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some relationshipsare made forever, they say this one too wasof that kind, perhaps we met here, in this college,for the first time he was... samra.- yes, ma'am. good grades, samra. keep it up.- thank you. a class computer engineering student a hot favourite among the girls during exams, he wasmuch sought-after

for, everyone wantedto pass with flying colours he was my senior in college in short, the heroof decent students. sam i... madhav shastri?- yes, sir are you madhav shastri? don't try proxy attendanceon me. okay! he is absent even today.he is incorrigible a mechanical engineering studentought to have a fire inside him

yes, what was he asking? why i don't attend class regularly? ask him if he goes home regularly rangeela beer bar, every night does he know what a spare gear is? a mechanical engineering studentought to have a fire inside him! if i get a chance, i'll teach him andhis family fire and backfire as well of course you will,madhav shastri my objective is to enjoy lifeas long as i'm in college

once out of college,you have to face the music anyway i was a mechanicalengineering student hey! are you a don? i never said that.all i'm saying is that... our college is too congested. two donscan't survive in one college, right? so my advice is... you seniorsbe the bully outside the college let me open my little shopinside the college acting smart, eh?- oh no... is that a threat?- no, sir

you will hit us?- damn! how can i hit you guys? hit me.- no, sir you're a don here, right?hit me! come on.- hey no. no. i was the college bully now limp all your life.wants to be a don! with my help students passedwith flying colours... on the condition thati too must come up trumps why the hell do youcome to college?

no question papers for you.girls must study and pass. move i was a total celibate please adjust 'not consistent. honestly speaking,' i was a hero in college, too rats! how dare they talk like thatwith the girls in our group? what did you say about priya?- it's already in the newspapers, eh? trying saying it before me.- nothing, i only said... that priya is flat at the frontand from behind...

i don't know why fromthe very first day itself... a special relationshipwas formed between me and samra 'strong love relationship.' i think the jail is the right placefor you, not the college why do you do all this? and sam, you? why do you wantto become a gangster? you are a brilliantand an intelligent student you come from a good family. my family's not a refugee

not at all!the stubble... the chain around your neck,unbuttoned shirt... traits of a decent family indeed! at least don't misuse the moneythat your father sends you this is the last warningfor the two of you if i happen to get a complaint again,i'll suspend both of you have some shame now get out! what?what are you staring at?

don't think i'm going to spare youbecause of the principal's warning you mess with me..and i will make you life hell. i'm scared know what?i'm a simple and decent guy like atal bihari vajpayee. however, i don't know why, everytimei see you and your flunkeys... i get really pissed off,and i turn into a beast you needn't. you were born beast don't abuse in english.try using your mother tongue

i hated him, he hated me hi!hey girls sit down! please sit down. hey, ms. madhavi, please sit down. i have small request! my friends are getting pretty bored,growing weaker day by day what i was thinking is that, if youcould provide them some tonic... it'd be fun don't get it?i mean...

he is so cute, etc. etc. just like what you dowith sam's friends if you do that with these poor souls,their lives will be made what do you say, baby? look, they have what sam has... except money,which i'll provide and you didn't give a thoughtto what i will have to offer? the messiah of the poor,the big brother... the guardian of girls, is here.- he is here!

he is here! you've got the wholesale agencyof the girls if you could offer us some share... sam, leave him sam! the sister says no,and the brother stops this is what you callthe relationship of love the relationship of love!- enough, stop don't flatter him so much let the casanova go with the girls

all he needs is a flute to playthe tunes, so let's buy him one sorry mr. lover boy.i disturb you, okay. he tonsured us not just the head...- the chest too he's incorrigible don't be afraid.give me the polythene bag turn away.- hurry up it stinks.- shut up the crackers, please

not just in the girls' hostel,the sound of the crackers... will also echo in sam's life all the very..come on! burn. crackers? urine? pathetic.this is very sad! who was the other boywith you, manish? if you give me his name,i might spare you who was he?- samra, sir sir, i can't do such a know me

i didn't expect this from you, either this is a very serious offence. this is a black markon your character. but it wasn't me! iwasn't even there! i am sorry, samra. i have done the enquiry.manish too has revealed your name i will have to suspend youfor two months now please go. what else? i gave his name.

manish! move! speak! on whose biddingdid you frame me? speak up! he did it on my say-so.why hit a kid? you're screwed suspended for two months you cannot attend classuntil my friends grow their hair back

how's the timing? perfect, isn't it? that's it! you.. enough of idiocy you want to testyour strength, don't you? then come on!you and me! one on one! i've been waiting for this! just tell me the place,i'll be there, swear he think he is the champ. same rules?

good! good! not on the face, punk!have you forgotten the rules? come on! see? i'm one up on you what's happening here?- leave me. let me go! let go!- you're saved! but it's not over yet the score's not settled yet.- we're just off the mark

i'll bowl you out!- shut up! okay seniors,let's have a group snap ready? farewell party of the seniors let's mess things up yeah, sure. yes? oh my god! that boy hasgot a lot of guts! come on.

i didn't know that you boysare graduating tonight. no,'s your last day in college. know what? i've been waitingfor this day tonight you are celebrating,tomorrow, i will how about finishing off what weleft unfinished the other day? tonight i'm sparing you you're going to america, i hear what's the job?ajanitor's? you will certainly make it big.for, you sweep well

look, i will be doing thatin america in two years, you will be doingthat right here at least i'll be earning in dollars good one, sam. hey sam, i have a small wish now that we've met here... don't ever cross my path again i have a wish too;... to meet you again,just once

to finish off what we left'll be my turn yeah.- oh yeah. i thought it would beour last meeting, but alas... okay, everybody. listen up. i'm madhav shastri,and i'm your instructor i'm a mechanical engineer, and... i know wellhow i completed my engineering notwithstanding, todayi'm teaching you software just make sure that the inputsare correct. only then..

one minute, madhav yeah. excuse me please.- okay, sir. yeah, hello. i will callyou back in one minute. i will just call you back. yeah. good morning, sir.- hi, madhav. hi.- congratulations. your san franciscoproject has been approved. i want you to go. it's a one-year contract.and 12,000 dollars per month.

when do you want to leave? i don't want to go, sir what are you saying!it's a lifetime opportunity! come on. my lifeline is my dad, sir he lives in mumbai,and i don't want to leave mumbai because i am really having a ball here. good morning, dd. good morning.- what is going on, boss? are you checking youremail or checking out females?

i am checking email from females.any problem? cool, dd. cool.- books ordered from all over the world. look. look.i must say one thing about my book shop. whatever books and dvdsone won't find anywhere else.. ..will be availableonly at dd dvd collection. good going, will be successful. i am already successful, my it is your turn. yes, yes. - by the way, whereare you going this early in the morning? it is sunday today, which means fun day.big plans today.

oh my god! what is the big plan, man? we will go to the disco and have fun. does your father own the discothat it will be open during the day? if it is not open,we will have it opened up. actually,why don't you come along with us? if i go with all of you,girls won't look at you. dd, should i tell you the truth?they don't look at us anyway. and where is your son today?- my son is rising upstairs. sing a song

wonderful what the hell?- are you singing? or are you begging? that wasn't a songto compliment the mood what do you know about music?- maybe nothing... but i know much about you.- what do you know? oh really? how far have you studied?- a, b, c, d... msc look at him. he passed matriculationon his fourth attempt and he forged the certificate,turned ssc into msc...

and tries to impress everyone notwithstanding, he taught maths,free of cost... to the girl next door dear, i like her. that fatso? this is an interesting case. look at yourself. you area case in itself. most wanted every police station in the citycarries his photographs look at your size doesn't match the other

he has never been to a shoe-mart... yet he gets a new pair of shoesevery week how come?- every tuesday... he steals from the temples and you? what did you do in front ofthe mahalaxmi temple for two years? you tell us.- this shameless character... would throw a 25 paise coinin some blind beggar's bowl... and pick up 2 bucks from it.- bastard he acts smart.- really.

moron!stop that clapping and laughing what have i done?- sadly, you haven't done anything yet you are all of 25 now.swear by samanta fox's eyes... and tell us about something worthwhilethat have you done why should i?i have my father you think we are test-tube babies?damn you test tube baby?- yes. when i was in america five years back.. fink! you haven't seen enoughof mumbai and you brag about america

you guys suck. if there's a decentand handsome guy in our group... it's me.- agreed if there's someone who spends half ofhis salary on your fags and beer... that's a lie.- all right, agreed agreed, okay? so can't you singa lovely song for me? now you are tryingto use our talent sing, will you?- hear, will you? "we are.." "crazy."

