

i will give you alift too, come on. shabbo, where are you shabbo? why did you leave me shabbo? who is he uncle?- he is shabnam's lover.. ..shabnum left him andmarried someone else. how sad.- yes very sad. yes very sad, come on. shabnum. uncle, who is he?

he is the one thatmarried shabnum. come, come let us not wastetime in all this nonsense. who is she? she is shabnum. come, i will give you a lift. how can you lift us? manav, this girl willruin us, come on run! handsome, i have givenlifts to many, tell them. stop, she is calling you!

oh shit! inspector kabir naik. just see how i misuse your name. stop! stop! police, stop! mummy! are you enjoying?- how can i enjoy.. watermelon something to eat. i wanted to eat banana, andyou are giving me watermelon! is this a watermelon,give me another sweet one.

give me this one,i don't want this. give me another one.- here. i have told you ten times. the car! my car. stop! stop! stop! he took my car! to hell with your car, hetook guddu along with the car. guddu was in the car! child.

that means, in st.sebastian garden.. ..below a big w, there is 100 million.- yes. 100 million.- yes, dad yes. and what if you are lying?- then you can kill me. useless, you are ordering me!- i am not ordering you.. ..i am only giving a suggestion. i am a fool, you aregiving me a suggestion. dear dad, there isno time to waste.. ..or they will reach first.

what was that for? you say the importantthing in the end. hurry up son, i cansee the 100 million. dear dad, goa is that way whyare you going on this side? son, airport is 25kilometres from here.. ..we will reach sooner. what are you staring at,move to that side, come on. give me a ticketto goa, hurry up. i don't give tickets, i sendpeople on the final journey.

he is not the conductor,he is a dacoit. this bus has been hijacked. lift, lift, lift. it stopped. it stopped. greetings friends.- can you please give us a lift to goa? that's why i havestopped the car. get in, get in.- shall i sit on your lap, move, move. sit, sit! get in! the door came in my hands.

no matter, hold it andsit. - what? - the door. the door, the door. the car worksdoesn't it? thank you. let's go! prison don't worry, i willstart it right now. i had the starter fixedtoday, it will start right now. i can't understandwhat has happened? the keyhole, right there. did you stop the car to giveus a lift or to torture us?

god. - why you, why are you troubling this corpse. its capable of going in the pierand not on wheels. - o god! what o god, itdoesn't work at all. come on manav, get out. sell this car, addsome more money.. ..and buy a pairof roller skates.. ..the one's that hrithikroshan had in 'dhoom'. yes, at least they will work! you wander aroundwith a scrap car..

..and then you callpeople to trouble them. to hell with you, i don'twant to go to goa with you! brother, goa, goa. you scoundrel! you scoundrel! howdare you abuse me? my mother told me notto fight with anyone. you abused me. youcalled me fish curry. you, your entirefamily is a fish curry. your car will have an accident.

yes, you will havedysentery eating fish curry. come on, we will haveto look for more cars. how many times have i told youi am not a police personnel.. name is deshbandhu roy.. ..i came in thisbus to take a lift. another name forterror is babu-brother. 2 years and 20 robberies,still no one knows.. ..who i am and what do i do? did you understand? didyou understand who i am?

you are babu-brother, youhave committed 20 robberies.. 2 years, and youranother name is terror. how did you know, howdid you know who i am? who is that traitor? who is that traitor thathas escaped my sight! who is he? brother, you aresuspecting me again. i will deal with you later,first search this boy. i card.

read, what is written in it? you dare salute anpolice personnel. why are you sittinghere, go there. there is no photo on the card.. ..seems like he isan underwear officer. babu-brother, undercoverofficer not underwear officer. you dare teachbabu-brother english. tie him up and puthim in the back! don't cry! don't cry!

don't cry! stop crying, or else iwill throw you on the road! good boys don't cry. look. let me reach goa once. it is a question of 100 million. look, if i get the 100 million.. ..then i will giveyou 10 million from it. you want more? i will give you 20 million.

i will give you 30 million. how much do you want?- 100 million. 100 million. mate, mate we want to goto goa, is there any flight? you are late sir, the last flightto goa left 15 minutes earlier. okay, okay there mightbe another flight. sorry sir, there is noflight till tomorrow. there might be a private plane.- no sir. none, o god.

dear dad, there! what are you saying, thereis a private plane standing. the plane is standing, butthe pilot is lying down. lying down! where is helying down? with whom? sir hello.- driver sir. move! get up.- driver, driver. he seems to be thebrother of kumbhkaran! driver!- he will not get up like that.. ..i will arrangesomething to wake him up.

driver! mr. driver! crash! crash! crash! not crash, it must bea crack take a look. who are you?- boman, nari. please take us to goa.- sorry, today is my half day. take us to goa, we will turnyour half day into a full day. i said no, that means no! sir please don't say no, mymother is in the hospital.. the hospital of goa.

please come sir, you areunder the oath of your mother. mother.- mother. the mother that left meafter giving me birth.. are giving me her oath. keep your.. mother'soath to yourself! not mother, he gavethe oath of your uncle. uncle's oath! i will kill you! my uncle was cruellerthan dracula and satan.

he never gave me anythingother than abuses to eat.. ..and water to drink. and you are giving methe oath of such an uncle. of the father, we gave youthe oath of your father. don't give me my father's oath. because i still don'tknow who my father is. my cheap father made mymother a mother and left.. you know that? made her a mother.- i mean unmarried mother.

once i find him, i willchop his.. i will chop his.. legs! sir, can we give youthe oath of your this? what did you do?- what happened? this oath can persuademe to go to hell too. tell me friends, where do you want to go? - goa! "pump it up" bike! bike! adi, bike.

waiter, waiter, what areyou doing it is only tea. where is the owner of the bike? he is in the bathroom, bathroom. come on, in the bathroom. "have a blast, have a blast. tell me where the bike keys are. give me the bike keys. hey you.- you scoundrel give me the keys. hey, please give the keys.

give me the bike keys.- give me the bike keys. hey, what are you doing? get out of here, manav hit him. you get lost.- give me the bike keys. sorry, we didn't knowthat bike was not yours. that bike was not mine you hit meif that bike would have been mine.. ..then how much wouldhave you thrashed me? get out of here. couldn't you ask whetherthat bike was his or not.

but i.. - you are arguing with me! you are arguing with me! you are trying to teach me. because of you wemissed that bike. if we had that bike, wewould have reached goa soon. because of you we hit the man in thejacket. he was a respectable man.. adi! adi!- look here, i am looking like a fool. that man in the night dresssat on the bike and left. no adi, adi! i was saying adi, adi.

you were saying adi, adicouldn't you say car, car. i am not so smart. mummy. stop it, stop crying! quiet, come here. the students haveruined the country. there is a lot of corruption. take it out! take it out! take it out! take your purse outand give me the money.

what is this? this is a gun, hands up. lower your guns. and driver, stop the bus. come here. i am telling you, don'tlock horns with babu-brother. i don't like cheap things myself. don't you dare misbehavewith babu-brother! fine that you hit me, but ifyou dare touch babu-brother..

inspector, i am telling you! what will you explain me? fine that you hit me, but pleasedon't hit babu-brother please. to hell with babu brother. inspector. enough! no one will say anything!no one will say anything! do it, do what youwant to! come on! i will do it, whocan stop me! will you?

cheap dacoit, you can'teven steal a cycle.. ..and you want to rob a bus. your size is that of a bullet.. ..aren't you ashamedto pickup the bullet. i hang people like you onthe threshold of my house.. ..along with 5 green chilies. did you understand? brother, he iscalling you a lemon. i know, i know.

babu-brother, sorry. hey, stop. tie people up properly. they free themselves anddo such crazy things.. ..isn't itbabu-brother. - yes. tie properly. catch him, don't let him escape. how can he escape! neither is thiscar worth driving..

..nor are you worthyof taking anywhere. my arrangement has been made. i will arrange something for you. brother, please catch him.- but.. please catch himit is very urgent. i will not spare you.- wife. your dad will just return. guddu.- i will not spare you. hey why are you hitting me?

my bus!- enough. my bus! my bus! within half an hourwe will be in goa. "you are so nice.." "you are so naã¯ve.." "you are very beautiful.." change it, you fool change it. "my uncle issmarter-han moon uncle.." "my uncle is thetwinkle of my eyes.."

you will get us killed,change it, change it. "father says i'll do something.." catch the steering.- what are you doing? boy, come here.- no, no. but sir, but sir.. - how can boman fly the plane? shut up! you shut up! brother. mr. pilot. pilot sir. you made him emotional again.

what was the needto play the song? he is drinking alcohol again.. ..all this has happenedbecause of you, useless! god!- o lord! pilot sir.. boman.- yes. the pilot is unconscious.- what? - yes! saved. seems like they left.- yes, they left.

he ran away.- he ran away. what are you laughingat, catch him! thank god i gotrid of that child. "o sir! " o sir! o sir! "sir! all my dates were sold! all my dates were sold! " - quiet it is only you! it is only you! so many children, shit. keep quiet, you don'teven let us sleep!

someone put a tape on his mouth. it is of no use, hesings from the nose. then break his nose. go break it. thrash him! thrash him! uncle, save me! uncle, save me! hail shri ram! uncle, where are you? i am in the garden son.- in the garden.

in the hanging garden. hello! can anybodyhear my voice, hello! dad, dad i can hearit! i can hear it! not you fool! hello! hello! hello. hello.- hello! hello! hello! hello, i am dev kumar malik. d. k. malik. welcometo goa flying club.

i am always available here24 hours for any emergency. they appoint anyone forthe emergency services.. ..he is so slow. you just tell me,what is your problem? our problem is we areon a private plane.. ..and the pilot is unconscious! what should we do? then who is flying the plane? i am flying it. boman! boman!

yes than boman, boman. my name is just boman once. so boman just once, have youever flown a plane before. he has never evenswatted a fly before.. ..tell us how wecan land the plane. before landing the plane, weshould know about flying the plane. and before knowing how to fly,we should know about the plane. the plane that youare flying right now.. weighs 2084kilos and 300 grams.

it's technology iscomprised of two computers.. ..and two pilots control,it is a private plane. two engines, twopropellers and three wheels. how do we get down? there are two doors at theback and one emergency door.. the cockpit to get down. and on top of that,that's almost everything. we should save uncle. he is not even our driver.

so what, he is in thissituation because of us. but why should we listen to you? because i haveall the chocolates. then we will have to save him. come on, come on let us savehim. i will get the rope. hurry up! hurry up! uncle, catch therope and come up! we have tied the rope to the bus! come on uncle, come on!

uncle. uncle, save us! uncle, save us! what did you think, i wasreally in the hanging garden.. ..that you came down hereto play on the swings. uncle, save us! uncle, save us!- quiet! stop your nonsense, andquickly tell us how to land. haste makes waste. humans should have patience. take a look rightin front of you.

what can you see?- death! no, no before death. is there a big roundwheel in front of you? yes, there is. there is a red buttonon the side of the wheel. i have pressed it, what next. you shouldn't have pressed it. pressing that buttonshuts off the main engine. useless, you don'teven hear properly.

now that main thing is that,your main engine is off.. ..and your otherengine is shoddy. thank god. no, no i mean yourother engine is cheap.. is not company made. it is a very cheap quality. it is on right now,that means it is working. but how long will it work,there is no guarantee of that. oh lord!- dad.

look ahead! no uncle, don't leave me. children, you wait herei will make arrangements.. save you. no, no uncle i willcome along with you. okay.- and what about us? you both come later,ladies first! ladies first. come on brother.- brother! come on mother. uncle!..

uncle, come soon! uncle, please. uncle, please save us. please.. us! uncle. uncle! uncle, please save us. uncle! - quiet save.. !quiet! i have come to saveyou, not to play cricket. have courage, have patience. and at least stay calm.

we don't have timeto keep anything! okay, now do one thing. see the indicationon the fuel meter. thank god, the rightlight is on here. that means your fuel is about to end too. - what? what should i do know? now repeat after me.- what? lord, all the sinsthat i have committed. please forgive it.- please forgive it!

we are coming in your shelter. we are coming in your.. quiet! we don't want to die,we don't want to die! whether you want or not,everyone has to die one day. because death is a truth thatcan never stay away from us. human is unaware, and deathcomes closer every moment. and suddenly, itcomes very close. sir, death has comeclose to us too! stop! stop! stop- stop! please.

please, please.. greetings sir.- excuse me, can you drop us to goa. come, come.- thank you.. thank you very much for the lift. how long will ittake to reach goa? we will reach as we finishintroducing our names. wow, thank you. my name is manav shrivastav.. ..and he is aditya shrivastav,and your good name please.

iyer.- iyer. venu gopal iyer.- venu gopal iyer. muthu swami venu gopal iyer. chinna swami muthuswami venu gopal iyer. coimbatore chinna swamimuthu swami venu gopal iyer. ekaparam pilaparam.. ..chinna sswami muthuswami venu gopal iyer. trichipalli ekaparampilaparam coimbatore.. ..chinna swami muthuswami venu gopal iyer.

srinivasan trichipalliekaparam pilaparam coimbatore.. rajshekar srinivasantrichipalli ekaparam pilaparam.. ..coimbatore chinna swamimuthu swami venu gopal iyer. shivavenkatah rajshekar srinivasantrichipalli ekaparam pilaparam.. srinath attapattujaisurya shriramakrishna.. shivavenkata ramshekhara srinivasantrichipalli ekaparam pilaparam. adi, is he telling us his name.. ..or reading out thetelephone directory of chennai. quiet! quiet!

stop the car! i don't want to go anywherewith you! you are mad! i will drop you. you will drop me, youscoundrel will not spare you! you have such a big name. sir, no sir thisis only my pet name. i will hit you with my shoes. if this is your pet name,then what is your real name? i will tell you. youwon't say anything!

manav get out! youwon't say anything! quiet! quiet! quiet! here, take this! you.. babu-brother. ..please.. please don't shoot! i have 100 million babu-brother! we shouldn't hide from death. because death canfind us from anywhere.

what is it? have you gone mad? are you asking forhelp or my life? did i tell you tosit in the plane? i don't ask anyone for help. why do you do such things thatyou have to ask for someone's help. go! from the side! help! help! help! help!..

are you alright?- are you hurt? thank you uncle, youare the real superhero. uncle, please takeus to goa quickly.. ..our show is about to start. your show is about to start,but my show has started. come on, come on. brother 100 million, 100 million. 5 yours and 5 mine! look, if it turnsout to be a lie..

..then my pistol and your life. babu-brother, don'twaste anymore time.. ..think how we willfind a car to reach goa. what is there to think about? i hijack bus, hijackinga car is no issue at all. do you want to see,see don't be afraid. look! stop old woman. old woman, get outcome on! get out! we need you car!

come on! have your parents notthought you any manners! is this the wayyou talk to women! idiot! stupid! get out! get out! idiot! she is asking you to get out! aunt, please give us a lift. please aunt, pleasei am begging you!

okay, come. excuse me sir, do you knowwhere st. sebastian church? near the bridge.- no. behind the old church.- no! then. in the yellow alley?- no! then where is it?- i don't know. adi! adi! no! no adi! taxi! taxi! boman..- what is happening?

we have reached the runway. land it! land it! land it! dear dad, we have landed! move aside! move aside! run! dear dad, dear dad. that scoundrel driver! taxi! - taxi! taxi! -come on, come on. hurry up. where do you want to go?

come on hurry up! comeon hurry up, drive fast. but where do you want togo? st. sebastian garden,.. .. come on hurry up.quickly! quickly! quickly! speed up! speed up!but what's the hurry? the 100 million..- she stole my heart ten reasons. quiet!, quiet youdrive, come on drive. you are such a well mannered boy.- thank you. but your friend isabsolutely dirty.. ..disgusting andmanner less brute.

what is she saying? she is praisingyou babu-brother. aunt, if you see a hardwarestore then please stop the car. drive faster boy.- don't hit me! what do you mean don't hit me.. ..are you drivinga car or a handcart? come on, come on getdown quickly children! here, keep it.- change.. ..keep it. adichange, adi change.

the garden is closed, wewill come back after 4. adi you are so smart.. greetings mr. st. sebastian. please forgive us. here. take your money! boman, come quickly. i am getting down daddear dad! we made it. where are you goingwith the shovel? to row a boat, doyou want to come?

come on babu-brother, come out.the old woman says anything. thank you so much.. buy.. come on, quickly. we have reached st.sebastian garden! manav, i will look forthe w here you look there.. soon as you find it,shout. fine. - okay. - w. w.- w. dear dad, you searchfor the w there.. ..i will search for it here!search for it quickly, quickly.

where is the w, where is it? the w is in this garden, wewill have to search for it. you look for it there, andi will look for it here. what is w? m upside down.- what is m. w! - w!- w! - w! w! w! w! w!- is anyone w here, come out. w! w! w! w! where is this w? it must be there.

come on boman. where is this w? how does this w look like? he is from sholay. are you searching forthe w or playing games. jokes. sorry. adi, we can'tfind the w let us do one thing.. ..let us look for v. why should we look for v. actually v comes before w.

s t u v w..- zip it. who was he? must be the gardener? gardener, looks likea dacoit mahakali. to hell with dacoit mahakali,we have to look for w! w! a big w. come on.- adi you are so smart. babu-brother, didyou find the w? no, i didn't find the w, buti found three men with shovels. who is he?- boman.

who is he?- manav. and who is he?- nari uncle. and who was he?- he is adi. so many people, but whichone is w amongst them. why you.. quiet. hello, all of usknow that we are here. and so there is no use of hiding. nari uncle, come out! what are you doingwith the gardener?

he is not a gardener, he is a dacoit.- dacoit! you scoundrelsreached here after all. not just us, four scoundrels!you are along with us too. stop guys. there is no usefighting amongst ourselves. adi, roy is absolutely right. there is no use fightingamongst ourselves. you fight with roy andi will fight with boman. stop..- shut up! all of us know, nomatter who finds the w.. cannot takethe money alone. can he take?- no.. so it is better that wesearch for the w together.. ..and divide the money equally.- yes that's right. come on, let us look for the w. where can the w be? it must be around here somewhere. he said it was a big w. we are not such big fools..

..that we will miss thew right in front of us. he is also very smart. you are all wasting time. roy, both of you go to that side. boman, you both go to that side.- okay. you come with me. go.. we have to look for w! w! w!.. oh no, doyou have a tissue? what will you do with it,the crow has flown away. oh shit.- it is crow shit.

oh shit! oh shit! - what is it? dear dad.- w. the w.- w. w found it.. we have found the w!.. congratulations,you have found the w. who is he now?- ask him yourself. who are you? prime minister

since i met you,my terror is over. does anyone elsewant to say anything? look inspector sir, we won'tlet you take the money alone. no ways. - he wasright.. - who said? i am saying, let ustake the money out.. ..and divide it equally. that's right. no, no i will digit. don't take the trouble.. give.., no the mobile. oh themobile, you want to make a call. come.. dig it come on dig it!..

come on, dig. come on, dig. come on, boman, dig it. i am tired. manav, come on. very good. time please. keep on digging!hurry up, hurry up come on! dig it! dig it! manav, what are you saying?

dig it!- okay. dig it!- 100 million dig it! dig it! bravo, hurry up! if you dig it, youwill get the money. babu-brother, give meyour hand. - come on. yes come on, boman. 100 million. hey you get out. hey, talk to me with respect. babu-brother is anothername for terror..