"vivacious." "mumbaikars." "we all are mumbaikars." "we all dance in tune." "ooh lala! ooh lala! we drinkthe drink of merriment." "gopala! gopala! the lockof our fate will open up." "why are you looking back?say what has happened." "crazy. vivacious." "what is fishy?what mixing is this?"

"what all goes on behind the veil." "what uproar is this?what match fixing is this?" "what merriment is goingon behind the curtain?" "now there is no there is no gautam." "now the public is not the the season is not the same too." "ooh lala! ooh lala!we drink the drink of merriment." "why are you looking back?say.." "we want.. we want.. we want." "we want telescope in our eyes."

"we want rocket speed in our legs." "we want to stay with girls." "we want to stay late in the disco." "whether you look from left or right." "she looks like a damselfrom all the sides." "she talks on the cell in style." "ask where does this damsel like?" "she wears goggles on her eyes.she wears a watch on the hand." "why is she standing in anger?"

"oh lala! oh lala!we drink the drink of merriment." "gopala! gopala!the lock of our fate will open up." "why are you looking back.say what has happened." mughal-e-azam! the world'smost beautiful love-story i have seen the movie 11 times.have you seen it? dilip kumar and madhubala must see it how much, sir?- 250 rupees. if you are in love,you'll get a 20 percent discount oh! thank you!- hey, dad! stop flirting! - mention not.

dad, i'm broke.can i get a grand? a grand? what for?- to watch a movie movie? all right here's 1000 bucks. make sureyou get seats at the corner corner seats, vicky- yes. why are you telling him?- he's the one i'm going with bloody punk! two idiots will sitat the corner and watch a movie? you ought to be ashamed!- what for? if a boy wants to watch a movie,he should watch it only with a girl

else, it'd be like embarrassing themovie, the theatre and the audience take it easy, dad. - what easy?c'mon, stand together. put your hand overhis shoulders... smile look at each other, lovingly you make a nice couple, but itwon't do here. it'll work in america it's legal there... two boysgoing around hugging each other if you want to stay here in indiawith your papa... go outside, find a nice girland tell me that you like her... that you love her...and i'll give you 10,000 bucks

10,000 bucks? sure?- sure would you go out for a movie with me?evening show, corner seats we'll clap. it'll be fun.- a movie? with you? what the bloody helldo you think of yourself? have you seen you face in the mirror? i do, every morning! you creep! not my fault though.he asked me to do this mr. dindayal. - yes, ma'am.- i never expected this from you!

i also did not expectthis from him! idiot! what's your problem?shall i take you to some doctor? doctor? what for?- why aren't there girls in your life? because i haven't yet come acrossmy kind of girl what is your kind of girl? dad, my kind of girl is.. my kind of a girl! dad, pick up the phone i'm delhi talking to maddy

hello, maddy. hello. hello, maddy. "these are the moments ofmonsoon and lightening." "my heart is flashinglike the cloud." dad...- yes? i have found her who?- my kind of girl hello.- dad, she is going. - who is going? going. hello! hello, maddy.

gone. - what rubbish are you talking!hello, maddy. hello. hello, maddy.maddy, where are you? hello! some meetingsleave behind memories... and promises some meetings... give you a feelingof a new beginning i saw her again something surely existed between us 'something very special.'

but what was it? and as soon as he goes to her,he too asks for sardar. its crazy! let's go and meet the groom you just refused a while ago i have changed my mind i have a feeling thatmy life is about to change hey, maddy!- hi! okay! okay! bye.

who's that girl?- my wife not her. the girl behind me i see. she's rina malhotra she's a chartered at delhi fort there was a time wheni was after her what rubbish!you're hopeless aren't you ashamed?it's your wedding today i know amazing beauty

tell you a secret...- what? she's so pretty...nobody is watching you and your wife everyone is watching her is that what you came here to say?- yes i realised it in the morning emptied an entire film roll on her you saw that? now that you know,why don't you introduce her? introduce a girl to you?- yes, yes you are baptized

what do you guys take me for? did you guys think i was a?- right c'mon, introduce me to her.- let go! it's my wedding all right, i spare you for yourwedding's sake. now introduce me later.- later? later, you are not going to listeneven to your father it's your nuptial-night you will vanish in thin air.don't laugh if you don't introduce me later...

i'll sneak into your room in the nightand burst crackers. remember may i leave now?bye sister-in-law hey...- bye hey wait... hi, i am maddy! hi, i am maddy! hi, i am maddy! i know! let's go! wonderful! what a babe!

what's her name?- rina did you talk to her?- no did she talk to you?- no did your eyes meet?- no, man she must've seen you at least.- no damn! for all your flings, you are abloody loser! total waste of time you'd rather have gone for a girlat the market. want me to set it up? shut up

have i ever discussed a girl?- no, gentleman there were so many girls in college.those sexy girls from delhi... wow!- everyone in college were after them not once did i cast a glance at them.- you didn't who's that girl staying opposite?- a good-looking gujarati girl yes.- patel namita patel.- right, scoundrels for her, the guys in the neighbourhoodhave even altered their schedules did i ever say hi to her?- never

but this time i'm telling you... this girl's very different the small silver bindion her forehead! that cute killing smile! that stylish sari wrapped around her! those beautiful delicate legs! her flowing tresses!- stop it! stop barking! what's your problem?- not a word more why not?- because right here, another man...

will enter your love-story hey!- sorry! sorry! i'm also beginning to like her after all even i am a guy. that's what i am saying!she is that kind of a girl! i can't believe it.- if i say more... you won't believe it at all.- maddy... tonight, even if you say thatmadonna gave you a massage... i'm gonna believe it.- hands off

i'm not madonna. lay off yes?- the girl by rina's side is amazing she is out of focus.- then let's set the focus right damn, that's something invisible wonderful! it's amazing, maddy.- awesome! i haven't shown you anything yet.hold on i saw something up there don't tell me thatyour days have turned so bad... that you've resortedto stealing cups from bars

look... the mark of lipstick.- so what? didn't get it?- no it's the same cup with which rina...- what? drank water show me shut up!- oh come on you should've brought the plate toowith which she had her meals we'd have made a photoframeand hung it up the wall

it would've made a nice modernabstract art, a symbol of love too blockhead!- come off it what matters is he finallyfound a girl for himself he hasn't found her yet.- hang on... before this pretty womanfinds herself a beau, we must act mady, i can read your face if you don't have this girlin your life, your life will be ruined all right,but what am i to do? when it comes to ideas,you remember d. d

so the idea is, friends;pack your stuff, book your tickets... leave for delhi and find rina.- let's go no, dad i hear thatwhen you fall in love... only one channel is relayedfrom the heart... love great only one face lingersbefore your eyes... the lover's it's happening to me,albeit slowly because, i can still seeyour rotten faces

in my opinion, i must waitfor a few more days... to confirm whether it is infatuationor true love what say? until then,delhi can wait come on! faster! hey! guys! see that? their dads blow uptheir ill-gotten wealth in liquor and these girls blow up theirdads' money in gas stop screaming. i'll overtake them.- don't be stupid if they fall off their motorbikesthere will be people to pick them up if you and i fall...- we'll have pallbearers to pick us up

what good was all that smoke?finally, you are stuck up in traffic why is he babbling so much? no matter how much youpounce and jump.. you girls have to finally haltat the wedding signal are you tied up? shut up!- thank you! see? she spoke to me want a cigarette? no, thanks.- it is of a good brand.