..hey you terrorist, come out. coming. i have found it! i have found it! the lid. bag!- lift it. come on, let us divide the money quickly - yes!.. one share for nari.- thank you. one share for boman. and one share for adi manav.

what do you mean by one share?both of you are the same unit. yes! they are same unit! we are not giving a unit test. itis not so easy. we are two units. and bomans car thatyou had wrecked.. will pay forthat too, wont you. the car is boman'sfather and not boman's. i want that money. uncle, take that moneyfrom boman's share. you had wrecked the car whyshould i alone pay for it?

then who will pay forit, it is your car? you three will payfor it, who else. just a minute, why willadi manav pay for the car.. ..from their single share.that's injustice. not fair. why are you saying just oneshare, we are two people. have you come in the weddingceremony that you want two shares! first keep my shareout and then say. the city has stillnot been established.. ..and the beggars havealready encroached it.

roy has made a dealof 50-50 with him. 50-50, is this your fathers moneythat you have made this deal. don't you dare dragmy father into this!.. ..we will drag yourmother into this! k.g class keep quiet! what can you do, cheapdetective? you coward, i will. your father is a coward! again father, roy isnot a coward understood! yes, you drag myfather in-between.

you!- why did you hit my dad. come on, hit him. even you! why did you hit my dad! boman, you scoundrel! you had come for your50 million isn't it? then what are youdoing here, take it. hey, leave me.- you are not alone, even i am with you. what are you doing? youshameless, what do you want? 50 million! - 50 million.. did you get your 50 million?

old man i will.. enough! enough! he is running. he is running very fast. bye. hey, come down.- please come down. it is coming down!.. hey there it is. come on, run. hey boman, take this money.

take more. take more. wow, what an entry! this is amazing, idon't believe this! what an entry! who are you all, andwhat is all this? money! it is 100 million. friends, 100 million. have you come to distributethis 100 million . yes, we are going todivide this 100 million.

they have come to distribute it. now.. we will have to, becauseeach one of us wants that. how nice. this money belongs to all of us.. we have to distribute it! give them a big hand friends.. ..they have come todistribute 100 million here. so friends now we will seewhat our total donation is. so friends, what was9,11,000 till now..

..after their donation,it has become 10,09,11,000. good evening friends. we run the helporphans organisation.. ..and these aresome of our children. i always told my children,that you are not an orphan. but then i didn't believe myself. but today, today i am happy... i didn't say anythingwrong to these children. until people like youare in this world.. child can ever be an orphan. with your money these childrenwill have food to eat.. ..a house to stay,good education. you seven people are like theseven colours of the rainbow. that have come to spreadhappiness in the lives.. ..of these children. now we can get youroperation done.. ..and you will beable to walk again. you will be able to run.

hello uncle. we love you uncle! yes! i always said thatyou are useless, boman. but today you have proved.. ..that you are my trueson, my son not this wealth. yes..- dear dad. my son. come on adi, give the money! why should i give themoney, have i g one mad?

they have all gone mad. give it adi. this money is for thepoor orphan children. we are orphans. mama must be watching over us. what will she be thinking? give it adi, you areunder mama's oath. please. please adi.. please.

mama will be so proud of you. mama will be proud of us. thank you so much friends,god bless all of you. and now, i would liketo invite on stage.. ..our chief come on stage.. ..and thank our friends here. friends pleas welcome thecommissioner of police.. mr. m.i. chaturvedi! sir, i am readyto go to yavatmal.

by tomorrow you will get this. i don't want a snake sir.- not a snake, this, this. what is this sir?- your promotion letter. promotion sir. thank yousir, what can i say sir. kabir, this money can'tbe put to any better use. we are proud of all ofthem, give them a big hand. "let us dance andmake a commotion.." .."let us dance and sing along." "let us dance and have fun."

"let us dance andmake a commotion." "let us dance and sing along." "life, let us live themoments of life left." "life, let us live andlet others live too." "let us dance, let us dance." "everybody, come lets go crazy." "what will happen tomorrow- no one knows that" "those who share others sorrows." "they know how to live life."

"we steal the tearsfrom your eyes." "believe it or not." "let us dance and sing along.." .."let us dance and have fun."

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if playing games in a 3d world that youdesign yourself and learning basic programming at thesame time sounds like fun to you give agentcubes a try. in this movie i'llshow you how to create a 3d world in agentcubes. draw your owncharacters called agents to populate the world and control their behavior withprogramming rules that you write yourself. you can listen to this whole movie oranytime you're ready pause the movie and create your own can jump to different parts of this movie

by clicking a heading in the table ofcontents to the right of the movie the layout of agentcubes is prettysimple. when you create agents like a frog or a truck they’ll appear in thislist on the left called the agents list and you'll be able to add them to the 3dworld that you're creating over here in the grid in this blue area.down at the bottom of the screen is the behavior editor. this is where you’ll create the programmingrules that guide your agent's behavior. you’ll start off by making your first agent.i'm going to make a frog agent. i’ll go to the lower toolbar and i’llclick the agent button.

in the window that opens i'll chooseinflatable icon from the first column. that option will allow me to draw my own two-dimensional shape and inflate it intoa three-dimensional shape i'll leave the animals category selectedin the second column. in the third column you could choose a pre-built frog icon but it's way morefun to draw your own inflatable frog iconfrom scratch. to do that i'll leave the default iconthe akako which is a ladybug selected in the thirdcolumn just to start with,

and i go up to the name field and i’ll type frog since i want to make my own frog icon then i click save at the bottom i have an agent named frog in the agents list. it still looks like aladybug here but i'm going to make it look like a frog. i’ll double-click this agent being carefulto click right on the icon not on its name. that opens the agent into the inflatableicon editor. to add more options to this window i’llclick the more tools button

in the center of the window. the area onthe left is the 2d editor where i’ll draw a frog instead of thisladybug. to remove the ladybad from the 2d editor i’ll click the clear button in thecenter of the window. in the toolbar on the left i’ll select the mirror vertically tool, which addsthis blue line in the center of the 2d editor. as i'mdrawing my frog in the 2d editor anything i draw to the left of thisline will be mirrored to the right side of the line. i makesure that the pencil tool is

selected at the top of the toolbar on theleft and i choose a color to draw with by clicking the color well in thetoolbar and selecting a green crayon. i click ok to close the color picker. i draw the left side of the frogshead and body to the left of the blue line. what i drawhere is automatically mirrored on the right side so the frog is symmetrical. i give my frog some front legs and come all the way down to the

bottom and close the outline of thefrog. if you make a mark that you don't want like this you can back up one step at a time bypressing ctrl z on your keyboard. when i've made a complete outline of myfrog i’ll fill it with the green color that's inthe color well by going back to the tool bar and selecting the paint bucket tool andthen clicking inside the outline of the frog. now i’ll create the frogs back legs in adifferent color.

i’ll click on the color well again and thistime i’ll choose a darker green crayon and i’ll clickok. i go back to the toolbar and i’ll click the pencil tool again andi'll use it to draw the frogs left leg which is mirrored on the right side too. again i’ll select the paint bucket tool inthe toolbar and i'll fill the left leg with green and that fills the right leg too. i’llfinish up by giving my frog some eyes. i go back to the color well click thereand i’ll select the white crayon

and click ok. then i go back to thetoolbar and i’ll select the pencil tool againi’ll draw some eyes and i’ll go back to the color well onemore time and select the black crayon and click ok to add some pupils. to change my simple 2d drawing into a 3dfrog i'll inflate him using the plus buttonhere. i’ll click and hold this button as i keep my eye on the preview on theright to watch the frog inflate. to make his legs look more muscular

i'll inflate those even more. to do thati go back to the toolbar and i’ll select the magic wand tool. withthat tool i’ll click on his left leg to select that and then i hold the shift key and clickon the right leg to add that leg to the selection. theni'll go back to the plus button and i’ll click and hold keeping my eye onthe preview on the right to see his legs inflate and to deselectthe legs i’ll press control d on my keyboard. now ifinish creating my frog. to preview how he looks in 3d i'll go tothe toolbar on the right

and i’ll select the rotate camera tool.then i’ll click on the preview area on the right and i'll drag to rotatethe frog and then to save my frog i’ll click thesave button here and the inflatable icon editor closes. back in the agents list my frog now has afrog icon. i'd like to put my frog into the worldthat i'm building so i make sure the frog is selected herein the agents list. i'll go to the upper toolbar and i’ll makesure that the pencil tool is selected there and then i'll go to the world and i’llclick

in the grid where i want the frog to belocated. whenever you make a change to the worldlike this adding deleting or moving an agent youneed to save the world with that change, so i go to the upper toolbar and i clickthe save button there. in the future if i change my mind about something i'vedone to the world i can go to this button, the restore button, and click and thatwill return the world to this state the way it was when last saved. now ihave an agent,

the frog in my world, but i haven't yettold him what to do. for that i need to program the frogsbehavior by writing some programming rules. rules are created here in the behavioreditor. a rule combines conditions and actions.if all the conditions of a rule are true then the actions will run and make thefrog do things. there is the beginning of a rule in my behavior editor: this if then statement. i want to add a condition and an actionto this role

to make the frog move up in the worldwhen i press the up- arrow on my keyboard. the condition will bepressing the up-arrow on my keyboard the action will be that the frog movesup in the world. i'll make sure that the frog agent is selected in the agents list and in the upper toolbar i'm going toselect the black arrow tool. then i'll go to the conditions panel, i’llclick on the scrollbar and use it to scroll down to get to the ‘key’ condition here. thewhite label on this condition is the starting value of the condition.

it defines which key to press, the up-arrow key. i’ll click and drag this key condition fromthe conditions panel to the if-part of the rule in thebehavior editor. next i’ll add an action that defines whatthe frog will do when the up-arrow key is pressed: he’llmove up in the world. i go over to the actions panel and i’llselect the first action, the move action, and drag it onto thethen part of the rule in the behavior editor.the white label on the move action is the value for this action. it willdefine the direction in which the frog

will move. i want the frog to move up in the worldso i’ll click this white label and i choosethe up facing arrow as the value of this action. now thefrog will think like this: if the up-arrow is pressed then i moveup in the world. just this simple behavior empowerssomeone who plays your game to control your frog. let's test it to see if it works. i’ll go tothe upper toolbar and i’ll click the green run button.

now to test the rule i’ll press the up-arrowon my keyboard and look the frog moves up each time that i press the up-arrow key. the frog can now go up but can it also go down left and right? no it can only go up. weneed three more rules to program the frog to move down left and right too. before adding thoserules i go back up to the upper toolbar and stop the game by clicking the redstop button and i’ll put the frog back where hestarted in the world by clicking the

reload button in the upper toolbar too. now i go down to the behavior editor and i’llselect the single rule there by clicking in a blank area of the rule.i’ll duplicate this selected rule three times by going down to the lower toolbar andpressing the duplicate button three times. i could have added a brand new rule byclicking the plus rule button on the lower toolbar but since these rules are similar i savedtime by duplicating.

now i'm going to edit these three newrules so each will move the frog in a different direction. i’ll go to the second rule and i’ll click thevalue on the key condition that up-arrow value andi’ll change the value of this condition to down-arrow by pressing the down-arrow on mykeyboard.then i go to the action for that second rule and i’ll change the value on the moveaction to down by clicking the value on that action

and choosing the down facing arrow. the second rule now tells the frogthat if the down arrow is pressed on the keyboard he’ll move down in the world. see if youcan program the third rule to move the frog left if the left-arrowis pressed and the fourth rule to move the frog right if the rightarrow is pressed. when you're done check to see if all therules work. to do that i go back to the upper toolbar and i’ll press the green run-button andnow i’ll press the different arrow keys on my

to see if all the rules work and the frog now moves in all directions. when i'm done testing i go back tothe upper toolbar and i’ll click the red stop button and i’llclick the reload button to reload the world and get the frogback restarted. now add another agent to the world agrotto. the frogs goal will be to reach the grotto and when he does the game will advanceto the next level. i've already showed you how to make an agent and add it to theworld.

as before i’ll click the agent button andthis time i'll choose cube and brick and ancientmayan blocks and give the agent a name grotto and iclick save. with grotto selected in the agents list and the pencil tool selected in theupper toolbar i’ll click a square at the top of the grid to add the grottoto the world and then i'll save the world with that change. now add another rule that will determinewhat happens when the frog reaches his goal, thegrotto. i’ll select the frog in the agents

list and in the behavior editor i’ll click onthe top rule, then i go down and click the plus rulebutton. that creates a new rule under the selected rule. i’ll drag the newrule to the top of the behavior editor. this new rule has to be above the rulesthat move the frog because every agent will test its rulesfrom top to bottom. the first rule that an agent finds inwhich all conditions are true will fire. i want to be sure that therule that i'm making now is the first rule that the frog agentwill test because this rule

can potentially end the game and soit is the most important rule. i add a condition to this rule that if the frog is stacked immediately above the grotto then a sound will play the trara-sound and a dialogue willshow a message you win and the world will reload.

without the reload world action the frogwould remain on the grotto and then the sound would be played and themessage shown over and over in an endless loop. i'm going to test thisrule from the frogs point of view. with the arrow tool i’ll select the frog in the world i’ll click the camera tool to switch to first person view. i use therotate camera tool to orient the frog to a forward positionin the world. i can use the pan tool to move theworld

and the zoom tool to zoom in the world and then i’ll click the run-button. i use the up-arrow key on my keyboard tomove the frog forward and on top of the grotto. when the frog reaches the grotto thislevel of the game is won. i’ll click ok and then i click the stop-button. now you've successfully created a 3dworld, drawn your own 3d shapes and programmedagents behaviors. this means that you've mastered thebasic tools that you could use to create

a game like this one. this is a sophisticated game simulatingtraffic in the city. there are a lot of cool things that you can add toyour own game. you may not finish building it all in one sitting. if you need to stop be sure to submitthe game by clicking the submit-button at the top of the screen. that way youcan come back anytime and finish tricking out your 3dworld. let's kick this game up a notch byadding a road and some tracks to challenge the frog.

i make a new agent for the road startingwith the default inflatable icon. i’ll name it road and i’llclick save. to make this agent look like a road i’lldouble-click it to open it in the inflatable icon editor and i’ll click the clear button. i’ll selectthis tool, the mirror horizontally and vertically color the road grey i'll choose a grey crayon from the colorwell and then i get the paint bucket and i’llclick in any of the quadrants to fill all four of them with grey.

to mix in yellow lines on the road i’llselect the pencil tool i’ll click in the color well and i’ll selecta yellow crayon and click ok and then i'll start in thecenter and drag out and draw a line out towardthe left edge that line is mirrored in all fourquadrants. to add some dashed lines i’ll select a like grey crayon from the colorwell and then starting in the center i’ll draw acouple of dashed lines and i'll save my hand drawn road agent. to add a three-lanesuperhighway to the world

with the road agent selected in theagents list i’ll select the multi-agent insert tool, i’ll clickhere in the world, i’ll drag down three rows andacross and multiple instances of the road agentcreate this road. now i’ll make another new agent, a truck agent i’ll use an inflatable icon from thevehicles category. there are a couple of trucks to choosefrom here i'll go with this one, i’ll name it truck and i’ll click save

i'll use my truck agent and the penciltool to add multiple trucks on the highway ina random pattern. i’ll click the save-button to save theworld with the highway and trucks that i added. now i’ll program thetrucks to move down the highway. i’ll select one of the trucks in the world,i’ll go to the single empty rule in the behavior editor and i’ll add some conditions so that if thetruck sees to its right

road and it sees that only once every .5 seconds then the truck will move to the right. i’ll test this role byclicking the green run button. all the trucks share this behavior andthey move down the highway to the right. i'll let them run until they all pile upon the right. each truck stops when it no longer sees road to its let's test what will happen if the frog collides with the truck onthe road. to put the trucks back where they started and have them to move down theroad from there

i’ll reload the world. soon after clickingthe reload-button i’ll use the up-arrow key on my keyboard tomove the frog up into the path of one of the trucks onthe road. this truck stops moving just to the leftof the frog. to see why i’ll select the truck with the arrow tool and i’ll take a look at this rule whichguides the behaviour the truck. this condition for this rule seeing roadto the right is no longer true so both the see condition and the rulehave turned red the rule isn’t firing and so the trucksno longer move.

now i'm done testing so i’ll click stop. now what should happen when the truckcollides with the frog? unfortunately the truck will kill the frog and the game will be over. i'm going tomake a new rule for the frog for that behavior. i’ll select the frog in the agents listwith the arrow tool and i’ll go to the behavior editor. the rule i'm about tomake is another important rule that needs to come before the arrow keysthat move the frog. so i’ll select the topmost rule and i’llclick plus rule.

from the frogs point of view this rule will be: if i see to my left a truck then i’ll play a sound klink and stop the simulation and show a message “oh no! game over”.

to test this collision rule i’llreload the world to start the game from the beginning. i’llclick the green run-button and i'll use the up-arrow key on mykeyboard to move the frog up into the path of a truck. there's a collision and the game is over. i’ll click ok to dismiss this message. the game will be more realistic andchallenging if you set it up to generate highway traffic automatically instead of you manuallyplacing trucks on the highway.

to do that i'm going to create highwaytunnels that generate trucks from the left side of this highway and absorb trucks from the right side ofthe highway. that will keep the trucks coming fromthe left and avoid them piling up on the right. i’ll reload the world. i’ll select the eraser tool and i’ll clickon each truck individually to remove it from the world. i’ll make a new agent for the tunnel.

i’ll name it tunnel and i’ll start with an inflatable icon, i’ll use the default theakako ladybug and click save. to draw your own 3d tunnel double-clickthe tunnel agent to open it in the inflatable icon editor click clear and you’ll see that over here i still have my mirror horizontally andvertically tools selected i’ll click in the color well and i'm goingto select a brown color.

with the paint bucket tool i’ll click inany of the quadrants to fill the entire icon. i’ll go back to the color well and select a black crayon and i’ll select the pencil tool which i'mgoing to use to draw an arc that’s mirrored on the other side.

with the paint bucket tool i’ll click onone of the arcs to fill them both. i'd like to inflate my tunnel so i go over to the pressure symbols and i’llclick a few times on the plus symbol to make an entrance and exit to my tunnel i'm going to select thosetwo black arcs with the magic wand tool clicking on oneand shift-clicking on the other and then i’ll press delete or backspace onmy keyboard. i’ll select the entire tunnel by pressing control a. i think i want to add some noise tothe tunnel so i drag the noise slider

slightly to the right and i think i wanna deflate a little soi’ll press the minus symbol a few times and then with the camera rotate toolselected i’ll click and drag for a preview of my three-dimensionaltunnel and then i’ll click save. now i want to add three tunnels to each and my highway. with thepencil tool selected i’ll move into the world and i’ll click anddrag three tunnels on the left

and three tunnels on the right and i'llsave my world with those changes. now i want to program the tunnel togenerate cars so with the arrow tool i’ll select one of the tunnels i go to thesingle empty rule in the behavior editor and i’ll add someconditions which from the tunnels point of view willsay if i see to my right a road and that happens only once every .5 seconds, then

generate a new to my right truck. to test this rule i'll click the green run-button. the tunnels on the left are generating trucks but the trucks are getting backed up at thetunnels on the right. to get the trucks off the road so theydon't back up on the right i need to program the trucks to beabsorbed if there's a tunnel to the

so i make a new rule for the truck agent.with the arrow tool i’ll select one of the trucks next to atunnel on the right i’ll select the single rule in the behavioreditor and i’ll make a new rule. i’ll add a condition that says from the trackspoint of view if i see to my right a tunnel then i’ll erase myself.

the trucks start absorbing,generating automatically. i didn't have to click the run-button because i left the game running. if i left the game running like this itwould be unwinnable because the frog could never cross thehighway to get to the grotto and win the game. to solve that problem i could space outthe cars by editing the rule to change thetunnels behavior so that it generates cars less frequently. with the arrow tool i’ll select this tunneland i’ll add another condition

to this behavior for the tunnel, thepercent chance condition. notice that there are now fewer carsbeing generated but they're still too many so i'm going to change the percentchance to something smaller i’ll take 20. then i’ll wait until i see an adjusting trafficpattern to click save to save the world with these changes. now let's play the game. i’ll wait for agood opportunity for the frog to cross the road

and then i’ll press the up-arrow key a fewtimes to get him across the road and to the grotto and i win the game. i'll click ok and now i wanna to try playing the game infirst person view. with the arrow tool i'll select the frog and then i’ll click the camera tool toswitch to first person view. i’ll use the up-arrow key to move the frog right into traffic infront of a truck.

the game fails and i've lost but it wasstill fun. so now you've learned three essentialcomputational thinking patterns: collision: the collision of trucks andfrog, generation: the tunnels creating trucks andabsorption: the tunnels absorbing trucks. with these skills you can buildsophisticated games of your own or you can continue to follow along withme as i add more creatures and objects to this 3ddworld. let's give the frog even more of a challenge: a river that hehas to cross on the way to the grotto.

i’ll make a new agent for the riverstarting with the inflatable icon from the landscape category, the aqua-icon, naming it river and saving it. to add the river to the world i'll usethe multi-agent insert tool to click and drag across the world and then i'll save the world with thesechanges. as the frog crosses the river he could drown so i’ll addthat to the frog’s behavior.