we only smoke beedis.- beedis! it doesn't stink? it does. a few swills of whiskeytakes care of the stink the future of the moderngirls is not so bright. - ford! it's her! maddy! the next seven generationsof yours will be born naked and bald your children will go beggingfor combs and clothes! where's my specs? found it! i can see now

damn! who hung thetrucker's picture here? moron! did you findonly my truck to die? smartass! take off your glassesand look around did you find only my motorbiketo run over? why are you sucking the lemon? because my blood pressure dipped why the hell did you hang it there?- for the truck to run properly i see. how many organsdoes your truck carry? organs? you mean spare parts?750

if your truck cannot run properlyon 750 spare parts... you think a lemon would help? trying to con me, eh? pandey!- that's me, sir not you... i called him.arrest him one minute. let go,i'm not going to flee do you have 200 bucks?- 200! they won't agree on anything less.- i gave all i had... at the previous signal.- really? how about... paying him back in the same coin?- stop murmuring, will you?

hands off. don't touch me prasad! hands off i know the police commissioner sir.- sir. he doesn't know me though hello. hi, aunty. is shruti there? no? when did she leave?okay, bye thank you.

what do you think you are doing?- mind your own business i got drubbed because of you listen to me...- drop dead you go your way, i go are the malefic planet in my life you are the malefic planet in my life!what more do i say? i hate you. i'm off.- i'll buy you a beer i love you. you are my best friend.i go your way you are a real gentleman.- look! that's the delhi girl. rina

and the girl with her...your out-of-focus let's go and talk to them sure, but only i'll talk, okay?- sure i'll have my eyeful.- come on... where did she go? all because of you!you aren't my friend drop dead!you go your way, i go mine where did she go?- lost the beer! dad! dad!

i saw her again.- who? the delhi kind of girl really? i'm coming i was with vicky on the motorbikewhen i saw her where?- on the road then?- i got off the bike and followed her then?- she went into a shopping complex then?

how much for this cassette?- free of cost thanks. i too went into the shopping complex.- then? then she vanished.- damn it! that costs 530 bucks i let go a golden opportunity.- damn tell you something... my hearthas been playing only programme what programme?- rina only one face lingers before me...- whose face?

rina's i think i'm in love.- gracious! my son is in love ladies and gentlemen,50% discount on every deal. your cassette is free i haven't yet found the girl.- you will, now that you are in love don't bathe, just wear a perfumeand take off your love's working.- what! the girl is in the supermarket.- where? dumbo! supermarket.- i'll be right there

how much for this? is she the one?i'll hit you she's not the one,but she is her friend we can take her help, you are confusing me let me explain. look boss,it's simple if you want to meet the boss,woo the peon if you want to enter a bungalow,woo the watchman likewise, if you wantto reach rina... you must woo herout-of-focus friend. come on

i'm vicky, i want to havea word with you i don't mean to bother you.just want a bit of information if you don't mind. information? what kind?- maddy is my solid friend and rina is your solid friend.maddy, say something your friend, rina...we are family friends thick friends.- i'm talking actually, for the last few years... there has hardly beena contact with them...

there's a bit of...- a rift yes yesterday, we saw the two of youinside the shopping complex okay, you do the talking.- actually... i'm talking, aren't i?- go ahead we saw you... and when we thoughtof coming over and talking to you... the two of you just vanished.- in thin air! my family is supposed to performand important ritual soon... if we could only get rina'sphone number in delhi

delhi number? you are telling me thatyou are rina's close friends... but i'm surprised that you don't knowthat rina has been posted in mumbai that's what i was saying of late rina is posted in mumbai if i could get the phone number...- 6223222 thank you.- 6223222. 6223222. hello! one minute! are you really her friends? or?- to tell you the truth...

we lied to you, but you know,my best friend... wants to be your best friend'sbest friend, that's why... forget that number right now! okay, i forgot! 6223222. madam, listen to me.ever since my friend has seen her... he has gone crazy.- stop it, stop it see that? he doesn't eat,he won't let us eat either he gets dead drunk, but he won't...- it's all right he won't buy us a drop of liquor.- you are maligning me

bloody zombie!- shut up if you don't help him, this man will...- idiot! that's your father.- how dare you? shut up! try calling her up, try meeting her,try talking to her... but she won't talk to you.- is she dumb? rina's wedding has been fixed her parents have founda match for her i tell you, stop this farceand forget rina

you are neither emptying the stonesnor filling up the sea your efforts are going in vain vicky... i never imagined thata girl would walk into my life i never ever imagined thatshe'd right away walk out of my life she's gone? you are raving. it's out of questionsince she doesn't belong to you why don't you go and meet her?- meet her? and tell her what? want meto sing a melancholy before her?

her parents have fixed her wedding,she wouldn't talk to a stranger... what am i supposed to tell her? you are such a waste.look, i bunked college... lied to my parents, boughtmovie tickets in the black market... what are you getting at?- and took you to watch titanic what do you figure out?zero what happens in titanic? tell me, what happens in the movie? a slink woosan already engaged girl...

from right under her fiance's nose,in just three days did anyone find out? okay, but what happens in the end? who drowned? the slink, right? not only titanic, in real life too,it is only the boys who drown you dig? what?- get lost tells me titanic's story how do i explain?

what? listen it's the new law of the year 2001 any boy who truly loves a girl... will certainly find her all right, give me her phone number 6223222. and your birth date? gotcha! you remember her phone numberbut you don't remember your birth date

if not love, what is it, maddy? listen to me catch the love-wave signal pick up the phoneand dial the number her heart's gonna sing, i tell you hello. hello! who is this? hello! stupid! fool! fool! 6223222

hello.- hello. yes. i'm calling from the your line clear? yes, clear is the telephone working?- yes would you tell me your address? address. 30. gulmohar cross road.juhu scheme. mumbai 49. "tell me. what has happened?"

"why is this crazyheart so restless?" "i roam around in the streetslike a crazy fellow." "somebody took your heart." "it never happened before." "come on baby. don't leave me baby." "what kind of intoxication is this?" "you don't know my condition." "you never knew it. you never knew it." "tell me my dear,what is this craziness."

"when it came in my heart i realized.." "..what love actually is, dear." "you are in are inflicted by it." "some has taken your it is hard to explain to you." "the unknown pain oflove makes you restless." "i don't know what magic that beautiful,innocent girl cast on me." "why is this crazy heart so restless?" "i roam around in thestreets like a crazy fellow." "crazy!"

"never do this to me.don't ever do this to me." "when i saw you secretly, dear.." "..i gave my heart to you secretly." "that beauty is in my eyes.she is hidden in my eyes." "she comes in my dreams at heart is restless without her." "she took your sleep.she gave you pain." "now the story of restlessnesswill be on your lips." "she is the desireof your young heartbeat." "is she a fairy or mermaid?but i think is crazy."

"someone took you heart.someone took your heart." "come on baby. don't leave me, baby." "she doesn't know my condition." so what's he saying? nothing.- what do you mean? said, he wants to meet me,he's coming next week he'd want to meet mebefore our parents fix the wedding this is so romantic! flirting after the parents havegiven their consent is so much fun

but this is more romantic;you haven't even seen the man... yet thinking of him and blushing... oh this is really romantic!- come on, shruti! okay! forget it! but you must've approved of him, no?when is this hero of yours coming? i don't know. before i could evensay something, it got disconnected at least you should've told himthat you approve of him why didn't you say that you do? should be him

shruti!- no! i'll handle this affair excuse me, please.- give it to me! one moment hello. is this rajiv? hello, rajiv.- yeah. rajiv, this is shruti.rina's best friend i would like to tell you somethingbefore rina does the two of you must meet in fact, go around together,get to understand each other

rajiv, you have seenrina's latest photograph but the last time she saw you waswhen you were kids she has no idea how you look and all she knows is that you areher papa's best friend's son... and you are coming over next weekfrom seattle, america but why next week? hello! hello! wrong number, i guess no good.i know these type of girls

the father decideswhich school she will study in the mother decides the numberof plaits on her hair and the entire family decideson who she will marry there! he's concluded the story moron! the conclusion could bea new beginning too. just shut up tell me honestly do you really love rina dearly? yeah, dad.- fantastic! you said the she hasn'tseen the boy yet

she hasn't very good! not after seven days,rajiv is arriving tomorrow i mean, you will meet rinaposing as rajiv and you'll tell her that youflew down before schedule then, she's going to spend few dayswith this rajiv and in this durationyou will have to win your game you will tell herwhat you feel about her you will pour your heartout to her

impress her. it should make herlove you the way you love her and believe me, son.. true love never returns empty-handed and once shefalls in love with you... tell her that you arenot rajiv but maddy this is deceit no. this is love and in love, the person is important,not the name dad!- hey! come on! now don't irritate me.

now look; call me d. d or daddy... call me deen dayal or shiv shankar,hardly makes a difference that's because youlove me and i love you. once the relationship of love is built,names and numbers cease to exist one more have no other way out d. d, your brainis still working. i admit no wonder you've fixedthe missing link however, just think... in the interim,if the real rajiv...

calls up rina from americaeven once... what would happen to the imposter? that's not going to happen and i will tell you how.listen to me. now that i have climbed up here,will i find my way down? i'm scared cut the wire!else, i'll cut you up i can't see a thing take of your glasses, switch onthe light, and you will see! sure. i'll meet you later and boxyour ears for landing me in a soup

the phone's ringing it is std call. could be the american.cut the line! yes.- flowers for you, ma'am. thank you.- welcome. yes. - flowers for you, ma'am. thank you. - welcome. hey... now what?

flowers for you, ma'am. who's sending these?- thank you. at least tell mewho's sending these god knows who he is! don't you guys have a job to do? some idiot seems to be sending flowersand you guys keep delivering it the idiot is here love, romance and amour, eh? trying to express your loveby sending flowers, right?

by the way, how much did you spend? 132 dollars dollars?- yes totally wasted! please leave excuse me. i am rajiv from.. america. rajiv? rajiv from.. - america. but you were supposedto arrive next week?

right. the flights weregoing empty, so i rushed here hey, this is for you. may i come in? upstairs.- upstairs. lovely flowers thank you.- you are most, most welcome. i chose these flowersexclusively for you i like this style i am impressed. - thank you.

you were to arrive next week, right?- yes do your parents knowabout his surprise? yes... actually, rina... i wanted the two of us to meetand get to know each other well... and tell our parents. so i didn'tinform them about this trip and, well... i have five days to spare and i wish to spend every momentof it with you so that we can get to knoweach other well

i was wondering if it is possiblefor you to take five days off i'll try. i'll call my boss.he might agree oh, i forgot. the phone's not beenworking for two days now and i haven't yet complained.- obviously, it won't work i mean, phones in indiaare always dead but that's not the case in america.over there, people might die... talking continuously over the phone,but the lines never get disconnected yeah, right. how about going out for lunch?- sure. shall i go and change?

yes, ma'am.- 1 american chopsuey. chicken fried rice? - chicken? i'm a pure brahmin.will i eat chicken? no way is that okay?any other chicken dish? why not order some vegetarian dish?the vegetarian fare here is fantastic but your dad said that youlike chinese chicken... that's why i ordered chicken is it all right?- yeah! yeah! okay! no problem! i love chicken.

great! that's the order!thank you. - thank you, ma'am. bloody butcher! am i going to defy my faithfor the sake of a girl? we have met you remember? at a wedding in delhi when i was eight years old you and your friends had locked me upinside a dark room. remember? your dad then gave you a cool scolding.- of course, i remember you and your friends used topull up such stupid pranks

i hated you guys! that was long back.- lucy was my best friend then you remember lucy?- yes! our lucy... yes, that tall with cat eyes.blunt cut, short hair. fair. tall? - yes. - blunt cut?- no? - short hair? fair? - what? lucy was my dog exactly! the tall dog... loose hair! blunt cut. sorry, my memory is very weak

i don't really remember anything. the food is here! oh great! - your order, sir.chicken manchurian. american chicken chopsuey. - thank you.- welcome, ma'am. - thank you. smells delicious! i'm famished. shall we eat? absolutely no! no! don't! no! no!

bon appetite. 'no, maddy! no! no! no!' nice chicken, no? - mind-blowing. i love chicken. - me too. please. - sure. okay now! round two what took you so long?is everything okay? no problem at all.i'm fine

rajiv, how far ischicago from seattle? how far is chicago from seattle? couldn't she have askedan easy question? you don't know?you've never been to america? it's very closeby just 2 hours by road. it takes me only one and a half hourswhen i'm driving all the cops out there know one stops me an airplane reaches even faster

you land before you even take off,even before you take a seat why are you asking?- my friend is married... and settled in chicago.- we'll go there i'll take you there.- no, i don't want to go why not?- i want to stay here in mumbai why? don't want to go abroad? staying there, working there...i'm not too keen nothing like our mumbai that's like opens up avenues for me

enjoy i think she is very angry. do something. sorry! sorry! sorry!i am very late! i am really sorry! i've been waiting for an hour now i don't need this. you know!- i am sorry. last night we had a party...i just slept away... the alarm didn't buzz,the bike didn't start... i kept on kicking... i think i was expectingtoo much from you

don't be so serious.i'm late, that's it i have to go. bye.- sure. on my motorbike it has five gears...not an autorickshaw! rina, come out please.we'll go on our bike it's a really good bike.soft, and imported look, it's so nice stop, man!don't you have a girlfriend? moron so we are out.

so what's the plan? nice auto! nice meter! don't touch the meter.- i know it's made of gold don't touch the meter, he says! good lord! it's so hot i mean, i'm sweating. how doyou guys manage such a hot weather? you got mineral water, boss? i drink only mineral waterin america okay, turn on the air-conditioner.- are you from the asylum?

what? you don't have anair-conditioner in the autorickshaw? no air-conditioner! know what? all the autorickshawsin america are air-conditioned they also have a mini fridge,which has a mini door open the door and you findminiature beer bottles drink the beer, and... i was expecting that watch. our day is made hey, shruti! hi! - hi! pull over. my friend is here

shruti, come.- coming! coming! - come soon! rajiv! where did he go?- took to his heels, ma'am allow me if you have to carry baggagewhen men like me are around... then it's an insult to us.- yes but to abandon a girl in the middleof the road is not an insult, is it? it is. still thinking of that? actually, i suddenly sawa childhood friend... and i went to meet him...- look rajiv...

i'm a simple indian girl and we indians stillprefer pani-puris than pizzas even today, before switching ona brand new computer... we offer a prayerand perform a ritual same with me and i would advice you to give upyour american style bye hey, reena! i am sorry! listen to me!