with the arrow tool i'll select the frogin the world and i’ll drag him up just beneath theriver. i’ll select the top rule that’s in thebehavior editor now and i’ll make a new rule just under that.from the frog’s point of view this rule says: if i'm above the river i'll play a sound whip i'll show a message

“i cannot swim” and i'll reload the world. to test this rule i'll click the green run-button in the toolbar and i’ll use the up-arrow keyon my keyboard to move the frog onto the water. the frog has drowned. so i'll click ok and the game isrestarted. i'll click the stop-button. now i want to add some logs

in the river. so i make a new agent i’ll name it log and i’ll start with the default inflatable icon. i’ll double click that in agents list and i'll click clear. with thehorizontally and vertically mirror tool still selected and brown in my colorwell i’ll use the pencil tool

to draw a line straight across. with the paint bucket tool i’ll fill thatwith brown. i’ll choose an orange color and with the pencil tool i'll draw an arc. i’ll use the plus button in the center to inflate the log. i'm actuallygoing to over-inflate it a bit then i’ll select the magic wand tool

and with that i’ll select the brown area.with the camera rotate tool i’m going to rotate the preview so thati can see the log from the side so i have a better idea of how much to deflate itby clicking the minus button and i'm going to add a little bit of noise to the log too than i'll click save. i want the logs to be automaticallygenerated in the world by a bridge just like the trucks were generated bytunnels earlier in the game so i make a bridge agent.

i'll start with the default inflatable icon and then i’ll double-click it in the agents list and clear the 2d editor. i'm still using the horizontally andvertically mirror tool. i'll click in the color well and i’ll select agray color. with the paint bucket tool i’ll fill theicon then i’ll click back in the color well andselect a black color and click ok. with the pencil tool i’ll draw an arc

and i’ll fill the arc with black. i’ll press the plus button to over-inflate theicon then with the rectangle selection tooli make a vertical selection like this in the center. now to get an indent in the top of thebridge i'll use the ceiling slider to push the selected part down. with the magic wand tool i’ll select the black arc, hold the shift key andselect the other black arc

and then i’ll press the delete backspaceon my keyboard to make openings in the bridge. i’ll press control d on by keyboard and theni'll use the camera rotation tool to see how my bridge looks. i’ll press the save-button to save my bridge. i’ll add a couple of bridges to the worldwith the pencil tool here and over here and then i'll save the world

those changes. next i’ll program a bridge toautomatically generate logs. with the arrow tool i’ll select this bridge and i’ll give it the same behavior that i used to make the tunnels generate trucks. from the bridge’s point of view this rulewill mean: river once every .5 seconds and with a percent chance

of 20 i’ll generate to my right a new log. next i’ll add some rules to the logs so that theymove to the right and are absorbed by the bridge on the right. i’ll select the log agent and i'll build therule that from the log’s point of view, a river once every .5 seconds then

i'll move to my right. and then to absorb the log into thebridge i’ll add another rule: to my right a bridge now i want to test whether the frog could hitcha ride on a floating blog on its way to thegrotto. i could use the up-arrow key on my to move the frog to the edge of theriver but for testing purposes i’ll just use the black arrow key and draghim there. i’ll click the green run-button and i wait fora log to appear on which the frog could hitch a ride.

when i pressed the up-arrow key to movethe frog onto a log the logs slipped out from under the frog,the frog fell into the water and drowned. that isn't the result that i wanted soi'll click okay, that resets the game and i'll click the stopbutton. to fix that i’ll edit the log’s behavior sothat the log can transport a frog. i’ll select the login the agents list. i go to the first rule in the behavioreditor and i replace the move action with transport to the right. now the log should not just

move but also transport along with itany agent that is on top of it. i’ll test this changeby moving the frog with the arrow tool to the edge of the river then i’ll pressthe run-button and i’ll use the up-arrow key on mykeyboard to move the frog right on top of a log. the log did transportthe frog along with it down the but eventually the frog hit the bridge,slipped off the log into the water and drowned. so that's why i need something moreturtles on which the frog can hitch a

ride back to the left before he reaches the bridge. so i’ll clickok and i'll click stop. i’ll make a new agent turtle and i’ll select an icon from the inflatable icon animals category this turtle and then i’ll make another agent an islandthat i'm going to use to generate turtles

for my world. this time i'll go to the landscape category of theinflatable icons and there's an island i can use. with the pencil tool i'll add a coupleof islands here and here and i’ll save the world withthese changes. i want the island on the right togenerate turtles. this behavior will be very similar to the bridge generatinglogs

but in the opposite direction. this timefrom right to left. with the arrow tool i’ll select the islandon the right and then i'll add a rule which from theisland’s point of view will say if i see on my left only once every .5 seconds and with a percent chance of 20 then i generate a new

to my left turtle. the turtles need to move to the left, so i’ll select the turtle in theagents list and give him a rule if i see to my left once every .5 seconds then i transport to the left and i want the turtles to beabsorbed into the island on the left

so i’ll add another rule if i see to my left an island i erase myself now for the part i have been waiting for toplay the game through. i’ll click the green arrow and i’ll use the up-arrow key on my keyboard to move the frog across the highway andthen i’ll use the left-arrow key to move him overto left where is more likely to catch a log like this one i’ll jump him onto a turtle

and then all the way to the grotto and the gameis won. i'll click okay to reload the world and i’ll stopthe game. that was really fun. now finallyto spruce things up a bit i'm going to add some landscaping i name it plants and from the tile and plants category i’ll choose untrimmedhedge and then with the pencil tool i’ll drag some hedge

across all these empty areas and then i’ll come up and save the worldwith those changes. so now we've created a complete game.why you don’t go ahead and try to play the game in first personview by clicking the camera tool to flip it into first person view andsee how you do. thanks so much for working along with methrough this tutorial. you’ve successfully created a 3d game, you'velearned how to make 3d shapes and how to program them. please submityour game so that you can keep working on it

or share it with your friends. to getmore ideas about other games or simulations to build please visitthe scalable game design website at

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hello, everyone, and welcome to my class allabout imovie. if you’ve wanted to learn the basics of video editing, well, stay tunedwe’re going to cover it all. here it is imovie 2015 coming up next on one of the things i love about imovie is thatif you graduate from imovie to using final cut pro v, it’s a very easy transition andthat is done purposefully. okay. so a lot of what you’re going to learn today whenit comes to shortcuts are basically all the same in final cut. so you're kind of trainingyour brain now so that if you decide to go to that pro level down the road you're alreadygood to go. so let's get started here. first thing i want to talk about is importingyour footage, okay. now this can come in several

different forms. you can shoot footage withyour phone, your iphone, your ipad, or just a regular digital camera. however you decideto do it there is a very easy import button. you'll see here at the top left of my screen,okay. if i click on that it will show me my various ways that i can import footage, okay. so if you had plugged in an sd card into yourcomputer it would show up here and you can select what clips you would like to import.if you have a digital camera that connects in through a usb connection, same deal, okay,very easy. if you have imported the footage with your phone what you’d probably wantto do is bring it into something like photos, which is the new version of what was previouslyiphoto. and it's pretty easy to import it

from there and i'll show you how to do thatlater on. so when you have your footage hit import all,okay. and let me go over kind of what these various boxes are, okay. so this here at thetop left is basically it’s where all of your footage is going to live. and each oneof the little boxes represents a moment in time. so you’ll see here if i drag my cursorover it, you’ll see how the footage on the right-hand side of the screen is moving. okay?so that allows me to very quickly skim through and find where in my footage i want to bringit into my actual project. here are the top right we have our previewwindow. so whether you are going over your footage that you have not yet brought intoyour project or you're looking at what your

edit is going to look like this is where you'regoing to see the preview of what it looks like. and finally down here at the very bottomthis is referred to as the timeline. okay? so this is the actual – excuse me – that’swhere the actual edit takes place. so i'm going to give you several little tricksto make the editing process easier. i would strongly recommend for those of you especiallywho are here live it is definitely a good idea to have a little piece of paper and apen handy, because just trust me, this is going to make it much much easier. so the footage you see here is all mine. forthose of you who don't know i am an aerial drone pilot. it's a really fun hobby of mine.i love it. and we’re going to be using some

of that drone footage today and we’re justgoing to whip up a little video. so well the first trick, i want to show youis when it comes to importing the footage into the timeline. so there's a bunch of keyson your keyboard that you can hit that will cause a different action to take place. themost important one when it comes to bringing the footage into your timeline is i and o.i is in point. o, the letter o, is out point. so let me give you an example. i'm skimming through footage here. this isactually a video that i’ve already edit, but we’re going to bring some of the footageback here for a moment. i'm going to hit the letter i. so i'm telling the computer thati want this shot to start right there. now

if i change my mind down the road and i wantto back it up a few frames or cut in later on a few frames, i can do that. that's nota problem. it's just the initial footage. so i'm just going to kind of scan throughand kind of figure out where do i want this footage to stop? okay. and i'm going to stopit right there. so at this point i want to tell it to stop bringing in that clip. sowe will hit the o key and you see how this section here that’s highlighted it stopsthere now. so i just told it. this is the in point. this is the out point. okay? now i want to teach you that there are threeother keys for bringing it here into your actual timeline. the first is the most importantone and frankly, the one that i use the most

we could choose the letter e, end. so, whati like to do is i bring in my footage shot by shot. it’s the easiest way to do some people will do this and they’ll kind of do it over time. they don't bringin all of their footage to their timeline first. they go through it shot by shot andedit it. and it’s one of these things where there is no right or wrong way to do it. it'swhatever's best for you. i just personally find this to be the simplest. so let's say i'm doing this shot here, okay,and now i want to cut to, let's go with, oh there’s a really nice shot here at the veryend i’ll do, okay. so i'm going to tell it to jump to the shot here. so i'm goingto hit, once again, i, give it a few seconds

and o once again. and then to go to the endof this, so i want to start with the shot and i want that to be the next shot, e. itputs that at the end of this edit. pretty cool, right? now the next – there are other ways to bringin footage so like let's say, for example, i want to bring the shot here between thesetwo clips, okay. there are different ways to do this. so this – see this thin whiteline. okay, that is the playhead. so if you drag it is showing you. i'm sorry, i’llgrab it. it's showing you where the in the edit you are right now. and if i bring itin between those two shots the other way that i can bring in footage and this may or maynot apply to some of you, let’s go to the

shot here, okay, is to use the letter w. okay?and that’s going to basically plop it right here in the middle. see how it put it rightwhere that playhead was? now there is one more option and this is somethingthat usually only kind of pro videographers are going to get into and instead you canuse the letter q. what the q does, let me just grab a quick shot here. okay, that shouldbe good right there, is this going to, it’s basically the equivalent of b-roll. so youknow when you're watching an interview and they have the person on camera talking andthen what happens is they go to a different shot but you can still hear the person. that'san example of b-roll, okay, you see them maybe walking through a park. so if i hit q, itjust kind of overlays it above this footage.