we're supposed to go out tonight don't waste the evening, rina in short, your evening turns outto be a dud, and you are screwed no, it's difficult for meto understand this girl let alone this one,it is not only difficult... but it is impossibleto understand any woman the day a man understands a woman,the world will turn into a paradise try to understandthe psyche of women until they are flattered,they act as if they know nothing

pamper and flatter them a littleand they turn into miss india-pacific right you are.that's how it is i tell you, after today's happenings,i don't think i can woo this girl she's going to call up her mother andtell her she doesn't approve of me that's your plus point.- she takes you for rajiv, right? which means, whatever happens,rajiv is screwed what you will do now is,change your identity and woo her damn you! how many identitiesdo you want me to change? keep trying. if you manageto woo her, marry her...

if you don't,you will make a good politician always pulling my leg what's the date today?- 17th september it's all set. his love affairis going to take off talk to me.- it's her birthday today take a look today is her birthday. many happy returns of the day! but she didn't tell me.- girls don't go screaming...

like we asses do, "hee-haw-hee-haw,today is my happy birthday" i think she intentionallyleft her diary behind she wants you to knowabout her birthday it's like, open your mouthand it rains beer it's not over yet.look, before her friend shruti... shruti! before shruti takes her out, seizeyour chance and hit bullseye, buddy how's the setting? we do! we do!

surprise! surprise! look, better late than never. reena, please. i want one chance. you see, i have planned a perfect evening.and i am just waiting for you yes. so.. if you want,i will wear indian traditional attires. please! please! please let me takeyou out! please don't say no! please! know why i chose this car? because you like indigenous things

for your sake,i'm driving a classic fiat car music. what's your problem?why are you so serious? where are we going?what's the suspense? if things go wrong this time,you are going to be very sorry wrong? no don't know who did the planning i did. nothing will go wrong damn it! what a car! what a friend!

vicky, you are dead!you asked me to drive this swine! bloody dog! is that a new way to start a car? oh no the air-conditionercooled the inside... but the radiator heated upand burst i got to call the'll be repaired know what? it's such a place wherewe can't even get an autorickshaw we have to spendthe whole night here

wow! sorry! don't worry. sit inside, i'll fix it. go on sit down. please. i will solve the problem. okay. hey! my cycle! my cycle!where are you taking it? stop him! stop!my cycle! hey, where are you taking my bicycle?thief! as long as i'm with you,you will have no problems in life i have solutions to every problem

well, have you ever had champagneat the taj's rooftop? i don't drink champagne- rina, you make me look so silly why are you eating it like this? i love 'pani puri'. i am really sorry. today i had made many plans.but everything was spoiled. you know that car.. ..dinner in rooftop restaurant.champagne, wine. everything was spoiled.

i am really sorry.- no problem. it is fine. sure? - yeah. no problem. you gave only 8!one more is left! hurry up! even this is over. it is very spicy.give some snack. - take this. it is so spicy! it's 12. bye.- no it's not yet 12 still two minutes to go

and i need only two minutes if you don't mind. - okay. to begin with, some special effects and now for the surprise. happy birthday to you! happy birthday dear reena! thank you! thank you! thank you! you didn't tell thought i wouldn't find out? i know everything

but i don't know why youdidn't tell me about your birthday i didn't tell you becauseit's not my birthday at all it's shruti's birthday shruti's birthday? sucker! vicky, you are dead!- what? nothing i see. so you did all this becauseyou thought it's my birthday today of course not! what rubbish!

not at all well, i'll buy shruti a presenton your birthday i can't take it back with me sorry. no gifts please. look... it was toughfinding this gift for you know what it is? just a minute. okay? here. this is you

independent a girl who takes care of herself when you are aloneand lost in thoughts... you will look exactly like this i was confused over choosinga gift for you. so i closed my eyes... and this is the rina i i bought it that's is my style. now will you accept this? it's beautiful!- thank you.

thank you! thank you verymuch for a wonderful evening! bye. - bye. he is mad! ladies and gentlemen,the ailment that is.. ..more dangerous than blackmagic and spells, is love. it has plagued him. look, how he is laughing on his own. now he can't be cured. can you tell us why are you smiling?

tell us. - i will tell you guys. you all great people hadarranged a great car for me. superb car! - yes! it ran well for 1 km. - wow! now it will never work. yes! and you all clever people had told meto take her through that romantic road. within a radius of 10 km from that road,not a single auto. somehow i made her sit on a cycleand took her to a restaurant for dinner. now all restaurants don't belongto my father that.. will remain openso late in the night. unfortunately i had to giveher a treat of 'pani puri' from a stall. after that when i putmy hand in my pocket in style.. ..i came to know that idon't have even a single penny. now tell me! who had takenmy money to buy the cigarette? he went away. somehow i escorted her home.. ..and loudly mind you loudly..when i sang happy birthday.. ..and gave her the gift..

come on! continue! say it! kisses? what happened? what happened is that,today was not her birthday. today was her friend shruti's birthday. shruti's birthday! i want to tell her something! fool! coward! ran away! today i have got hold of your pant!tomorrow i will get hold of your body! i will not spare you!

"how do i tell you?" independent.a girl who takes care of herself when i closed my eyes,this is the rina i saw so i bought it 'that's is my style.' is the breakfast served? hello. - hello! hi, dad! hi rajiv. how are you?when are you coming? i'm fine, dad.- let me talk to him

when are you coming, son?- i'm leaving right now, mom so great news! mom, you got to do something.- tell me, son i've been trying in vain to contactrina on the phone for the last few days i don't know what's wrong.- shall i inform her? she knows.- i see so you've been flirtingover the phone mom, stop embarrassing me. tell her that i'll be goingto delhi first

we'll all go to mumbai together all right, son. come soon yeah, mom.i will see you soon. - bye. - bye. rajiv, please stop the bike.i have loads of work to do. no. - please, least listen to me. no. - stop! what are you doing!i have to go to the office. today you won't go to the office. what do you mean i will notgo to the office? what a guy are you! yes! i am like this only!

you had said that you will remain withme for 5 days. you won't go anywhere. now why this office suddenly?you will not go to the office. then what is to be done? look, i want to takeyou to a very pretty place. i just want to stay with you.i want to hold your hand. will you come with me? - yes. such a lovely place...that too in mumbai! but there's not a soul in sight.- yes nobody comes here

every time i'm happy,i come here wow! i love this place you know lots about meand this city but i hardly knowanything about you what about me! i am.. i am an open book. anyone can read me but if you really wish to knowabout me, i can tell you something

there is something you will have to listen to it verycarefully and with lots of patience this is the right time... to tell her the truth you can do it. come on. i saw a girl... she was lightning one flash... and i lost my heart

i think i'mdeeply in love with her all i wish now is... to live in her heart what am i doing?why am i not telling her? you coward! why aren't you saying anything? this is aarti, this is shanti,this is sukanya... and this is...- shruti how do you know?

you told me... you havea childhood friend in mumbai you were supposed to tell me... okay! okay! we are a big gang you know.- and i had a big escape. this is my mummy.- my respects who this is? tell me.- yes, i'll tell you this is... could you give mefour options? hey, we're not playing"who wants to be a millionaire?" c'mon, he must be your dad.- yes. this is my dad and this is your dad.- i told you. my respects

this one was taken when i modelled.unfortunately it was not used but this one...- i can't see anything everything seems out of focus.- why? you... you are sitting so close to me power failure! rajiv, i am scared of darkness. thank god. what do you mean?- thank god.. i have the lighter.

do you smoke? if i have a scissor,does that make me a barber? what sort of a logic is that?do you have a candle? of course. i have it. please get it. look, till the time the power doesn'treturn i am not going to move from here. no arguments. okay. okay. you know there isno need for the candles.