so if this were an interview, i probably wantto keep the audio here, but i just have this quick shot and then it would cut back. gotit? cool. so those are some of the really importantquick keys to be aware of when you're going through your initial edit. now another waythat you can do this and some people prefer it, okay, is you can also just drag and drop.okay? so here's a little time lapse shot i took. so i can highlight just by clickingand dragging. okay? and i can drag that shot down here to the timeline and say, okay, nowgo to this shot. like i said, there is no right or wrong way. it’s just about howyou like to do this process. so as you're going through here, sometimeswhen you're shooting footage you don't care

to use the audio. okay? so let's go to anotherhotkey. i'm going to actually right now i'm going to move remove the audio from all ofthese shots. and the way i can do that is i can just click and drag so that i'm highlightingall of them. here's a quick trick for muting. and for this you have to use a few keys. itscommand shift m, as in mute. so, did you catch that? did you see there was this little, ifi hit undo you’ll see. that wave down there that you see, that is audio waves. those areaudio waves. sorry. so when i hit command shift m it knows to silence all of those shots,which i have to be very careful with with this particular class because i don't wantto get hit with the copyright issue, there is music in the background. that's anotherone that's definitely good to be aware of.

so now what i want to do is i want to showyou how to add in photos or any footage that is in the photos library. if you look overhere at the top left corner of my screen you see we have photos library. okay? so thatis exactly what it is. this is everything that is in the photos app. okay? we've gottons of different shots here that i really use really just for just kind of dummy one of the features some people like about imovie, and i like it by the way, is thisfeature, called the ken burns effect. now, if you're not familiar with who ken burnsis. he is one of my idols. he is an incredibly intelligent gentleman and he, i believe heis in new hampshire i want to say, and he does these really amazing documentaries. he’sa multi-academy award winner. and the way

he makes them is he has these photos, andit's usually old vintage photos, and he'll for example start wide and slowly zoom inon someone's face. and while he's doing that he's got voiceover going, although he's neverhired me, hint. he’s got music, but it's this cinematic experience. it’s more thanjust a slideshow, which is one of the things i've tried to encourage you to do. don't usethe slideshow that's built in the photos, create your own, make it personal, make itcreative. so if i want to add this shot to my videoyou can probably guess what i'm going to do. i’m just going to drag it and drop it whereveri want, whether it's at the very end. i can drag it in between two shots. okay? and automaticallyby default it is going to add that ken burns

effect. so if i hit play, which by the waythis is another good one, play is the spacebar. see how it is slowly zooming in on it. coolright? very very simple. in a minute, or in a few minutes rather, i’mgoing to show you how to change the camera movements. so for example you can see thatby default this shot is just starting wide and then going – zooming into it. what ifyou wanted to do the reverse? well, you can tweak it. i will show you that in just a few. i want to start talking about transitions,titles and a few other aspects of editing and all of those you're going to find herein the content library, which is at the bottom left corner of my screen. so the first onepretty obvious is transitions. now, i always

like to warn people don’t go too crazy withthis, folks. it gets to be very distracting and it takes away from your project. i tryto encourage people to stick with the top three. right up here, we have cross-dissolve,and what you'll see is if i actually hit the spacebar while i'm hovered over this it givesme kind of a little preview of what it's going to do. okay? it’s just cross-dissolve fromone shot to the other. the next one is a cross blur, and then fadeto black is usually great when you're ending a segment or just the end of your project.and don't worry if you don't want to move that quickly you can adjust the timing ofall of these. now they have some very funky ones here and i know a lot of kids who getinto this stuff tend to go crazy with transitions,

but for those of you who are adults and tryingto create something that's professional, please i beg you stay away from them. so, let's just add a few simple transitionshere between shots. let's do a cross-dissolve and the way you add a cross-dissolve is youdrag it between two shots. so for example if i want to put it right here. i just droppedit right there and that little bowtie that you see right there is the transition. okay?and you can see if i put my cursor over it, it tells me how long it is. it’s one secondlong. now, sometimes one second can be forever,and other times it just isn't long enough. let’s see how it looks with this shot in that case it actually worked pretty

well. but what if i wanted to change the timing?okay? well if you double-click on this little bowtie icon right, here you can see you canget into the preferences for the transition so you can make it however long you want,just know you can't make it 5 seconds if the next shot is only 5 seconds long. okay, becauseyou would actually see the clip. so just to show you i can do .5 if i wantto make it shorter. okay, you can do odd numbers. if you could hit apply. it’s just to thatone shot. be careful about hitting apply to all because that will change the timing ofevery single transition in your project, which most people wouldn't really want to do. let me show you something though, let's sayyou've put hours and hours and hours into

your project and you accidentally hit applyto all or just generally you make some giant mistake. it is important that you should allbe aware of the universal command for undo. the universal command for undo is commandz as in zebra. so if i want to undo my last edit, command z. if i hit it again it willundo the edit before that and so on and so forth. once you quit out of the project, youcannot undo any more, other than if you restore the whole thing through time machine but we’renot going there. now one of the questions that someone broughtup in the chat just a moment ago, which i want to address, is saving. now this has beena problem in the past because you know it's only of course at the least convenient timewhere something goes wrong, right? you’re

on a – say you’re on an imac and you losepower. okay? well there's not much you can do. what's nice about the current versionof imovie is it auto saves. and for those of you who are curious the default locationfor where it saves the stuff is in finder. you would have your little house icon, thisis known as the home folder. it will not say pco. that stands for pcclassesonline. at leastthat's what we pretend it stands for. and in here you have a folder in here calledmovies. okay? so this is where the actual files are stored for your project. i believethis one is, yeah. it's in here, but that's where it stores the actual files. so if youever need to get at them that's where to look. okay? so that's about that. anyone have anyquestions who are here live about transitions?

i’ll wait just a moment to see if anybodyhas anything. in the meantime, let me move on to the next topic. so the next one we have here is titles. nowyou can add titles, usually two different ways. this is one of the major differencesthough i want to mention between final cut pro and imovie. so, titles can be added toeither a background or to a shot. so, for example, if i wanted to have or broadcastout of provincetown, massachusetts, maybe i want to put the location here on the screen.okay? so, to do that what you do is go through these items here, and once again, you canclick on them and hit spacebar and you'll see how they actually work. so this one isjust kind of a standard title, it zooms in

a little bit. it grows. some of these youcan modify a little bit, but not all of them. and this is one of the big, like i said, that'sone of the big, big things. so if you want to add a second line of text, some of thesewill let you and others won’t. so let's find a really simple one. i'm goingto use, what is called a lower third, which is when you see text at the bottom corner.i would like to keep it on the right though. let's do this one. expand lower third. soif you want to add a title to shot, and by the way jordan, just type your question, oh,you just did. okay. i will get to you in just a moment. so if i want to add this to my shot, you dragit onto the actual shot. okay? just like that.

see i’m holding onto my mouse so that youcan see this. see how it’s showing me it’s going on the shot. when i let go, i can typein the text here. so let me type real quick, provincetown, massachusetts. okay, now i believeby default it is 8 seconds, the title. but what you can do is you can change the lengthby clicking on this little purple bar here and see how if i put my cursor on the left-handside it turns into that, it’s like a line with an arrow. so, what i can do is clickand drag that back or forward. here well just do it. come on. there we go. see how it'sadjusting the timing of the shot. so let's make this a 5.5 second shot. whatif i don't wanted to be at the ending maybe i wanted to be here in the middle. well don'tworry, you can drag it and drop it wherever

you want. let’s put it right, and what'snice if you look at the preview window it’s showing me exactly where – actually it doesa good right there. so now if i hit play, i just want you to see what it looks like.ta-da. oh, sorry, i didn’t click that before i saved the text. there we go. enter. yougot to hit enter to save that. okay? so we’ve got that shot right there. good to go. now what if you want it on like a black backgroundor some sort of an industrial background, maybe you're doing some sort of corporatevideo. so let's grab this standard one here just so i can show you. if you want to puton top of a background what you should really do if it’s something other than black youshould actually use the next item here, maps

and backgrounds first, but i'm going to showyou here is if you were doing a black background, which is what most people would do. so in that case, instead of dropping it ona shot you drop it in between or before a shot. s, usually this is going to be the kindof thing you’ll either do at the very beginning of your project or the very end. let's dothe beginning. so i'm going to grab this and drop it right here before the shot and seehow now it's the same height here of the actual shot, so it's just the same thing, but it'son a black background and it goes into my shot. i’m going to remove that right nowso if you want to remove a transition, or a title rather, just click on it so that ithighlighted and literally just hit the delete

key. really really simple. let me move ona little bit here. now what if you do want a background of somesort, well, that’s where this next one comes in into play, maps and backgrounds. now, ifyou've ever taken one of my classes before one of the things you may or may not be awareof is i have a very deliberate process that i go through any time i design a class. andsometimes that means consciously skipping over stuff that i don't think is relevantto most people. this maps part, i don't think is relevant to a lot of people so i am goingto skip over it and just go over these backgrounds here. now, the first few that you see here, up throughunderwater, these are actually animated backgrounds.

so if you're trying to re-create finding nemo,you know you can have this nice little under the sea. that's little mermaid, anyways, youget the idea. you can have a nice little animated background just like that. we also have curtained, organic and blobs.okay? the only word of caution i kind of want to give you about using these is these arevery good – if you’re trying to do something professional they are very identifiable asbeing, as coming from imovie so i typically would advise people for to stay away fromthese. but if it's just a fun thing that you're doing for your family, whatever, have fun.go for it. if it’s a professional gig i would probably stay away from those. okay?