then should we sit in the darkness? you just smile once.and it will lighten up everything. enough! i can't open my eyes!get the sunglasses! is something happening to you? what?- i mean... it's nighttime... the darkness... the candle lights... a tall, dark, handsome,smart boy... and a not so bad, so-so girl...

sitting all by themselvesin such a spacious house don't you feel anything?- hey mister! this isn't america.this is india besides, i don't seeany handsome boy in this room really? look ma'am,you don't know me one smile from me sendsa thousand beauties into a tizzy really? i don't find it special obviously,i'm talking about beautiful girls you!- hey!

sorry! sorry! oh my god! what?- you won't believe it what?- the lines on your palm says... you won't ever settle down'll never travel out of the country what are you talking?- i'm serious. you don't believe me? look your palm doesn't havecrooked lines all the lines run parallel,like the railway tracks

see... this is delhi this is jumritalia and here is our mumbai what i read is, you will marryand settle down right here in mumbai you are fooling me.- seriously. in fact... you will marry... a brahmin boy.- a brahmin? i mean, the brahmin who isa strict vegetarian at home... but goes the whole hog on nothingbut mutton and chicken in hotels

and finally linda diamonds clutchedher hands on his knees. and then.. "i want to say something to you today." "i want to reside in your heart." "beloved, now i don't want to endurethe pain of separation." "the days are fervent andthe twilights are passionate." "i don't even have a moment of peace." "who has cast this spell?i have started losing control." "as a crazy girl,why do i wander around? i don't know." "beloved, if you say,then i will pluck out the stars."

"why do i trust a stranger." "why do i feel restless every heartbeats, do tell me." "beloved, now you have become my life." "you are the boon that i have asked,beloved." "who has cast this spell.i have started losing control." "if you break my heart.then i will die right there." "what affair is this?that it doesn't break." "the eyes speak.but the lips are sealed." "i dance in this jazzy spring."

"my eyes search for and night in this panorama." "as a crazy girl,why do i wander around?" "i want to say something to you." look, i can't bearthis suspense anymore i can't handle this any more.please. at least tell mewhat you feel about me do.. do.. do you like me? when it comes to you... i get very confused

confused? why?here's what we'll do let me help you ridthis confusion use my style. shut your eyesfor ten seconds... and tell me if you see me is it? let me try- okay. "how do i tell you?i want to reside in your heart." do you see me? smiling? what does that mean?please say something, else i'll die

hey, reena. please. i'm asking you something which place do you like in mumbai?- that's not the answer to my question i don't like this place let's go someplace where therewill be only you and me where, i'll talkand you will listen oh god! tell me... what do you want to hear? this is my most favourite placein mumbai

make it my most favourite placein the world i hardly speak to boys in fact, you are the first boyto whom i've spoken so much these five days passedeven before i knew these days are memorable for me shall i say it? i like you i think i am crazy about you. think i am crazy about you.

yes! yes! you have changed my life when are you marrying me? what are you doing?- looking for the wedding necklace honestly, had i a wedding necklaceand a wedding music cassette... i would've married youright here, right now rajiv, give me 10 minutes. i'll cook something.- no, don't bother it won't take much time.- i'm not hungry

are you sure?- yeah. like to drink something? fresh juice? rina... i shall never forget this day i wish to tell you something now? no, maybe... tomorrow

i repeat, rina... i shall never be ableto forget this day i must leave now "speck of deliriousness and fragrance." "is what my body is feeling today." "i am craving. take me in your arms." "beloved, you are under my oath.don't ever go away." "this distance says to come closer." "the dark clouds are pouring.."

"let's get wet.." "in this rain of love.." "that you groom my tresses.." "with your fingers.." "that is what i wish.." "on this winter nightwe sleep under one cover.." "we carry on alone.." "on this journey of the night.." "i am craving.."

"take me in your arms.." "come." "all your talks torture me." "just once,love me, even if a fake one." "i have not forgottenthose lovely meetings." "after making me fervent,don't turn your back on me." "beloved, promise me thatyou will never be cross with me." "without you, it is difficultfor me to live, beloved." look at this. how is it?

beautiful, mother! thank you. liked it? - yes. rajiv's mother has givenit for her to-be daughter-in-law. you are feeling shy as if i am notyour mother but your mother-in-law. reena, your papa is veryexcited about this marriage. he always talks aboutyour and rajiv's marriage. the mother and daughter are chattingas if we've come here from delhi... on a picnic. it's eleven andwe've to go over to rajiv's else, i'm done for.come on, let's go

don't listen to him at all.he just talks rubbish. at least have someshame in front of reena. no, no. we want to hear it. continue.- please say it. fine, listen to it. you all know that in collegesubhash maya and i were together. during those days,he was crazy about her. he couldn't express his love.- now you are caught. so i had to go to her with his message. yes, you had gone as my postman.

but in the end,you expressed your love to her. it is not his mistake.i only had made the first move. what to do? since the firstday of the college i liked the postman. where's rajiv? he is missing all the fun. i'll call him rajiv! here comes rajiv! hi rajiv. how are you?

be happy, son and she of course is reena. hi. be seated you are looking good. you too look very fit, uncle my wife's taken all my weight so.. how have you been? my dear, he arrived yesterday

it was his ideato meet you today he called all of us over.and he's going to delhi tomorrow last five days i triedto contact you on the phone but i failed.maybe something wrong in the line come on, mom. not the right place to talk, son.take her outside shall we? go on good you sent them away

so, shall we prepare for the wedding?- absolutely the wedding will take placein mumbai itself all our relatives stay here what did he look like? what's important is,what he did to me i mean, few days backi met two guys vicky and madhav they asked me your telephone number.- what are you saying? i gave it to them,but it was a mistake

but how did they know that rajivwas supposed to arrive from america? gosh! this is really a serious matter. if we lodge a complaint, the twoof them will go straight to jail rina, don't you think we shouldtell uncle about this? what do i tell papa? that, i roamed the streets of mumbaihand-in-hand with a complete stranger? or that, with a complete strangeri spent five days... that felt likeprecious moments? or like...

five lifetimes? i hope he didn't doanything untoward with you? what can be more outrageousthan the man himself, shruti? he broke my heart,betrayed my trust on him he hurt me, shruti. he hurt me. here comes your destination.- thanks, dear. i am scared. hey, danny. what do you think? will sheunderstand that i spoke all these lies.. that i could win her..and her love?

maddy, when you didn'tfeel scared while lying.. ..then why are you feelingscared to speak the truth. she will surely understand you. - okay.- now go! go! okay. you too go. first you go.- okay. all the best. best of luck to you.- yes, i need it. hi, shruti. why have you come here? rina has found everything out

how could you do this? aren't you ashamed? i need to talk to rina shruti, i don't wantto talk to anyone. come on rina, listen to me i am sorry. who are you?do i know you? i don't want to talk to you go away

listen to me, me... i was goingto tell you the truth unfortunately, you found outbefore i could tell you maddy, don't mess things up anymore.go away just let me's between me and rina reena, listen to me. who do you think you are? shruti, call ashok no need to call him... listen...

get out of here!- no need to call anyone, rina reena, i am sorry. listen, i am sorry.i am really sorry. what's this? who do you intend to con now? i say, get out of here! out! reena, please. rina, is he troubling you? what's your problem?who are you?

what are you doing here?- mind your own business are you telling me?get out of here! i said, mind your own business! stop it! damn you! stop it, ashok! let him go, ashok get out of here quietly, okay? "how do i explain?"