so if you want to add them basically whatyou do it’s just one extra step. you would drag this onto your shot and then go backto titles and drag your title onto the backdrop. see how that worked right there? so we justcreated a layer and then added a layer of text on top of that. let's undo both of those. the next one we have is music, and i wouldlike to give you a little word of warning about this. okay? so from imovie, you canupload your video to basically anywhere, whether you want to just create a file or you couldupload it to facebook, youtube, vimeo, whatever you want. if you do upload it to youtube,if you monetize the video and you use copy written music you can have a strike issuedagainst your account. so make sure that if

you are going to make money from this video,make sure it's copyright free music. i would like to at this point also mentiona resource for those of you who might be interested in doing that. so for any of you who are lookingto create a short video for your business, this is a great little resource and i havea slight request. i’m going to show you the website, but i’m going to make a requestthat you please use the link that i include in the description of this video. these folksare – we have an affiliate account with them so we get credit for the sale if youdecide to make a purchase through them. it's really inexpensive, but it's again just areally really great resource. the name of the website is called soplease, please use that link, we much appreciate

it. and this is a great way to get tons of copyrightfree music. there's a few people who are just really really good. i want to give them actuallya special shout out to one guy, because i think he's just so talented. i don't knowhis actual name, but this is the user name, adigold. a,d,i,g,o,l,d. and, this man or woman,i don't actually know produces really really high quality content. so if you go you can find everything from full song that you can use in the backgroundto just little pieces of music for something like a logo. okay? a really really great resourceto be aware of. so, if you’re going to upload it, make sureyou use that. i actually do have some copyright

free music here on this computer, which i'mactually going to pull right now. but i one i show you here is, let's say it's not forpublic use. you’re not making money off of it, you can actually use any music youhave in itunes. so with that let’s say i’m going to use my guy, honey, i’m good byandy grammer. okay, i can literally just take that track and drag it and drop it into myproject, but i'm not that i do that because i would like to stay on andy's good side. i'm going to do, just give me one moment herejust to jog around. i have some music that i can use actually by that person, who i justshowed you. let's do – i think that should be, let’s do cut, cut b. so i’m just goingto take an audio file from my computer and

i can do the exact same thing. i’m justdropping right here into the project. okay? and you’ll see here that that audio is representedby this little blue bar. i'm sorry, the greenish bar rather. okay? and at this point what iam going to do i am able to play this because like i said i do have copyright over it. soi'm just going to kind of let you see what just adding a little bit of music that toyour project. it might be hard for you to hear. transition. cut. cool, right? one other little tricks i wanted to sharewith you real quick. when i'm doing my little drone videos, for those who have seen someof them, one of the things i do is so these little peaks that you see here in the greenbar, these are showing you peaks of audio,

and one of the things that i try to do totry to make my videos really just jazz them up a little bit is i actually edit to thebeat of the music. so for example here where you heard this, okay? there’s like a beat,right there, i would usually cut from that shot to another shot, which i'll show youin just a little bit. the next one we have here is sound believe it or not your mac actually comes with a ton of sound effects, and one of thethings that you might want consider doing is you can organize it by genre or time justby clicking on either of these categories. so if you need a sound effect i mean justlook at how much stuff we got here. i mean i am scrolling and scrolling and scrolling.there's a lot of stuff here.

so in the class i taught the other day, isaid well what if you wanted may be a very light subtle tone of ocean waves in the problem, just type in wave, and oops, no wrong one. ocean is what i meant and you knowi’ve got a list of selections right there. and if you want to preview them you can justclick on them, and there's a little play button right here. so if i want to hear. i can hearhow it sounds. okay? and if you decide to do that, let me showyou this, let me just pick one here. okay, so let's say i like that audio and i dragit in. so you can have multiple layers of audio. okay? i can tell you right now it'sgoing to be way too loud. so for those of you who are here live, this might be slightlydifficult for you to see so i’m going to

try to be as verbally descriptive as i can. there's a thin black line that goes throughthe middle of this as well as the audio here. that think black line is your audio if i click on it. see how it says 100 percent? i can drag down and make it maybe 10 percentso it's really really subtle. i don’t even know if you’ll be able hear it now but,you can actually hear it a little too well and there’s no waves in that shot, so let'shit delete. oops, i hit delete on the wrong clip. undo. the other thing while we’re talking aboutaudio is again, this might be some difficult for some of you who are here live to see,see that little – there’s a little circle

icon right here on the left hand side. okay?that right there, you can actually drag in by pulling it to the right or left if you'renot opposite end of the shot. that is your audio curve so that’s a transition if i don't want the ocean waves or in this – i’m sorry – in this case the music,if i don't want it to just boom, go right in. okay? i can transition it in. so now it'sgoing to take just to make it a little more dramatic 7.9 seconds to hit the full volumethat it's going to hit for the whole clip. i know it's going to be very hard for someof you to hear. just trust me on that one. okey-dokey, so that's a little bit about audio. next one, this is just another thing i'm goingto skip over. you can bring in projects from

garageband, but we’re not cover it, becausea lot of people don't know how to use garageband. okay. the next thing we’re going to do istalk a little bit about enhancement, and then i have a few other little editing tricks ineed to show you. so, one of the things that you can do here this shot by the way is totallyuncolored corrected. that is just raw footage. you can color correct. so what you can dois click on the shot that you want to adjust. see how there’s that thin yellow bar, linearound it rather, up here at the very top right of my preview window we have severaldifferent little buttons to tweak our shot. first one we have right here. okay, it's sortof like a half circle. this is for – it’s basically like white balancing. so white balancingis when you may have seen this when people

are shooting a movie, a lot of times whatto do is they'll hold up a piece of paper or a piece of white material. and what that'sdoing is telling the camera that this color is the mathematical equation for white whenit comes to, you know, in the actual shot. otherwise it might be slightly tilted thiscolor or that color. what’s kind of nice as it's not even necessaryanymore because you can adjust it in post, but some people still do it. so with thisyou have a few different options here. i you can hit auto. see how it changed the wholelook? okay, it took away that warm tone to it and it just made it neutral. okay? that'show it probably looked really that day. next one is the color match and where thiswould be really good is when you have two

shots, okay, so like look at – so look atthis shot right now and then look at the shot. see how the lighting is totally different.match color allows you to basically look at two different shots and match the white when i click on this shot right here it's going to probably make it look like the original.okay, maybe not the best example. let's start with the one that's a little bitwider. okay, so it warmed it up to just a little bit there. i’m going to actuallygo back to the original. there we go. white balance here, okay, you can just manuallycolor correct. see how when i clicked on that it gave me that little dropper. okay? so,what i would do is i would go to the shot and click on something that is white. so forexample i might do this. this is a horrible

horrible example but there is a white buildingin the background. basically they are the same thing because it is white. and then we have skin tone balance. okay?so you're just telling it to basically correct the color based on the person's skin tone.there you go. the next one we have here is your kind oflooks like an artist palette. okay? this is true color correction. so here with this barhere, we can adjust the black levels, the gray levels and the white levels. so for exampleif i up the blacks a little bit here. what you'll see is look at the dark areas of theshot, especially right around here. you'll see it kind of removes those dark spots. okay?this is one trick you can use if it's getting

a little bit too late in the day and you makeit look like it's a little bit earlier. that's one trick that you can use. okay? you canalso go the other way, which just makes it looks at the end of the world. this next one here is one of my favorite toolsfor color correction. so this is just saturation. if you drag it all the way to the left yougot a black-and-white image, if you go all the way to the right you have a horrible usually we want something right in the middle. so i tell people is this thin whiteline that goes through middle that's neutral. okay? that's the original. pump it up justa tad. okay? just a little bit. it just enhances the color especially the blues, the reds,the oranges. okay? it’s a really nice little

trick. and then finally over here on the right-handside we have color temperature. so if i drag this all the way to the left it's going tolook like winter. okay, not quite like winter, but you can see how like basically adds alot of blues, whereas if i go the other way it looks like we’re in the mojave desert.okay? so that's that. next one we have right here is cropping andi’m actually going to jump over that and come back to it because usually people usethis more than anything for the ken burns effect. so we'll go over that a bit. stabilization,okay, if you have a handheld shot that doesn't quite look quite that great, stabilizationwill attempt to smooth it out a bit. for those

of you who are looking for a new iphone, ifyou're worried about stabilization that is where the iphone 6 plus has a bit of an least as of today's date because it does have a little bit of extra stabilization builtinto the guts of the camera. next one we have here are your audio levels.okay? so you can change through here. it's the same thing as grabbing this little blackline and dragging it up and down. okay? this shot doesn't actually have any audio, becausei removed it. but that's where you can go to adjust it. okay? the next one we have here is to reduce background.okay? so for – let’s say you're doing an interview outside and there is some sortof background noise and you want to kind of

want to cut through it. i don't know reallyhow well this works because i don't usually use this kind of the thing and frankly, i’ma final cut pro guy more than anything, but you can tell it to reduce the background noise,and there's a slide bar here so you can adjust how intense it is. if you go to too much itcan sound kind of funky though. next one we have here is speed, this speedometerright here. so let's say i have a shot, let’s say this shot right here is a little bit toofast and i want to slow it down. i can click on my clip, go here to speed. okay? and ican tell it to go slower, make it faster or i can customize it. so if you go into custom, you can actuallyjust type in the speed. so normal is 100 percent,

110 would be slightly faster, 90 would beslightly slower. let's just go to 90, hits enter when you’re done and see how extendedthis clip? okay? so now it's just a little bit. slowed down. there you go. next one we have here is something that iwould very much encourage you to probably stay from unless you’re trying to go forthis affect. this is video and audio effects. so if i clicked right here on video can see an immediate preview. okay? this makes it looks like a cartoon. this rasterizesit, rasterize, rasters the image, hard light, heat wave. okay? negative. i think the onlypeople who use that are kids. black-and-white. this is one way to achieve a black-and-whiteimage. although frankly if you're going for

black-and-white i would actually encourageyou to use the color correction tool instead, because then you can start to play with theblack levels, the gray levels and give it a really more custom look. okay? so you canjust play with that, if you like. audio effects are just ridiculous. we’re going to skipover that. so now let's go back to cropping. okay? i’mgoing to use this shot here as an example. so if i want to change the effect of thishere. so you can, you know, right now starting semi-zoomed in – i’m sorry – starting,yeah, starting to zoomed in and it – starting wide there we go and then zooms in. what ifi want to reverse that? so this is where you go into the croppingtool. and the way the ken burns effects work

is you have two boxes here. one says startand one says end. okay? so you can adjust the size of this box by either clicking onthe middle and dragging it around or you can grab a corner and resize it. okay? so let'ssay we just want to reverse. okay? i want to start tight and pull back. so i would shrinkdown the box and center my shot. what's really nice is they give you this crosshair so thatyou know where is center. okay? i think it would be little that nice if they also gaveyou rule of thirds, but that's okay. so we have that as the starting shot and thenjust click into the other box to switch. so now we’re in the end shot, so i'm been adrag that up. okay? one of the tricks about the ken burns effect is you don't want dramaticmovement. it’s easy to go crazy with this.

this is a 4 second shot right now. so theamount of time it takes to go from here to here in 4 seconds is actually pretty usually what you want to do is really just make it a very subtle detail. don't make itan exclamation point, make it, i don’t know, a comma, if we are going metaphors. now, someone i noticed a moment ago was askingabout the black bars. so you will see here, if we go back to cropping. you have blackbars on the side and this is where i always encourage people take your photos horizontallyfolks, also known as landscape mode. don't take them vertically because you can't usethem if you go to do something like this. you can utilize this black area if you want.i don't encourage you to, but, you can if

you need to. so if i extend this you’llsee it will go into that black area right there. okay? i just tend to think that it'sbest to keep your shot nice clean and stay away from it. the other cropping options we do have hereare fit, cropped, so basically with fit what it's going to do is it's just going to just,well, fit the photo. okay? crop to fill means it's going to remove that black area. so it'sgoing to just make this one image that's a solid image, just take up the entire screen.that's all. and if your photo is flipped you can flip it right here with these buttonson the side. let's go ken burns just so you can see this.i want to show you how nice, just a very subtle

movement can look. and just use enter to lockit in. now you may notice it stutter a little bit. don't worry about it. if you, especially withtransitions, you’ll see that a lot because when you finish this and you exported to whatis youtube, facebook or a file it’s going to smooth that out. so don't worry if it'sa little bit jumpy. and keep in mind i'm teaching a live class now so my computer's ram is maxedout right now. so that's a little bit about that. one of the editor tricks i need to show youhere is cutting and trimming and yes there is a difference. so if you want to make acut, meaning i want to split this into two different shots right here, is you can click,okay, so you want to make sure you have your

playhead here where you want the shot to cut.okay? and from there what you're going to do is do, i think it’s command b. yes. icouldn’t remember that for a moment. command b, so see how now this is two separate can do that. but the other part is extending or shorteninga shot. so let's say i really just wish this shot like went on a couple extra frames. youdon't have to reimport it, just put your cursor at the very end and see how my cursor hasturned into those two arrows pointing in opposite directions? just click and drag. and it willpull from your original footage. so now i got some beach in there, just like that. okay?and you can do the reverse too. next thing i want to show you, really handyfor, i just think that this really makes a

project, just gives it that extra little charm.especially if you're doing something like a family vacation or some sort of little documentaryis voice over. now, if you want a little piece of advice the audio that i am using rightnow, the microphone that i am using right now, which you hear my voice on is a $50’s really inexpensive. it’s really high-quality. i know through our web store people buy aton of them. i will include a link to that microphone in the description of this video.okay? but it's a great little investment. i use two microphones usually. one for ifi'm live, one if i'm recording like a big project. so, the two that i use are the snowballand the yeti pro. for most of you i would recommend the snowball. like i said you’llfind a quick link in the description of the

video. if you want a quick easy way to get into voiceovermode just hit v. okay? just letter v. so the way the voiceover works, is it’s automaticallyif you have music it’s going to automatically fade down the audio. okay. it’s going tofade down the music, fade in your audio and when you're done it’s going to fade downyour audio and fade back in the music so it's this nice transition, it’s not just suddenlythe music is cut to 50 percent volume. okay? so i actually had here on my desk, do i stillhave it? yes i do. thank you. i had – i was just like trying to think of somethingcreative to do to demonstrate this so i downloaded this poem called cape cod by george santayana.and i thought i would just do a little quick

demonstration for you. so, you'll notice that here on the previewwindow, okay, we have this little audio meter, and it's showing you right now the levelsof my voice. so right now they are green. they are good. if it hits yellow, you know,that's doable. if it hits red, that’s bad. so just to show you for those of you herelive just back off your computer for a moment and those of you on youtube. so i’m justgoing to loud. see how it went red. okay? so that's a sign you want to stay away from. so you want to position yourself relativelyclose to your microphone, but not so that you’re drooling on it and just relax yourvoice and get ready. now, one thing i want

to mention for those of you who decide togo with external microphone, click on this little button right here. this is where youcan switch your microphone so by default it's going to be set to this built-in microphone.okay? i’m going switch it to use snowball, so it sounds good. okay? you can adjust yourvolume levels so if you just one of those people who doesn't know how to talk quietly,new yorkers, than you can down this a little bit or if you are really quite you can adjustthe volume up. just try to stay away if you're too quiet, you’re better off just reallygetting on top of that microphone, because when you increase it you’re increase aybackground noise as well. so when you feel like you've got it good togo, okay, you want to put the playhead basically

where you wanted to come in. okay? let’sjust do right here and you can hit that little record button. and what is going to do isit’s going to rewind 3 seconds if you have 3 seconds, but it's going to give you a countdown3,2,1, and then you're good to go. so let’s just – i’m just going to do two lineson this one. so here we go. the low sandy beach and the thin scrub pine, the wide reachof bay and the long sky line, the salt, salt smell of the thick sea air, and the smoothround stones that the ebbtides wear. that's how you do a radio voice, folks. yes, i'mavailable for hire. never done it professionally, but would love to. no, that's not true i haven'tdone one commercial. so if you want then what you can do, if youlook here, you can actually see that transition

down. okay? and then transition back up. solet's hear how it sounds. the low sandy beach and the thin scrub pine, the wide reach ofbay and the long sky line, the salt, salt smell of the thick sea air, and the smoothround stones that the ebbtides wear. goosebumps, right? no, i'm kidding you. all right. so that's how you do little buta voiceover work. it’s easy. it’s fun and if you screw up you can do as many takesas you want, of course. so that's a little bit about voice over. next thing i want to do, i want to show youfun tricks here. okay? so one of the cool features i really like in imovie is this featurewhere you can sort of go from – it's probably

just as easier if i show you – let’s just,let me to show you. let me grab some additional footage here real quick that’s just a littlebit different. let's grab this. okay? just through it in there. so there is this featurewhere you can basically stop the video, flash, and do a little ken burns move and then resumes.let’s actually extend a little bit. okay? so the way this works is you want to put theplayhead, click, and put the click playhead where you wanted to flash. now go up hereto your menu bar. okay? and we have modify, and this one here called flash and hold let’s just show you how it looks. so watch this. a little ken burns effect foryou. it's especially cool for, i think that's actually really cool for sports shots.

so you see, it shows you your video and thenit takes a frame and does a quick flash transition, ken burns’s effect. yes, you can transitionthat. you can change the movement of that shot if you want. and then resumes the it's like it never ever stopped. pretty cool feature. i just thought i would justshare that with you because i thought you might like it. let’s see here, a couple of those littlethings before we go. when you're done with your projects. okay? you have a share see right here at the top right corner. okay? so this allows you to send your videoproject to a whole bunch of different sources. one is the imovie theater, and this is reallyonly useful if you use apple tv, so it basically

moves your project to the cloud so that youcan check out the final project on an apple tv. this one is a joke. you never e-mail video,folks. that's just crazy. if you want to e-mail video you export your project as a file todropbox or google drive or one of those and send the person a link. you do not try toe-mail video. it’s just way too big. itunes is great if you want to throw it onthe iphone or ipad. okay? you have to go through itunes to do that, so that's one way to doit. sorry you don't have to, not anymore. but that's the recommended method. next one we have here is youtube. okay? likei said just be careful, make sure you’ve

got good copyright authorization. okay? next one we have here is facebook. so someoneis trying to get back. vimeo, cnn and image. i don't really know why they do image as anoption. and then finally we have file. so if you want to, let's say you want to putyour project on a dvd. okay? this is where you're going to do it. so you’re going tocreate a file. okay? you can name your video projects here. so i could say provincetown.choose your resolution. please, please, please keep it as high as possible. otherwise, it'sjust going to look not great. quality set to best. that's what i would recommend. okay?you can customize it if you want to deal – if you want to customize the resolution. okay?but i'm just going to put it on best. there

we go. next, this is going to create a file. so youcan put it really wherever you want. for any of you who want to put this on a dvd or blu-raydisc something like that i would like to just give you a quick reference and i will puta link in the description of the video. there's another class that i've taught that pairsvery very well with this video, sort of like wine and chocolate, it goes very well together.toast 12 titanium. it's a fairly inexpensive piece of software. it's nice for people whodo video projects, and it is just really simple software for burning video to a disk. okay?because idvd isn't really supported anymore, it's not, and i was never a fan personallyof idvd. toast 12 is pretty straightforward.

we have a great class on that, link in thedescription of the video or you can just go to our website, let’s see here, i'm going through my notes.someone just asked a question about – oh i’m sorry. i read that question wrong. forthose of you who want me to go over something again, who were here live i will do that injust a moment here. last little thing i want to mention here thati skipped over is there is a one click enhance button. what you can experiment and see ifit makes your clip it look any better. let’s do it for this clip here. you know, it's kindof hit or miss. you know, i usually don't use it frankly, but you can check it out ifyou want.

so that's about it for imovie folks. whati want to say before we go here just real quickly for those of you who've been watchingthis on youtube or on our – well specifically youtube – if you click that little likebutton beneath the video we really appreciate it for two reasons. one you're telling uswe're doing a good job, but the bigger reason is what that actually does in the backendof youtube has to do with the seo. so you're telling other people out there that this videohas good content. that is relevant, you know, it's not one of those things were it saysit’s a class about imovie and it turns about the class about something different. we really appreciate it if you do that ourvideos. the other thing is, if you're watching

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