"i wish to stay in your heart" try to understand his feelings...- oh! so only you guys can feel? others don't feel, eh? i told you not to call up rina,still you called her up and... he lied to her, he conned her,i know look shruti, we called you herebecause we need your help please don't rub saltsinto his wounds shruti, at least youtreat us as your friend. friendship is what brings me here

but, rajiv has arrived from america rina and rajiv are now in delhiwith their parents their wedding dateis almost fixed it's too late to understandand sort things out what did you say?the wedding date is fixed how is it possible? you think they'd wait for youto fix an auspicious date? no good taking it out on me you can change your name,but not someone's destiny

so don't call me or rina againregarding this matter excuse me. excuse me. all right... i won't call you or rina again but you must convince meof something;... that rina doesn't love me you know her since childhood, right? i have known herfor only five days yet i can bet that she loves me

you can't believe it, right? so go, look into her eyesand ask her just once one can change his decisionsin a fit of rage... but not his feelings okay. thank you. okay. thank you. okay. shut up. i had composed this songduring my college days it was just another song then... but today i realisethe its true meaning

this is a song for someonevery special here tonight. "i have fallen in love with you." "it is my first love." "i love you." "i too have become a lover." "it is my first love.i love you." "fervour has shrouded me." "beloved, tell me what should i do?" "i am lost in my thoughts.slumber evades me."

"i just turn and twist around." "i am awake all night." "now i don't want to endure thisdistance. this is what each moment says. "i don't know why my plight is such." "i have become crazy for you, beloved." "i have become your affair, beloved." "a beautiful damselsteals my heart covertly." "she steals my heart covertly." "i have fallen in love with you."- reena!

"it is the desire of my dreams." "to sit in your arms." "you should love only me." "so potent should my prayers be." "if you smile and say it.i will willingly break all the rituals." "even after dying i willnot forget all your vows." "i have come only for you." "my body,soul and everything is just for you." "the scenery is lovely,the ambience is pleasant."

"embrace me, beloved..beloved.. beloved." "i too have become a lover.- i too have become a lover." "i love you. - i love you." "what should i do?what should i do? what should i do?" he loves you, reena. he loves you fromthe bottom of his heart are you trying to defend him? no, rina. i had goneto give him a befitting reply however, i had no answersto the questions he put

like?- he says, "i'll forget everything..." "but can rina forget meand my love?" know what, rina?no doubt, his ways were wrong... but the boy is not evil get lost! come on you hit me at the wrong place,wrong time and for wrong reasons next time, think over and overbefore hitting someone who's hurt listen to me, rina.we need to talk

i don't want to talk to you.please stop phoning me don't hang up, please.please don't... oh no! talking straight with girlsis pointless they ought to be... what are you looking at? pick it up!- sure, don't scream hi shruti i am going to tell youfor the last and final time. go and tell maddynot to call here again

did you explain? no good.besides, you guys are no less you broke poor ashok's arm. finally,you guys have shown where you belong look, he started it. he was tryingto be a hero in front of you whatever! look, rina is going to marryin a few weeks so i request you... if only youunderstand what a request means... from now on, don't evercall me or rina again let her live in peace, please

oh no!- shruti.. what was she saying?- the same thing! it's all over all over? because she says so? listen to me.enough of this farce! forget shruti, your papaand rina for now let's get the main villain,the american, and make him see reason tell him aboutyour affair with her... and ask him to pack up and take thefirst flight back to america. dig? if he agrees, he's wise.if he doesn't...

we'll break the furnitures firstthen his limbs where's room 106?- who do you want? move it!- listen... who's from america?mr. america! where are you? come out!- come on out! mr. america! mr. new york! come out! who are you?- indian why are you here?- to marry your sister. you agree? are you the guy? what's the name?- rajiv!

are you rajiv?- rajiv! maddy! - sam! oh! so it's you.rajiv, from america bless you, are a rich man my, my! two bedrooms,attached toilet and kitchen let's get inside, switch onthe air-conditioner and talk just shut up are you insane?tell me don't look at him, look here

what's your problem?we've already discussed this first the furnitures, then his limbs.- sam who?- rajiv samra rajiv samra mind-blowing.old villain. re-entry. what do you want?- we're here to renovate your house i don't believe this. i asked, what do you want?- enough of decency. now get this the girl you have come to marry,rina malhotra, is your sister-in-law

because maddy is your brother no need to touch his feet,you won't get his blessings i never thought we'd meet again but now that we have met... let me not waste any time. sam, this is no college game this is my life. and i am very serious. rina malhotra i'm in love with her

she loves me too your intrusion has createda bit of confusion don't think that since you gota green card and some dollars... you can impress her it'd be sensible for youto pack up your stuff... and vanish sam! sam! sam! i won't say it again let's go, guys.

here come the hero and heroine who were they? nobody can save you, maddy now that god himself has taken upthe task of destroying you... who can save you?count me out of mumbai i'm leaving town i have two choices.mathura and manhattan come on, be serious. look maddy,the way we threatened him... i think he's going to go backto america with his folks

he's not going to stay back.- no hey! he's not going anywhere i know sam too well he'll go and meet rina first everything depends on what rina says yes, i know him i know madhav shastri too well.- since when? he had come home a few days back...

posing as rajiv, from america one second he used my identity? i thought it was you,so i spent some time with him... spoke to him... but whensaw through him... i can't believe this! to begin with, he uses my identityto get to you... then he barges into my houseand threatens me this guy is very cheap!

rajiv, i don't wantto talk about him say that again he means nothing to me.- he won't trouble you ever again fast trains are great becausethey don't halt at every station but they stop at every signal.- now come on, smile how long will you be serious? hey!- hey yarn spinner. hey, rajiv. so you are rajiv? from america?

have you at least seen americain the maps? stop get back! and you! bloody cheapskate! french-cut, were quite active that day break the furnitures,break his limbs! try entering my house again forget entering,even if you imagine doing it... i'll turn you into a dwarf

talk to me i wished to meet you again just once i never thought my wish would be doneso soon. and what a way to meet! but this time, no blood,no violence from my side because this is not a college's my life and i am also damn serious this time. i'll hit you there,where it hurts the most my wedding invitation sunday. reena malhotra weds rajiv samra.and that's me.

you are the first person i'm are my brother, after all don't drop in hi. - hi. any phone calls?- no. your friend is waiting for you hi, reena. please go away i am sorry. i am sorry. don't create a scene. just leave.- listen to me, rina just give me a minute

reena! listen to me!sorry! sorry! sorry! look, i'll tell you the whole truth i saw you in delhifor the first time and i was floored then i saw you at rakesh's wedding and two weeks laterwhen i saw you in mumbai... i really lost my mind i went crazy. i got your telephone numberfrom shruti and i also got to know that...

someone called rajiv was comingto see you from america so i posed as rajiv.look rina... i didn't mean to con youor trouble you... i just wanted you look rina... i certainly changed my identityto meet you but those five days... it was me maddy i thought i'd tell you the truthonce you fall in love with me

in fact i had evenset out to tell you however, you got to know beforehand reena, i am really sorry. okay. please give me one more chance. please. listen to me, rina please don't walk away. hey! what the hell! have i done a grave wrong?

five days... you were with me had i wished, i could've doneanything with you in those five days you wouldn't have stopped me either because, you had fallenin love with me what the hell!you still don't get it? okay! let me make it very clear! i love you okay! i want you! i love you!

just tell me once thatyou love me the way you shows your real character what did you say? you could've done anything to mein those five days... and i wouldn't have stopped you? so that's whatyou regret, don't you? roaming around in autorickshaws,thrashing people up, bullying around that's you no wonder your thoughts stink

let alone meeting you, from now oni wouldn't even like to see your face the other day you said,you like me that, you want to marry me what's wrong all of a sudden?don't you like me anymore? i don't like you.- why? you like him, do you? yes, i love him hey you! come on, boys! get up! hold the swine!

hold his legs! don't let him go! come on, hit me now! hold him! shut up! now move.- hold him! try moving... come on try playing hero you like to be a herobefore girls, don't you? we tried to reason with you.told you to go back to america

but your brains failed to gather it when your brains blow up,you will realise things maddy! c'mon, break his jaw hit him, maddy hit him! we've got him tonight.don't spare him break his face!- c'mon maddy, hit him maddy, he was trying to act very smart!

don't spare him, maddy.- break his jaw! beat him! - beat him! - come on, maddy! if you get him out of the way,rina is yours, maddy maddy, what are you doing!you let go of such a nice opportunity! have you gone mad! run away are you crazy, maddy? maddy!- leave it! run off

what's the problem with you, maddy? why didn't i hit him? because rina doesn't love me she doesn't love me anymore! she loves him why don't you understand? don't talk about could've thrashed him we'd have faced the consequences.- you guys have sacrificed a lot for me you've been a great help.look...

i'm sorry you must admit one thing. you knowthat we've committed a mistake it's a grave mistake i used someone else's identity,conned a girl, and tried to woo her the truth has been sifted now and what were we going to do tonight? four guys were holding one guy,and i was supposed to thrash him that's not my style! that's not maddy's style!

hey, let's forget it! let's forget all the things!let's forget that girl! let's become serious about life. we will drink beer.we will play cricket. we will have fun! let's.. hey,you have to pay me 1000 rupees. you had taken a loan last month!what did you do? splurge it on some girl. come on, smile. let's party. it's party time, man!

"who let the dogs out." come on, reena. help me out, man. which one is better? i don't know. i like both the rings. come on, reena. i am confused. when i am confused, i close my eyes. what i see, i choose that. really? that's a good idea!

let's try it out. oh no! very bad idea! i closed my eyes.and i could see only you. i like you.but what to do about this ring? will i get a discountif i buy both the rings? i'm crazy 'hi.' 'happy birthday to you!' a brahmin?

i want to stay in her heart how long will you stand there? i'm waiting for vicky.- he's been waiting downstairs... since 45 minutes vicky was telling me thatyou are going to san francisco you've told your boss you are goingand your tickets have arrived too dad, i was about to tell you...- you used to say that... you can't leave your dad alone.because your dad is your lifeline have you used up your lifeline?

what rubbish look, if you think you canget over rina by going far away... then you are wrong nothing of that sort.there's no connection between... going to san franciscoand that girl she is.. she is past tense. history. 6000 dollars a month!one year contract! i'll send you a ticket within a month,and you are coming over and then we are going to party.we are going to have fun.

look... look into my eyes do you even see a wee bit of pain? do i look sad? then? come on come here. and cool, dad. i am fine. just fine.- yeah. i know. let's go and chew vicky's brains we will go down and bore vicky.- no. - i am saying it to you. how many times? - 6 to 7 times.

how is that possible? - yes.- rajiv. - yes. somebody has come to meet you. who?- i don't know. one sec. i will just come. me?- hello. - hello. so you are rajiv from america? please be seated i'm maddy's father i want to talk to youabout maddy and rina

what is it? they are in love with each other.- that's not true i've asked rina. she told me thatshe has nothing to do with your son she is annoyed, she is angry... because maddy had lied to her anger is also a part of love love? sorry, but your sonhardly knows anything about love dam! someone who never respected womentalks about love now! he's doing all thisbecause i'm involved

look, my parentshave arranged this wedding and rina and i are very happyover this decision why are you creating a problem? you are happy,your parents are happy... and the wedding is fixedon sunday the 31st... but has anyone spareda thought for rina? is she happy? maybe rina will marry you but, she is in love with my son so why do you wantto marry a girl...

who will belong to youyet she cannot be yours? thanks for the empathy but please save it for your son.he will need it after my wedding goodnight. you know the way out listen...- what is it? let's go and kidnap rina she will not marry him, i guarantee!- shut up you are leaving tomorrow, aren't you?i tell you, fly tonight itself

but remember, you have notforgotten her, nor will you ever i can't forget her? i will get over her! i promise you. i guarantee you. i will forget her "this crazy heartis speaking the truth." "don't ever fall in love." "all of beloved's vows are false.all of love's promises are false." "the person whom i lovedand worshipped every moment."

"she only broke my heart, friends." "and left me lonely." "all of beloved's vows are false." "all of love's promises are false." "she only broke my heart, friends.and left me lonely." "she was very beautiful.." "i was lost in her, on a high,i faltered without drinking.." "one day i will forget her.." "i will destroy all her signs.."

"i will not love that girl.." "go tell her.." "that season was very lovely." "i saw her and ibecame mad in a moment." "she resides in my mind." "her dearth is felt in my life." "she is out of my sight.why should i love her?" the flight is at eight.i must at least reach by 5:30 maddy, don't go

oh come on, vicky.give it to me think it over, maddy, please oh come on. i'm going for work don't worry. i will be fine. i will call you guys there. okay. so let's not waste any time.and let's get going. "i want to stay in your heart" to see you winninghad become a habit which is whyi can't take this loss

anyway that's not important. what's important in life is...always keep up the fight losses and winsare part of life i hear, the air-hostesses of thesan francisco flights are quite pretty so what? we are the groom's side. come on, mother.hi, brother. nervous? give me your hand you, too

stand up, please my child, complete the third circlearound the holy fire my child... one moment, uncle i'm sorry, but.. before doing it,i need to talk to rina for a moment just a second. don't worry, mom. what's wrong? it's our wedding

but i can't see the bride in you a wedding is where man and womanhold each other's hands... to stand by each otherfor a lifetime in our case, i'm the only onewho's holding it you are present, yet you are not i thought you had given the consentto this wedding i think i was wrong i came from americaonly to marry you for you and me,i have spun lots of dreams

i want to spendan entire lifetime with you so it is imperative for me to know... are you as happy as i amwith this alliance? say something. your silence is killing me, rina.tell me say something all right let me put it in your words remember? you had told me once thatwhenever you are confused...

you choose the first thing thatyou see with eyes shut today, once again, shutyour eyes, rina, and tell me... who you see. me? or maddy? no rajiv you must do it, rina shut your eyes.- no! it's a matter of our lives.- no rajiv, no! shut your eyes and tell me...

who it is. me? or maddy? 'that's my style.' i don't wish to shut my eyesand decide on anything anymore is everything all right?why is she weeping? you want me to talk to her? no need, uncle everything is fine now all clear come. let's go.

hey, maddy! so? leaving for san francisco? finally ended upwith a janitor's job? or are you trying to hide from me? what say, maddy?how about a bout? one last bout? let's's either you or me no, sam

today, i spare you i'm getting late. bye.- sure, but remember;... the game is not over yet i have yet to use my trump card i have takenthe marital vows with rina i put the wedding necklace aroundher neck. she belongs to me now you are leaving, and you won't everknow rina's whereabouts and that's my last and best shot don't listen to him.whack him!

why were you listeningto his rubbish? how dare you go away from such abeautiful girl? you'd have broke my face on that dayin the parking lot! and today i'd have broke your heart... marrying reena, but i didn't do that! i haven't married her do you know why? because she loves you

she is in love with you, maddy. you beat me by only five days! reena's yours maddy! - uncle! well. it was very nice meeting you. and i always want you two to behappy together hey, sam! - what? we can't ever havefriendship between us! i like him. i like him.

go! go! go! you are not my kind of guy... ...but still i am crazy about you! you are too arrogant... ...but still you make me laugh! i hate you because even after all this,you thought you can get me? but when i closed my eyes... my name is maddy

no america, my own mumbai will you marry me? "these are the momentsof monsoon and lightening." "my heart is flashing like the cloud."